What you need to know about J.Crew’s brand new affordable kids line!

January 24, 2018

These two girls! There's a few things I can always count on them from them: a lot of fun, a little mischief, and for SURE, without a doubt, a demand whenever possible to be twinners. They LOVE to match, and since they're in sizes that some stores separate into toddler and girl, it's been challenging for me to find cute (and affordable!) stuff they can twin in. J.Crew has been saving the day with their matching outfits though, and and I'm THRILLED to be partnering with them to day to tell you guys about their brand new affordable line of extremely durable and adorable kids wear. Get ready to fall head over freaking heels in love with this stuff, and fill up your shopping cart!

J.Crew just launched their brand new line of more affordable, durable, basic pieces for kids called crewcuts everyday and the BEST part is, when you buy 3 pieces or more you get 20% off – ALWAYS!!

Giving baby some loves 🙂

I've loved crewcuts for my kids for years now because their clothes REALLY last and last. Lyla has worn a bunch of Anabelle's old pieces which is such a plus when you have a couple of kids the same gender.

I also LOVE that so many of the crewcuts everyday pieces easily mix and match, so when your kids want to pick what they're wearing themselves, you're less likely to get some really “interesting” combos haha.


women's pink shirt
women's gray sweater
women's necklace
women's skinny jeans
women's women's gold sneakers
crewcuts everyday stripe tee
crewcuts everyday gold leggings
crewcuts sparkle shoes
photos by Arielle Levy

Here's a fun little roundup of all our FAVORITE pieces from J.Crew's brand new crewcuts everyday collection. Don't forget that you'll get 20% off this collection every time you get 3 or more pieces!

Thanks so much J.Crew and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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