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Are there any sweeter words than 2-day shipping?! Okay just kidding, there are. But can we just talk for a second about how Amazon is absolutely killing the game lately?? From designer-inspired pieces, to seriously high-quality home decor, to beauty products we're reaching for on the reg – we couldn't be more thrilled with our recent Amazon finds and since we don't gate keep, we've rounded them all up for you here!

fp sweater set lookalike
Sweater set on sale!
amazon free people sweater set dupe
Sweater Set
Buckle Sandals

My FAVE Amazon finds!

amazon finds
  1. Sweater Set: I love this FP inspired set even a tiny bit more than the original, because it’s slightly softer and a little more lightweight too! Other than that, it looks nearly identical, except the price!! The price is $55 less than the original, plus it’s on sale! So you’re saving 59% on the same look. And best of all – you look put together but you feel like you’re wearing pajamas.
  2. Eye Mask: This is PERFECT for lash extensions and it feels like a cloud on your face. Super cushy and comfy to wear.
  3. Deodorant: I am loving this deodorant so much! It smells amazing and ACTUALLY WORKS.
  4. Body Wash: I've tried so so many body washes out there and a ton of them smell nice but (sorry – TMI warning) can't actually get rid of my postpartum sweat smell. This is THE ONLY body wash that does that for me 100% of the time.
  5. Selfie Stick: This selfie stick and tripod is amazing because it condenses down to one very slim pole that's lightweight and ideal for travel! You'll easily be able to throw it in your travel bag or backpack to have handy for all your adventures. Aaaaand it comes in white.
  6. Sleep Supplement: I saw recently that our favorite pharmacist Phil was recommending liquid melatonin as the most accurate dosage for kids because gummies (which we've mostly used in the past!) can have really uneven doses in between each gummy. I switched to this for nights my kids are having a hard time sleeping and I love that it not only works really well, it's fast too!
  7. Jumpsuit: This FP-inspired jumpsuit is so cute AND significantly more lightweight than its designer twin sister. And with a price point less than half at $33, that's a no-brainer for me!
  8. Buckle Sandals: These birken-cloud-slippers are my new go-to shoe. I slip them on probably 90% of the time I'm leaving the house now because they're as cute as a birk, but comfy as a cloud slide.
  9. Blouse: I've had more questions about this blouse than anything else I've worn in the past 30 days, for good reason! It's super cute and goes well with jeans or the denim short season that's now upon us. Under $30. Comes in lots of colors too!
  10. Eye Brow Dye: I'm officially SOLD on at-home brow tinting. It's 10x easier than I pictured and makes your morning routine super easy, especially with summer sneaking up where you want to be able to just do a sunscreen and go. Brow tinting will help you skip one more makeup step and feel like you still look like yourself in pictures while you're off on your best summer adventures.
  11. Sunglasses: From my recent sunnies roundup, this is the pair I'm using most lately. Super chic but at a price point that you won't die if you accidentally leave them at the pool or in your other car!
  12. Alarm Clock: This alarm clock is one of my new most favorite things in life!! I discovered it at an airbnb we stayed at on our way home from Easter in Utah, and I LOVE that the light on it is perfectly dimmable but has a warm orange glow so it doesn't keep you up at night. I keep it at the most dim setting so that if I wake up in the middle of the night and need to know what time it is, I can see without looking at my phone. I also love that you can charge your phone on top of it, and it has a USB port too so that I can easily charge my Apple Watch right next to it on my nightstand each night. So many solutions all in one!
  13. Wearable Breast Pump: I'm waiting for one side of my beloved willow pump to get replaced (they have amazing customer service BTW!!) but in the meantime wanted to try a less expensive alternative just to test it out and see what it's like. I REALLY like this one. The pour spout is genius, the charge lasts a long time and you can manually make the suction levels go up or down, and it has a timer to see how long you've been pumping! It definitely lacks the stats and functionality you get with the willow app, but if you're looking for something basic that works well, this is it!
  14. Sleep Sack: This weighted sleep sack is amazing because it has a patented formula for keeping the perfect amount of weight evenly distributed from shoulder to toe. Bobby sleeps SO well in these sleep sacks. Transitioning from swaddle to sleep sack was super easy with these and we have two just to make sure there's always one clean!
  15. Shark Flexstyle: This drying/curling tool is INSANE. I had kind of moderately low expectations because the Dyson Airwrap is just so incredible, but this one does an unbelievable job drying and curling too! I almost think my curls last a bit longer with this one, but it also does make me a bit suspicious of whether that could give you more damage in the long run with extended use? But if you want the function of the airwrap without the price point, this is your new BFF.
  16. Drinking Glasses: Still obsessed with these pretty drinking glassese that come with lids and glass straws! Still use them DAILY. Had to order another box because I couldn't keep my 4 clean fast enough. Still get asked almost daily for the link!
  17. Sweater Set: Another FP-inspired Amazon find for way less!! This matching set has been a HUGE best-seller this month and for good reason. The pants and top are both SO SOFT that you'll feel maximum coziness while looking put together. Win-win.

