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I am SO so excited to come back and report on how using these Evolution_18 products has gone! These products were developed by a beauty industry icon whose products I've used for DECADES now, and I'm so glad this beauty supplement line is exclusively at Walmart!! It's super affordable, tastes GOOD, and actually works. It's really such an amazingly good deal all around! I've been so insanely excited about my results, that I can't stop talking about it!

evolution 18 review
evolution 18 products
evolution_18 vitamins for hair and nail growth

Evolution_18 results

I've already seen such a huge difference after taking these hair gummies on the regular. My hair is growing SO MUCH FASTER…and it feels thicker and stronger too!

I for sure notice also that when I'm good about taking the collagen or hyaluronic acid beauty bubbles or powder that my skin is WAY more plump, full and that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face are way less noticeable.

My hair girl and I were talking a couple weeks ago how it REALLY does make such a difference if you just take the time to add a little collagen to your daily routine!!!

evolution_18 hair growth vitamins

hair growth vitamins

My favorite Evolution_18 products

The collagen and hyaluronic acid tablets also all taste REALLY good! Like I cannot emphasize enough how yummy every single one is. I've tried all the different flavors of the beauty bubbles and they all taste freaking amazing, but the superfruits berry one is definitely my #1 JAM!! I know this is totally dorky but it's actually kind of fun to watch them dissolve and fizz in my water!

evolution_18 products

These fizzy beauty bubbles are, no joke, DELICIOUS! I mentioned on my Insta stories that we did a little taste test with some friends (men AND women) and for real, every single person loved them. Like I just might drop them in my water for taste alone, but then, HELLO! Amazing benefits too! Both the guys and girls on our trip who tried these were totally impressed and my kids are always trying to steal sips too!!

These little tablets have collagen or hyaluronic acid in them, so they're working seriously hard for you while tasting so good. The biggest difference I've seen since taking these is in how my skin FEELS! These babies give my skin an amazing, moisturized fullness that totally reduces fine lines.

I take the hyaluronic acid ones with me on the go the most since I like to put the collagen in my smoothie, but you can find a system that works best for you! My OB actually recommended taking hyaluronic acid after I had Millie to help my skin and body recover from pregnancy so I feel super great about adding this into my daily routine!

evolution_18 review

Do Evolution_18 products taste good?

The tasteless collagen powder is perfect for smoothies, especially if you already have a smoothie or protein shake recipe you love. Just give it a little extra boost with this goodness!

You cannot tell a difference at all in taste and your skin gets all those incredible benefits of feeling firm, plump, and full, along with stronger nails too! It's checking off every item on my beauty wish list.

evolution_18 products

I really do love ALL of the collagen supplements by Evolution 18 but the one I probably take the most is the super fruit and vegetable blend that I talked about initially really loving in this post. It tastes SO GOOD and I love that I'm getting a blend of over 30 fruits & veggies in one little drink!

superfood powder
superfood powder

AND did I mention the gummies also taste SO good!? So good that I'm never mad about having one because it just tastes like a little bite of candy. Yum!

evolution_18 review

Beauty Hair and Nail Growth Gummy
Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Tablets
Beauty Bubbles Hydration Antioxidant Blend Tablets
Beauty Hair and Nail Growth Capsules 
Super Fruit and Vegetable Beauty Blend Powder
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Will I keep using Evolution_18?

This Evolution_18 line is a one that I totally believe in 100% and will continue to use. I've been recommending it to everyone who I talk about beauty and wellness with because it's made a genuine difference when I use it regularly! Strong nails, thick and healthy hair, plump and hydrated skin? Yes, yes, YES please. And not a SINGLE ONE of these products cost more than $20. I hope you try it and have the chance to enjoy these amazing, amazing benefits for yourself!

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