Thank you, next: a girls bedroom refresh for 2022!

You might remember the little tour we did of Ani and Lyla’s BIG GIRL room a while back! Well, Ani's one birthday wish kind of led to a little room refresh, and I can’t wait to show you exactly what we did to spruce up the girls' bedroom this past October. Maybe you want to refresh your girls' bedroom, too! 2022 is officially here so it's the perfect time to update.

girls bedroom
bright decor
girls bedroom decor ideas
neutral decor
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White Nightstand
Wood Hooks
Rainbow Pillow
Succulent Wreaths
Potted Plants
Faux Polka Dot Plant
Candle Holder
Faux Fur Blanket
Pink Lamp
Gold Lamp sold out, similar
Starburst Light Fixture sold out, similar
Bunk Bed sold out, similar
Area Rug
Pink Fur Round Rug
Framed Artwork
Llama Wall Art
Gold Shelf (available in sliver)
Stackable Storage
Instax Camera
Photos by Arielle Levy

Ani's bedroom birthday surprise

Ani loves to read, so for her ninth birthday she really wanted a bookshelf. Her dresser was also falling apart, so we decided to do a whole room refresh for her bigger birthday present!! With the same bunk beds (which my girls both still love) and room set up (see past blog post here), we added some fun details and necessities they were already needing.

Room details

Okay, let's talk the small details first that really changed the space.

Look how cute this “be your own hero” print is!! I love how it has all the princesses and under each one a different virtue like, “be a peacemaker,” “be fearless,” “be original,” and so much more. This was a super fun addition to the girls' bedroom.

SIDE NOTE: it didn't come wrinkled like this – that was my girls before I had it framed. But they love it so much that I decided to put it in a frame, wrinkled and all. If you order this print though, it will come perfect and not wrinkled!

girls bedroom print
Disney princess print
bright coat hanger

And I super love this fun wall piece with hooks for the girls’ jackets or bags to grab on the way out! It matched the print perfectly.

“Girls Only” reading nook


Like I said, Ani really wanted a bookshelf, and I found this perfect one from Amazon – such a good price and perfect spot for all my girls’ books! To decorate the bookshelf, I added some letter boards I had, some artwork they made and were gifted, and cute decorative pieces like this pink globe. My girls actually loveee looking at this globe!

girls bedroom
instax camera
letter boards

Hanging chair

In my original post with my girls’ bedroom reveal, we had a totally different hanging chair. It was really heavy and just a hard chair. My girls literally destroyed it, ramming it into the wall and making holes in the wall, and I finally had to just take it out once they broke the chair!

Since then, they've been begging and begging for a new one. So, I told them they could get one if they don’t ruin it or the wall. I found this much softer (and more affordable) hanging chair and they have treated it so well. It's so soft and comfy to sit in! 

I also love sitting on it when I come into their room at the end of each night to read scriptures and pray before bed. They usually lay in their beds while we read together. It's a whole thing and I love it.

They love this new reading spot with their comfy pink rug and pouf for their feet, too! 

girls bedroom
bright pillows
girls bedroom details
pink stuffed animal
girls bedroom

Tried-and-true bedding

You know how much my girls love their Beddy’s!! We got them a new design for the refresh that's so cute and simple. Beddy's is THE most comfy and cozy bedding that literally makes it SO easy for them to make their beds – I'm talking two seconds, done! Easy as zipping up a sleeping bag.

Also Beddy's is a MUST if you have bunk beds. Beddy's + bunk beds = perfection!

Use code MINTARROW at checkout for 20% off!

girls bedroom details
neutral girls bedding
white bedding
neutral room details
neutral bedding
girls bedroom

A go-to dresser

The dresser Ani had in her room before was my old one that we just painted, and it worked great for a few years… until it didn’t.

The drawers weren’t opening or closing properly and it was falling apart, so it was time for a revamp! This is a sturdy go-to dresser from Ikea that has a million good ratings and will last a good, long time. Super neutral and an all around perfect basic dresser!


Llama print

My girls love llamas and I thought this picture was hilarious. I put it above the dresser to add to the cute pink accent theme around the room!

llama print

Add some plants (or fake ones!)

I got these cute faux plants to add some greenery to the room (I knew my girls wouldn’t ever water real plants). And I even found this adorable wall succulent piece that just nails right onto the wall and they really love it!


Gold organizer shelf

We had this gold organizer shelf on their wall already, and I decided to clear the clutter since it became a popular spot for the random items my girls collected. So of course we put some more faux plants on it, and this cute candle holder (perfect for a tea light or battery operated candle) to brighten up the space!

I also found this cute wooden house in the dollar spot at Target a few years ago! This organizer is a good piece to put any decor or items to display.

girls bedroom decor
room decor ideas
fake plants
cute decor
fake plant

Space to create

Coloring is one of my girls' FAVORITE pastimes! So I just had to create this cute space to color and study.

We already owned this desk (we even have it in three different places throughout the house), and it's our favorite! Such a good standard but sturdy neutral desk.

Above it we have a simple mirror and we also put bins on top of it for them to put their crafts and supplies in. 

girls bedroom desk
pink organizer bins
pink lamp
girls bedroom

To brighten up the space, we added a touch lamp which the girls love! And this chair!! I love the gold accent with the pink – plus it's so comfy and inexpensive!!!

We're also adding in some simple white blackout curtains with a cute gold curtain rod. I think it will be the perfect last touch!

Small changes, big difference!

It's amazing how such small, simple changes can make a big difference. I LOVE how the room has come together. I hope if you're looking to update your girls' bedroom soon that this is helpful in finding the perfect pieces! 2022, we're ready for you and all of the “refreshes” you have to offer!

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