amazing j.crew coat SALE today!


let me tell you a quick story. once upon a time, i dated a boy in college who i fell madly in love with. and then he was a real jerk to me. he cheated on me, and felt really bad about it (i think?) so he bought me this really, REALLY nice j.crew coat for me to wear in the cold winter months of utah as a poor college student, for christmas. i think to try to win me back. it worked, but it didn’t last becauseย he was still a jerk. i finally wised up a couple months later and dumped him for good. BUT, that j.crew coat, the one that’s 11 years old? it’s still sitting in my closet. and it still looks like new.

so, the point of this story is don’t date jerks. just kidding. the point of this story is, j.crew coats last FOREVER!!! hahahaha. seriously though. they do. i’ve never come across a better made peacoat than j.crew’s.

and TODAY you can get select j.crew coats 30% off here with code DAYTWO at checkout.

here are all the ones i’m loving that are part of the sale:

stadium cloth majesty peacoat


stadium cloth cocoon coat


wool melton peacoat


double-cloth lady day coat with thinsulate (this is the one i’ve had for 11 years!)


shop all j.crew coats here and look for the ones eligible for 30% off marked “30% off with code DAYTWO” under their description. discount TODAY ONLY.

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I was wondering if Jcrew puts these on sale for Black Friday as well? At a higher discount? I am debating if I should wait or act now. Thank you for all your amazing tips.


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