14 best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men

If you haven't noticed, Valentine's hearts immediately replaced Christmas trees in the grocery store aisles and it already feels like 2021 is moving too fast! Valentine's Day is on the horizon!!

If you're not sure what to buy your guy this year, I've got ideas for Valentine's Day gifts for him that will hopefully help you out. YES, dudes are hard to shop for, but we have some tried and true gifts that are guaranteed wins for all the guys in your life. Every one of these comes 100% Neil approved 😉

mens valentines day gift ideas
men's valentines day gift ideas

Men's Valentine's Day gift ideas

  1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Neil is a Wayfarer man through and through. A classic, universal style that's extremely highly rated – Neil really, really likes these and would recommend them to anyone!
  2. Massager: Okay, just LOOKING at this massager makes my muscles start to relax, ha. This deep-kneading back and neck (and pretty much anything) massager is a game changer in and of itself – but it also exudes HEAT at the same time to relieve even more tension. That's a hands-down-win in my book. And it would be such a fun gift to give your special someone on the Day of Love! It has over 30,000 super high ratings, AND it's 39% off right now. A great deal!
  3. Cologne: A total classic – so fresh, so clean, so manly in the best way, ha. I love the way this smells on Neil and if your man appreciates a super nice cologne, this will become one of his favorite things, too. With 94% five-star reviews, we're not the only ones who would recommend this one!
  4. Sneakers: These fine leather shoes are luxe and classy to the max – but I love that they still have a casual sneaker look at the same time! These can really be worn in so many different settings for that reason. And the price is PRIME for such high quality. Other shoes comparable to these are upwards of $400, so the fact that these are more than half that price is amazing!
  5. Cash Strap: This minimalist, slim wallet is more than you think. It can hold up to 12 credit cards in it, PLUS it comes with a strap to hold cash that is so strong and durable you never have to worry about anything slipping out accidentally. This product is made with military-grade materials, and I love that it boasts a lifetime guarantee! Although this product is a pretty penny, it will literally last FOREVER. However, if you just don't want to spend that much for a Valentine's gift, I totally get it. Here is a save option that has super great reviews, too!
  6. Yeti Tumbler: Is there anything much better than a true YETI? You just really can't go wrong gifting this super, super durable and high quality tumbler. No matter what your man likes to drink, it will stay cold or hot all day in his YETI! Not to mention, there's a no sweat design (no annoying water droplets on the outside to worry about throughout the day), AND it's dishwasher safe which deserves allll the praises. Super highly rated and always a great gift!
  7. Zella Performance Tee: This Zella top is a total lululemon dupe, and it's only $20!!! It comes in 8 colors, and is perfect for layering or exercising in. I like to tease Neil that his other girlfriend is his mountain bike because he was going 5 days a week without fail (until he started his early morning seminary teacher gig)! These are his favorite tops to go riding in. They are moisture-wicking, totally lightweight, and so soft! These don't fade, shrink, or wrinkle AND they are anti-chafing.
  8. Meat Thermometer: 25% OFF right now! This meat thermometer has killer ratings and is perfect for the man always using his smoker or grill. If he is constantly having to go outside to check the temperature of his barbecue creations, this gift is for HIM! He can literally see what the temperature is as long as he is within 300 feet of the grill. That means that he can stay inside until the meat is ready to go. GENIUS! And such a game changer!
  9. DiamondClean toothbrush: I truly didn't think I would ever feel this passionately about a toothbrush, but here I am, still singing its praises for the whole world! It's THAT GOOD! I literally feel like I've just been to the dentist every time I use it, and it helps remove surface tooth stains within two weeks of use with over 62,000 movements per minute! An amazing recommendation from our dentist who I trust wholeheartedly. Such a great gift, and you can either get it in a cool, sleek black, or a minimalist, classic white!
  10. Tie: Skinny ties are IT right now, and I love the fact that you can buy these super classy ones on Amazon. They have TONS of colors to choose from which is insane, and they are super highly rated! This is a perfect Valentine's gift always.
  11. BUG-A-SALT Gun: This gift is hilarious and amazing and actually useful, too. It's a fly swatter gun! This is not a toy – it literally will shoot down bugs with extreme accuracy, ha. If you're looking for a fun and different gift that your man will get a kick out of, this is it! There are tons of five-star reviewers that will tell you their personal experiences with this awesome invention. 😉
  12. AirPods Max: We've raved about the original Apple AirPods in tons of other gift guides, and these AirPod headphones have extremely high reviews, too! They make your music ultra clear while canceling out all the other noise around you – it's pretty incredible actually. It seriously makes you feel like you're in your own little world! This would be such a fun surprise for your man on V-Day.
  13. Packable Puffer Vest: I recently got this vest for Neil, and he LOVES it! I got it in the first place because it was very highly rated, and it lived up to its reviews. This is a great gift that is under $30, and it comes in 11 different colors.
  14. Zella Hybrid Tech Commuter Pants: These Zella pants fit like an athletic pant, BUT LOOK LIKE DRESS PANTS. It's almost hard to conceive that that could even be a real thing, but it is and we are here.for.it. My dad and brother in law swear by this style as well, and I can't believe how useful these pants are! Now that Neil dresses up several times a week as a youth church teacher, these are his go-to, hands down. They come in three different colors, too!

Love is in the air

Hopefully, you're feeling ready to spoil your guy this year! It is so much fun to spend time finding a gift that shows your special someone how grateful you are to have them in your life. Whether you're splurging on a big item or getting him something simple and sweet, he'll love knowing how special he is to you! Shop all of my best picks for Valentine's Day gifts for him below.

And in case you missed it, I shared a gift guide full of hints for all the women to send to their significant other, too!

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