The new mask you’ll love for firmer skin and fewer wrinkles!!

Where are my face mask loving girls at?! If that’s you then you MUST read today’s post!! Because this firming face mask is an absolute game changer. You can take it to bed with you every single night and wake up every morning with results better than the day before – firmer skin, fewer wrinkles and deeply moisturized skin that’s ready to take on the day!

I’m a LONG time fan of Kiehl’s and when they asked if I’d like to try out their brand new ginger leaf and hibiscus firming mask I said “yes please!!” I mean this is basically the equivalent of Ben & Jerry’s reaching out to see if I want to try their newest ice cream flavor haha. LIKE I COULD SAY NO!

And you guys, this product does not disappoint!! You really can feel the difference the first time you use it, and it just gets better over time!

I was a little concerned about whether the Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask would be messy on my pillow but it’s totally not at all. I can go to bed just fine in it and it hasn’t gotten all over my pillow at all. If you’ve been wanting to try out a firming face mask that you can use more than once a week, this really is such a great option!

You’ll see in my video below just how easy the Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask is to apply. You just gently rub it in upward strokes on your skin until you’ve covered your whole face in a thin layer, and then climb into bed! The next morning you’ll wake up with firmer skin and fewer wrinkles that you’ll notice the FIRST time you use it. And it’s so moisturizing that when I use this, I can skip night cream all together. I’m all about one less step in my nightly routine!

The next day all you have to do is cleanse your face as usual to remove the mask, and you’ll feel a major difference in how firm your skin is, promise!!


Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask
Photos and video by Arielle Levy

Watch my video below to see just how easy it is to apply the Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask and let me know if you try it out, and what you think!

Thanks so much Kiehl’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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Is this prego friendly?!?!


Yes it is!! 🙂

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