BIGGEST j.crew discount in HISTORY!


J.Crew is getting ahead of the game this year by kicking off their black friday sale early, with their biggest discount in HISTORY! I’m dying over this, it’s way better than last year or any other deal I’ve ever seen from them and here’s why:

Usually j.crew discounts a selection of items 40% off for black friday, and everything else is 30% off.

This year, today through November 27, you’ll get 40% off your entire order at j.crew plus FREE SHIPPING with code HOLIDAY at checkout!!!


details from this old outfit post:
jcrew jacket (sold out), similar 40% off w/ code HOLIDAY
favorite cashmere sweater 40% off w/ code HOLIDAY
white pants 40% off w/ code HOLIDAY
pink lace up flats 40% off w/ code HOLIDAY
leopard clutch

I would be willing to be a LOT of money that they will not do anything better on Black Friday – this is it! I’m already seeing some items disappear quickly and as the word gets out, they’ll go even faster.

Wanna know what’s in my bag (including this dress that I’m dying over?!) and my favorite cashmere sweater EVER (the one I’m wearing above) … I made a little cheat sheet for you below of the 12 CUTEST things at J.Crew right now! See them below and don’t forget to use code HOLIDAY for free shipping and 40% off!!!

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