Favorite fashion + beauty finds our team is loving!

amazon fashion finds
  1. Romper: Can't wait to wear this FP-inspired romper all summer (and it'll be perfect with a baby bump) So easy + comfy and the material is really light so it won't be too hot! Such a great Amazon find!
  2. Sunglasses: Saw these on a friend and immediately ordered! They are so cute + comfy and we're loving all the color options.
  3. Hair Finishing Stick: Love having this finishing stick in my purse or car to quickly fix any pesky flyaways!
  4. Purse Strap: I thought this was such a fun and inexpensive way to give a fresh look to a bag I’ve had for a few years now! (this one isn't available right ow, but here's a similar one!)
  5. Makeup Puff: These are totally worth the hype and make a huge difference with setting powder especially after concealer under the eyes.
  6. Combs: I didn't know straight parts until I bought these combs. Sooo much better than the thicker end combs!
  7. Biker Short Set: This is another cool + comfy option for summer that totally looks put together.
  8. Maxi Dress: This comfy maxi/swing dress comes with POCKETS! I prefer dresses in these hot third-trimester days.
  9. Sunglasses: Another fun pair of sunnies I've been wearing for a while now!
purse strap amazon
Purse Strap, not available but similar here!
amazon romper free people lookalike

Favorite Amazon home pieces our team is loving!

amazon home finds
  1. Wall Sconces: Love these battery operated wall sconces, they were so easy to put up since they aren’t hard wired!
  2. Knot Accent Piece: Love this modern accent piece that I added to a stack of books on my credenza.
  3. Curtains: LOVE these curtains so much I have them in multiple rooms! They give enough privacy without blocking out any sunlight.
  4. Area Rug: This is the softest rug I have ever stepped on, ever ever. I wasn’t prepared for that! It’s also beautiful and a great warm toned neutral that goes with so much.
  5. Design Book: This is still in my cart but I’m so excited to order this. Carley used to go to my church when she still lived in Florida and it’s been so fun to follow her account for all of the design inspo! She has incredible taste.
  6. Faux Flowers: These are the most realistic looking faux tulips I’ve ever seen and perfect to brighten up any space.
  7. Pantry Storage: These are perfect to get your pantry and cupboards organized. They even come with stickers and a pen to make sure everything is labeled.
  8. Credenza: Best home hack ever? Put two or three of these right next to each other for a designer look for WAY less! These provide so much storage too. I've never gotten so many people asking where something is from than I have with this!
  9. Rug: I got this rug for our bedroom and it's so beautiful! It comes in a ton of different sizes, great for any space in your home.
  10. Toy Storage: This cute storage bin is such great size and is perfect for hiding toys!
  11. Picnic Blanket: We've been using this picnic blanket on repeat since the weather has warmed up! Perfect to throw in the back of your car for impromptu picnics.
amazon wall sconces
Wall sconces
amazon curtains
Decorative Knot
amazon loloi rugs
decorative knot
Decorative Knot

Team Amazon faves for kids

amazon kids picks
  1. Popsicle Mold: Thought this would be fun to make popsicles with this summer! I might even throw in my greens drink or smoothie for a healthier option for kids.
  2. Diaper Bag: The perfect size bag to use on the go with 2 kids! So many pockets, including insulated ones to keep things cold.
  3. Play Sink: Gave this my two year old for her birthday and she's been playing with it non-stop! Even all the neighbor kids keep stopping by to play with it on the porch. The water recirculates so you're not constantly filling it up, and it's fun to play with on a warm summer day.
  4. Milk and Cookies Pajamas: Just the cutest pajamas ever!
  5. Sippy Cup: This is my third time buying this cup, they’re amazing and really are spill proof.
  6. Magnetic Dress Up Tin: How cute is this travel dress up tin? So great for keeping your littles busy on the go + it comes in a couple different themes!
  7. Kids Fire Tablet: We got this for an upcoming longer road trip because right now Ms Rachel is all that keeps our toddler entertained in the car seat.
  8. Refillable Sunscreen Applicator: This Amazon find is so practical for quickly applying sunscreen without making a huge, sticky mess. Great for throwing in your pool/beach bag for touchups on the go!
  9. Toddler Bike: This toddler bike was our gift for our recently turned one year old’s birthday! It’s still a little wobbly and advanced for him but he already loves it and this will definitely be something he’ll grow into.

Amazon picks that are chef's kiss

We really can't get over all of these amazing Amazon finds! Whether you're looking for some fun summer activities to keep your little busy, or are in the market for a FP-inspired set that's more budget-friendly than the original, Amazon has it!

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