MASCARA MADNESS!!! buy 2 get 1 free


one of my FAVORITE sales that only pops up a couple times a year is HERE – mascara madness! today only, when you buy 2 mascaras here you’ll get a 3rd of equal or lesser value FREE!!!!!

you can totally mix and match if you want to try a few out. the lowest priced mascara will come off at checkout automatically.

so i’m gonna dish on my faves. and i know you might be saying that you can’t afford department store mascara but my first pick and hands-down favorite is almost the same price as drug store mascara when you buy it today!!


clinique high-impact mascara: this is my all-time favorite. it really makes your lashes POP! and it comes off super easily, which is important to me especially when i have lash extensions and (gasp!) sometimes wear mascara over them. yes, i do that. in between fills at the end when they’re starting to look a little sparse. or occasionally when i’m going to get pictures taken or have a really special night out, i’ll put a light coat of clinique high-impact mascara over my lash extensions and it fills everything in just enough to make them all stand out, even the little lashes that don’t have an extension, if that makes sense. every time i do this – without fail – someone says “WOW are your lashes real? they look SO GOOD.” haha. i wouldn’t recommend this daily BUT having said that, every time i wash my makeup off after, gently with baby shampoo, it comes off just fine and my lash extensions stay on! can’t say the same for a couple other mascaras i’ve tried over my extensions.

AND when you buy clinique high-impact mascara today you’ll get 3 for the price of 2 so it’s like paying $11 per mascara, and i’m pretty sure most grocery store mascaras are now around $8 (am i right?) so for a few dollars more i think it’s WAY worth it. plus when i do this deal once a year it lasts me 6 months if i’m wearing it daily, and all year if i’m only wearing it occasionally.

**also, if you buy $32 or more from clinique you’ll get a gift with purchase automatically at checkout!


lancome defincils high definition mascara: this stuff is a little more spendy but definitely worth it if you’re willing to invest. the best thing about this mascara is that it never ever clumps, it will make all your lashes stand out without ever becoming a spidery mess. here’s a picture of my beautiful friend carlie stylez wearing her lancome defincils (PS you should watch & subscribe to her youtube she’s amazing and hilar!)



last of all, DIOR SHOW. it’s kind of the industry known show stopper mascara. you definitely have to be more careful not to cake this on because it’s VERY dramatic but it sure does the job well! i’ve only bought it once because it was a little intense for me but if you’re the type of girl who really likes dramatic lashes every day, this is the one for you!

so those are my top 3! which mascara is your favorite?? let me know in the comments!

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Total bummer, the sale is over before midnight tonight. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next time this sale comes around!


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