Swimsuit cover up guide – all from Amazon, all under $28!

It’s JUNE which means summer is almost officially here. Recently I posted all my new favorite swimsuits from Amazon, but since I’ve been shopping for coverups for myself too, I thought I should just share all the good finds I’ve come across!

I always want to buy a new cover up or two every summer, but finding options that are affordable and good quality can be difficult. In this post you’ll find the 5 CUTEST cover ups I found on Amazon, that check off all the criteria! Fashionable, comfy, and affordable (ALL of these swimsuit cover ups are under $28!). I know you’ll find a new favorite cover up (or a few new favorites) in this guide today – so let’s get to it!

amazon cover ups

Investment piece vs. affordable buy

When searching for a swimsuit cover up, I’m either looking for one of two things: 1) a beautiful investment piece for a nice vacation, or 2) an affordable, cute cover up that I can wear to the pool and beach and splash pad all summer long.

More commonly, it’s the latter, so I was absolutely THRILLED to find multiple options on Amazon this year that are affordable enough that I can buy a few, which means I can switch up my swim style throughout the sunshine months.

TOP 5 Amazon swimsuit cover ups

These are my top 5 FAVORITE swimsuit cover ups on Amazon right now! I would only recommend the absolute best options, so if you purchase one of these today, take comfort in knowing they are all 110% Mint Arrow approved.

#1: Teal halter-top cover up dress

This cover up fits SO. CUTE. Sometimes when I’m shopping on Amazon it’s hard to tell in the pictures how something is going to fit on me, but I was SO happy when I tried this one on! It’s a super easy “throw over your swimsuit” dress that also gives me boho, Free People vibes which is always a quick YES, LOVE, add-to-cart for me!

I didn’t need to steam or iron this cover up to make it look decent, which is something that usually bugs me about cover up dresses like this. I really, really love the fabric. It didn’t have any reviews for me to refer to when I bought it, so I totally took a chance on it – but it was an Amazon WIN! I absolutely love it, and since buying it, it has gotten its first review which is an all-perfect, five stars! I might have to add my five-star review in there, too.

Something else I love about this cover up is that you could totally double it as a casual summer outfit by throwing on a denim jacket on top. The more uses the better, right?!

I sized up in this because that was the only size I could get in time for when I needed it – and it fits great. But, I think I could have ordered my usual size and it would have fit perfect, too! It’s all about your preference and how roomy and loose you want it. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $27.99?!

cupshe swimsuit cover up

#2: Striped t-shirt cover up dress (with pockets!)

This cover up is SO great if you are looking for a little bit more of a modest option that you could wear to grab lunch, run quick errands, and take your kids to the pool in without feeling like you’re in your complete swimsuit get-up the whole time.

I love this super cute and casual swimsuit cover up for lots of reasons! It has a really great stretch to it, it fits perfectly true to size, and I absolutely love the fact that it has pockets – ALWAYS a win in my book. It’s also one that you NEVER have to worry about getting wrinkly which is a total mom hack for summertime. Packing for vacation? No wrinkles. Throwing in a pool bag? No wrinkles. Just out of the wash? No wrinkles. Throw it on and run! My favorite type of pieces in the summer.

I especially love that this one is under $25!

Striped tee shirt dress
Striped cover up dress
striped summer dress

#3: White button down cover up dress

I loooove love love love this cover-up dress!! It’s a one-size-fits-most swimsuit cover up (fit for sizes small through large) and I’m obsessed with it! This ultra-loose linen dress is THE most dreamy piece if you’re looking for a pretty addition to your swim day lineup this year.

I did have to steam this one because it came super wrinkly. Although you don’t necessarily have to steam it, I loved the look of it so much more after it was smoothed out. I’ll probably be able to get two to three uses out of it before I have to wash it and steam it again if I’m just throwing it on to get down to the pool or to our spot on the beach!

This cover up, in my opinion, is the cutest of them all. It’s definitely my favorite as far as looks and fit, but it’s also probably the most high maintenance. BUT it’s only $19.99, so that’s a huge bonus!

button down cover up dress

#4: Crochet peacock blue cover up

Okay, this option is SO pretty! It has some really fun and pretty detailing on the front and back, along with a cute ruffle along the bottom. I also like that this one has a little more of a sleeve to it for more coverage!

I would say this cover up has more of a beach-y, resort kind of feel – so if you’re going on vacation with your family this summer and want something pretty to pack in your suitcase, this would be one of my top choices!

This “Amazon choice” (meaning, Amazon itself has chosen this cover up as one of their top picks!) is only $24.99, and it has over 400 almost all-perfect ratings – that really sealed the deal for me! It comes in SO many cute colors, too. I got the peacock blue because it felt like a fun summer color to me, but there are lots and lots of other choices (including a really pretty rose pink that I love, too!).

crochet blue cover up

#5: Plain tank cover up dress

Minimalists, this one’s for you! I love this swimsuit cover up and how simple and classy and comfy it is. It’s also SUPER affordable right now at only $25.99!

I love the loose a-line cut of this dress, as well as the sporty and simple vibe of it. It could literally go on top of ANY swimsuit, and it’s another one of those cover ups that is so easy to grab real quick without even thinking, which makes it super easy to throw on when you’re in a hurry.

It has a great stretch to it, so it fits super comfortably and looks really flattering. Not to mention, this is another cover up with POCKETS which makes it 10x better. I’m even thinking about buying this in another color or two because I love it so much!

plain tank swimsuit cover up

BONUS: my current favorite sun hat!

I think it’s really important to have a good sun hat for the summer if you don’t have one already! The reason I love this hat, in particular, is because it has a toggle chin strap for windy beach or pool days (tell me you’re not having a flashback to a “sand-in-your-face, tangled-wind-blown-hair” beach day right now). This hat seriously ALWAYS comes in clutch when you need it!

I’m all about skin protection when it comes to sun rays, and this hat does the job while being super cute, too. You can read my post about skincare according to your age here! But one thing that every age has in common? The need for sun ray protection, and SPF!

summer large sun hat
Ruffle Sleeveless Teal Dress
Striped Tunic Dress
Button Pocket Down Skirt
Crochet Peacock Blue Dress
Plain Tank Dress
Straw Hat
Photos by Arielle Levy

Cover up, buttercup!

If you’ve been looking for a cute AND affordable cover up, I hope you found one in this guide today! And of course I’m all about Amazon with Prime shipping and the easiest returns on the planet. Head to my Instagram post today to let me know which swimsuit cover up is your favorite!

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