Super affordable back-to-school picks from JCPenney

Hellloooo back to school!! August always feels like a breath of fresh air. We're back into our routines, with new gear and new clothes to love, too! (Big thanks to JCPenney!) It was so fun to shop for Millie this year since it's her first year of preschool. And although my big girls have to wear uniforms to school, I still like to get them a couple new pairs of play clothes at the beginning of every school year since they change directly into them the moment they get home!

And while it's always super fun to back-to-school shop, when you're buying for multiple kiddos it can easily turn into extreme makeover wardrobe edition which reeeeally adds up. That's why I think JCPenney is SO awesome for finding affordable but super cute clothes at the same time! It's a great place to get way more for less, and I'm so excited to share some of the cutest finds we got this year and how you can take advantage of their insane prices, too!

JCPenney back to school shopping
JCPenney back to school shopping

Dreamy denim dresses

Okay, first off – is this jumper adorable or what? I'm seriously telling you that JCPenney's clothes are SUPER, super cute. Not just “oh, this is cute for being affordable,” but like actually, really, genuinely CUTE. I'm obsessed with this jumper for Millie and I know she'll wear this all the time – she could even wear it to church! Plus, it's an amazing price!

denim jumper dress

This chambray shirt dress is super cute as well and it was the perfect purchase for Ani. Anabelle is allllll about comfort lately, so sometimes it's tricky shopping for her. But this dress from JCPenney is everything!! Cute, lightweight, comfortable, not tight, not itchy (basically tween-complain-proof!) – and suuuuper affordable.

JCPenney back to school shopping chambray dress

Jeans + sweatshirt

I got Lyla this outfit for the cooler months coming up. You really can't go wrong with some nice jeans and a cozy sweatshirt during the fall & winter (like can I buy this outfit?), and I know she's going to loooove to throw this on after school this year.

girls outfit back to school shopping

The sweatshirt comes in five super cute designs and is a great deal right now. The jeans are SO. dang. cute and on-trend, and they're a crazy good price right now, too!

girls sweatshirt


Because of the uniform dress code, both my girls have to wear white, plain shoes to school, so every year I try to find them a fresh new pair. I was so excited to find these white sneakers with the cute perforated stars on the side! They're not only perfect for school, but also can be worn with pretty much anything because they're so neutral. And I love that it worked with their dress code but had a little bit of a design, too!

I also had to try these double strap Mary Janes because my girls have a “formal” dress day once a week where they have to wear dress shoes. I had a feeling these would be perfect – mostly because they had 82 crazy high reviews!! Whenever I see a high volume of really good reviews on an item, I know there's a reason and that I'll probably be MORE than happy with that purchase. And yes, they're everything I expected and more!

mary jane shoes

One thing I love about these Mary Janes is that the straps look like cute little buckles, but they're actually velcro. (Thank you, velcro-creators, for making mom life SO much easier!!!) Quick for my girls to put on in the morning, but they still have that really nice, dressy look to them. Apparently they're really comfortable, too! Worth every penny!

I also added some knee-high socks to my order because my girls always need those for their uniforms, too. A two-pack was super affordable at a perfect stock-up price!

Millie's shoes

Okay, let's talk more about what I got my little preschooler, because they had sooo many fun options! I meeeean…THESE. REEBOKS.

When I first saw these I about died because I swear I had almost the exact same pair when I was younger! I LOVE the Reebok vintage look, and these are absolutely perfect for school and play. Love that they're a great price point, too!

I also got her these slip-on shoes because they're so affordable!! And amazing for a toddler who I'm trying to get out the door quickly in the morning. Slip 'em on, and go! Plus, they can get super dirty from the playground and it's NBD because they're the easiest shoes you'll ever clean.

They're also super breathable, yet closed-toe (required at all of my girls' schools!), so they're perfect for replacing sandals on those hotter school days. Made. for. play. Literally. These were made for that toddler life and I'm all about it.

washable kids shoes JCPenney back to school shopping

Hello Kitty backpack vibes

This backpack is soooo cute and classic, and Millie was PUMPED about it. Seriously the cutest thing ever – and one thing's for sure, Hello Kitty backpack vibes can ONLY help to make the best day at school… because I'm pretty sure it's impossible for a little girl to have a bad day while wearing a Hello Kitty backpack. And it's a suuuper affordable purchase!

hello kitty backpack

Easiest shopping experience ever

JCPenney really rocks, not only for their prices, but also because they making shopping SO convenient. Shopping online is where it's at for the Stokoe family these days, because taking three little girls to an actual department store would be so overwhelming to me – but I was able to sit down with each of them and pick things out that they liked online instead. It was amazing for convenience, and actually a pretty fun thing to get to do with each of my girls!

And what's even better is that you can choose to ship, or you can do fast-and-free pickup where you literally just drive to JCPenney to pick up your order. That's SUCH a great option if you need something ASAP – like if you realized you forgot to get ONE thing on your list and you need it before school the next day.

JCPenney back to school shopping
Chambray Dress
White Sneakers
Mary Jane's
Knee-High Socks
Reebok Sneakers
Slip-On Shoes
Hello Kitty Backpack
Photos by Arielle Levy

JCPenney JOY

I am SO, so impressed with how cute JCPenney's back to school clothes are this year, and even more in shock over their PRICES! JCPenney is definitely going to be one of my first stops next year for back to school shopping because they're shopping is more than convenient, they have everything I need, AND they have styles I love. I hope you're able to find some really great finds for your kiddos this year, too! Happy back to school shopping!

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