Ten apps that will change your LIFE!

One of my FAVORITE things is to find out about a new, life-changing app! Something useful. Something fun. Something efficient. It's easy for me to get intense (ha) about the die-hard love I all have for the apps I use and love most, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my very most favorite apps in one post. Hopefully you'll learn about one or two you haven't tried and end up loving them too!Madewell Plaid Ruffle

Madewell Plaid Ruffle

FAVORITE APPS! Read below for all of my most frequently used and loved apps that will change your life!

1) PLANOLY: This is the app I use to plan out my Instagram grid, and I rely HEAVILY on it! It allows me to upload photos and see what everything is going to look like in the grid before it goes on Instagram, and even preload captions and reminders of when to post! Maybe only helpful for people who run a business on Instagram but since it's one I use so much I thought I'd share! 🙂

2) WAZE: If you live in a place where there are only two stoplights in the town or even one freeway, this app might not be that useful. BUT … if you live somewhere OR you're driving in a city with lots of traffic, lots of freeways and lots of times you wish you knew the back-roads, this app will change your life! It's user-generated and will tell you all the ways to sneak around the traffic, it gives you alerts when there's a police officer ahead, when you're about to hit traffic, how long you'll be stuck in traffic, you can even add a stop to your route (need to grab a soda on your way to your appointment?!) AND my favorite new feature, it syncs with Spotify so you can change songs while staying in the app! GENIUS!

3) TURO: This app is SO COOL. It's a user-generated car rental service where you can rent the exact car you want, when you want it, and often times even have it delivered to you! The rates are almost ALWAYS lower than traditional car rental companies, and you can even pick specialty cars that normally you'd have a very hard time finding from a rental car company. One of my good friends said she used it over Thanksgiving last year to rent a Tesla SUV for less than a minivan would've cost them from a rental car company. Pretty awesome! If you use this link you'll get $25 off your first rental!


4) DOORDASH: This app has changed our lives, for better or worse haha! No really it's a lifesaver because you can order food from your phone from a bunch of local restaurants, and have it delivered to your doorstep! Not just pizza, but acai bowls, sushi, cupcakes, froyo, all the things. I use this … multiple times a week haha. And if you haven't tried it yet, you can get $7 off your first order through this link. And if Doordash isn't available in your area, try Postmates (get $100 credit with code IFB9PY), Grubhub ($7 off your first order!) or UberEats ($5 off your first 3 orders with code eats-ubermintarrow), all the same idea! I have used and loved all of these apps, but Doordash is the one I use the most because in my area they tend to have the MOST variety available.

5) LYFT: I used to be a die-hard Uber fan. I used Uber instead of taxis every time I went to New York, and other busy cities. It's an app that uses GPS and you can order a car to come get you, and drop you off to your exact location, for a price you can get quoted beforehand! When I first tried Lyft several years ago, my only beef with it was that they just didn't have enough drivers. Times have changed though, and Lyft has just as many if not more, and their drivers are SO NICE and friendly! I still use Uber sometimes, but Lyft is for sure my first choice. If you haven't tried it yet, you can get $20 off your first Lyft with code CORRINE132131 or $5 off your first Uber with code ubermintarrow in the promo code box.

6) WUNDERGROUND: My sister told me about this app! It's user-generated weather reports so it's super accurate and gives you amazing tracking for daily or even hourly weather reports. You can get so specific about the location, even down to the neighborhood. I use it way more than my iPhone weather app now.

7) WAG: This is like Uber for dogs and it's AMAZING. We have used it so many times when our schedules get crazy and Winnie is dying to get out on a walk. You can order a walk for your dog or even dog sitting or boarding. One Thanksgiving we used it when our regular places for boarding were all booked up. The sweetest lady took Winnie in and watched her for the week we were gone, and gave multiple daily updates with pictures of how she was doing and where they were going with her, taking her on walks and her kids who were home from college playing with her. All of the walkers and boarders we've used are licensed and background checked so we've always felt very safe using Wag and have had nothing but amazing experiences. I love this app so much! Use promo code CORRINE6657 to get your first walk free 🙂Jeans

Jeans 8) EVERNOTE: This app is AMAZING for keeping track of my notes and having it synch on ALL my devices – phone, tablet, computer, everything. It's searchable (even scanned docs!) so you can search for an old receipt or scanned letter. This app is so nice to use for work and personal documents, remembering things people said in speeches or talks or even just advice or new ideas or thoughts I have. I never have to worry if I won't remember where I saved a note because they're all saved here, and I can access them from any device.

9) VSCO: This is the app I use to edit almost all of my iPhone photos to post to Instagram or Facebook! The filters are so pretty and flattering and it's very user-friendly. You can also save recipes or if you have one photo that you finally edited perfectly and you took other photos in that same lighting that you want to edit the same way, you can copy your edits by selecting the picture you edited perfectly, tap the three dots in the bottom corner and select “copy,” then select all the pictures you want to put that same edit on and then select “paste.” So fast and easy! Their edits are the prettiest and most of the big bloggers I know use VSCO more than any other photo editing app to edit their pictures too.


10) LDS gospel library app: Okay, we know probably most people who are members of my church already know about this app. But even if you're not LDS and you just want to study the bible, or find wholesome videos that will teach your children about good values, or lesson ideas for teaching your family about self-reliance or watch bible videos about Jesus, or listen to uplifting talks from general conference (similar to TED talks), this app is amazing! I use it every single day, at the beginning of the day, to read scriptures, mark scriptures that I love, make notes, and it's the one app I let my girls use to watch videos while I do their hair 🙂 It's free and so useful!

11) Acorns: So this app is actually genius. If you've ever wanted to build an investment account, this is a SUPER simple way to go about it without stress or even really thinking about it. You can seriously just set it up, forget about it, and then watch your money grow! The app works by rounding your purchases up to the nearest dollar and then depositing that change into an investment account. It's a really user-friendly way to get into the stock market. They also have tips and articles about finances if you want to learn more about that! You can get $5 by signing up here.

Madewell Plaid Ruffle

Plaid ruffle top sold out, similar
Dark skinny jeans
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I hope this post helped you discover some new and fun apps that will make your life easier! What are some of YOUR favorite apps? Share them in the comments below!!!

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