HOT SALE: packable hunter boots + all my other travel MUST haves!

cozy sweater blazer friday traveling favesEvery fall you can count on a few things: pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather, and Hunter boots. This is a shoe that handles rain and snow and all kinds of icky weather with ease and style. Plus they’re super comfortable. Basically they’re kind of the perfect cold weather shoe. Luckily, it’s basically impossible to have too many pairs of Hunters, because they just got a jet-setting upgrade and you’re going to want these in your life.

If you already own a pair of Hunters you know the struggle of trying to pack them for a trip, because they take up SO much space! It was always a game of travel Tetris trying to figure out what you could put inside them and around them to recoup some of the packable space. No more, my friends. These new Hunter boots are made to be packable. Which means we’re totally MFEO? (Made for each other. Remember that from Sleepless in Seattle? Impossible to resist a good Sleepless reference when you’re in Seattle! Ha!). These boots are made of a lighter, more flexible rubber that’s meant to be rolled away for superior packability. Game changer.

And RIGHT NOW these packable hunter boots are ON SALE 20% off!!! Hunter boots are typically always excluded from promotions and discount codes so this is a HUGE deal!

cozy sweater blazer friday faves travelingThe sweater blazer is back, because I just can’t quit wearing it. Or talking about it. It’s cozy, loungey amazingness that I’m confident any of my girlfriends would love.  And so great for traveling and keeping you cozy on the plane.  Because is it just me or are planes freezing these days?!

This tote is also on repeat, because it’s basically the tote of my dreams. It’s cool and classic and just the right size to bring with you when you travel.  This tote super soft leather so it lays perfectly flat in your suitcase and goes with everything! I love the outside pocket for easy access to all the essentials like my iPhone or keys.

comfy jeans friday faves traveling

These jeans are too legit to quit. I fall more in love with them every time I wear them. I’m a huge fan of a good high-waisted jean, especially one that’s also super comfortable when you travel and super flattering. This pair of skinnies checks both of those boxes. Plus they make your bum look totally amazing and well #priorities. Ha!

packable boots friday faves traveling packable boots friday faves traveling packable boots friday faves traveling       

Hopefully from these pics you can see JUST how amazing the fold of these packable hunter boots (that are ON SALE!!!) are. You really can fit about 1,000 times more next to a pair of these than your regular hunter boots!

packable boots friday faves travelingpackable boots friday travling faves packable boots friday traveling faves

Stripe top (sold out but similar here)
Cozy sweater blazer
Nude tote bag
Packable hunter boots (ON SALE!!!)
Apple watch

And because today is all about my traveling faves, below are a few things that I seriously never leave home without packing up (Diet Coke always included haha).


I think this little luggage tag is adorable! And for $10 it's well worth investing in to make sure your luggage isn't lost with one of those little paper tags.
I always take my kindle paperwhite with me for devouring new books and old faves. I love that if I finish a book, I can download a new one in a snap, and I can charge it ONCE at home and it easily lasts an entire week of reading by the pool all day long.
OBSESSED with this small but mighty suitcase! It has two USB charging plug-ins in the back, so that you can charge your phone in between stops at the airport. People stop me constantly asking me where I got it!
My newest travel companion, I love that this luggage is extremely durable AND it has an internal scale to tell you before you even leave your house whether you've over-packed, and it's made of extremely lightweight shells so you can maximize your weight limit in YOUR stuff not the luggage!
I'm obsessed with this little guy! It makes running from one gate to another with a bag on top of your rolling luggage a BREEZE because that bag isn't sliding all over the place! I told my mom about it and she loves hers too.
I always travel with a large tote like this one! Neil got this neverfull for me for Christmas last year and I've used it like CRAZY and it still looks brand new. I love putting a smaller bag inside this large tote so I travel with two bag options! I also love this tote as a less expensive option!
I always love traveling with a LONG cozy cardi because they love to crank up the AC on flights! This one gets perfect rave reviews.
This scarf is magical! It can be worn a million different ways and it's so big it can even act like a mini-blanket in a pinch!
I've had the same Kate Spade travel case for 3 years now and I use it on EVERY single trip! A little bit of an investment but it will last you FOREVER.
My favorite protein bars ever! They taste more like a candy bar than a protein bar so ... if you're into that haha.
These giant gum packs are my newest favorite little treat!! Every time I pull them out people are like, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT!?" Like I'm holding a unicorn or something. Haha.
There are SO MANY GERMS on planes that I like to pop these little beadlets (and give them to everyone traveling with me!) when I board a flight. They're so nice for travel too since they aren't messy and won't spill out in my nice bags.
If I only have time to pick out ONE lippy, this is usually it! This lipgloss in white russian is my go-to, it plumps your lips, has a yummy but subtle taste, and makes everyone's lips look pretty!
I always try to bring an extra long iPhone cord with me in case I need to charge my phone on the go but I still want to look at it!
I always try to wear some sort of sneaker when I can so that I stay nice and comfy AND I don't get stopped in the TSA precheck line to take my shoes off, because if you shoe has any metal on it you'll have to take them off and go through again! These are my ultimate faves.
I always throw my beats earbuds into my bag for plugging in and watching a movie.

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