Travel size must-haves w/ a savable checklist + my new FAVE find! 

I’ve been working on creating the BEST travel size “must-haves” list – keeping these products with me during trips has been a total game changer! We were just in Hawaii and it was incredibly helpful to have these minis with us and spare myself so many trips to the pharmacy. Whether it’s just Neil and me, or all the kids on a trip, I always end up running to the pharmacy at least once for someone. Headaches, stomachache, can’t sleep, scraped knee, it's always something right?!

That’s why I’m recommending putting together this super easy bag – complete with all the best travel size products! Keep scrolling for all the deets and a checklist you can save so you can remember what you need for every trip.

travel size
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Why I get my travel size must-haves from CVS

I love picking up all my items from CVS using my CVS CarePass membership because it always saves me even MORE money than I would've saved there, plus I can cash in on my $10 monthly promo reward on my favorite brands! When we’re in places like Hawaii, the prices are higher than home, so I love using my CVS CarePass membership to get everything ready before we go on our adventures.

I got this clear travel bag right from CVS to put everything I'd need in it, making it super easy for me to pack and get through security, too!

travel size must haves

Download my travel size must-haves checklist!

If you don't want to have to remember every little thing you might need for your next trip, I can email you my travel size must-haves checklist, so you can easily download and print it before your next trip!

    Perks of the CVS CarePass Membership Program

    Recently I told you about why I loveee the prescription delivery benefits in the CVS CarePass membership, but there’s a lot of great deals on OTC stuff too!

    The CarePass membership program is an amazing deal at just $5 per month (or $48 for an entire year!), and you get your first month FREE. You can check out the CVS CarePass membership program at zero cost for 30 days, but trust me, you’ll want to keep it once you get started.

    It’s also amazing that you can get 20% OFF all regular priced CVS Health & Live Better products on top of the already awesome prices. Every month you get a $10 promo reward to use with any purchase in store or online – this membership is sooo worth it!

    travel size must haves

    My top travel must-haves

    Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or pharmacist prior to taking specific vitamins, supplements, and/or medications.

    1. Sunscreen: I already knew CVS carried my most very favorite line of sunscreen, but this new one they came out with has become my top favorite!! I know technically this specific one isn't travel-sized, but it's such a GOOD one to bring on your next trip. I loved it in Hawaii – it’s an SPF 30 oil! This works great at protecting you from a burn while enhancing your tan without the clogged pores or greasy feel of lotion sunblock. Totally worth the perfect 5-star rating!
    2. Sleep Aid: If you’re adjusting to a totally different time zone or just need help falling asleep somewhere out of your element, these are a lifesaver.
    3. Allergy Relief: I personally get major allergies so keeping this in my travel bag comes in handy all the time! This gives four hours of relief from all the fun allergy things like sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, and itchy throat or nose. I love that it works for indoor and outdoor allergies! Plus, with a CVS CarePass membership, you can count on getting 20% off this CVS Health product!
    4. Insect Repellent: This is my family’s FAVORITE brand for bug spray, here’s why! Some sprays make you feel sticky or have a super strong odor to them – this brand doesn’t have either of those problems. It’s formulated with 15% DEET and will definitely keep you and your family protected from bugs for hours on your summer trip! Perfect travel size, too.
    5. First Aid Travel Kit: I love this travel size kit not just because it’s super cute and high quality, but it’s literally amazing and comes with the best packets of ointment! It has 30 bandages, hydrocortisone anti-itch and triple antibiotic ointments, and hand sanitizer. I’ve brought this on multiple trips, it’s a total must-have!
    6. Acetaminophen: If anyone starts to not feel the best on a trip, having these handy is so great. They help with aches and pains and are easy to swallow. From headaches, backaches, toothaches, or even cramps this is something I always have just in case!
    7. Ibuprofen: You’ll never regret stocking up on these! There are so many unpredictable situations while traveling from headaches, not sleeping well, eating something that doesn’t agree with you – keeping relief tablets in my travel bag is one of my top priorities.
    8. Acid Reducer: Heartburn is something that actually runs in my family, and I have to take something for it daily to avoid major discomfort! Keeping this travel size one with me is super important – it can especially be needed after trying new food in a new place. This one has super high ratings and has been recommended as a top type of acid reducer.
    9. Eye Drops: This is something that EVERYONE on your trip can use! Whether it’s after swimming in the pool, lake, or ocean all day your eyes are probably going to be a little red or irritated. These are sooo great for soothing and relieving redness while putting moisture back in.
    10. Mini Tweezer Set: Perfect for urgently removing a splinter out of someone’s skin or just grabbing that stray hair, if I’m being honest!! I love that this set gives you 3 different options to use the tool that picks up what you’re removing the best. Comes in a super cute travel size case, too!
    11. Stool Softener: One of those things no one lovesss to talk about, but it works! Sometimes things aren’t as normal when you’re away from home, so this softener and laxative mixture is the perfect blend for being regular when I travel.
    12. Sore Throat Lozenges: Our good friend Phil the pharmacist told me this past winter that this is the BEST one on the market, and he was right! I love that they work quick to give long lasting and maximum relief. There’s nothing worse than a sore throat, especially with the kiddos, so make sure these are in your travel size bag!
    13. Disinfecting Wipes: Perfect size package of disinfecting wipes to tackle surfaces that have seen tons of germs. I love that these kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, remove allergens, pet dander, dust mites, and pollen!
    14. Pepto Bismol: Another great deal to stock up on – four packs with the fifth one free! This works fast to calm and soothe nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Definitely a go-to!
    15. 6 Pack of Travel Kleenex: These are a LIFESAVER to have on hand! My mom taught me to always have a pack of these on-hand. I love these especially for times when you're doing something more rural like hiking with limited backpack storage or chances to stop at public restrooms. These are soft and durable – some of my faves. 
    16. TUMS: Another GREAT option for fast acting antacid tablets to relieve heartburn, stomach aches, and indigestion. These taste great, too! The assorted fruit antacids give 50% more acid neutralizing power than the regular strength option.
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    Travel size takes the prize

    These are all such good things to have on hand – I NEVER travel without them now! Once you create your travel size bag and stock it up, you’re going to be good to go with some small restocks along the way.

    And I hope you take advantage of the CVS CarePass membership perks, they're too good to miss! It's just $5 a month (or $48 for an entire year!) and you get to try your first month FREE. You can check out the CVS CarePass membership program at zero cost for 30 days and create your pharmacy travel size bag before summer. Win, win!

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