All the BEST gifts for teens and tweens this Christmas

Quick version: these are the BEST gifts for teens and tweens this Christmas!

Teens and tweens just might be the hardest group to shop for at Christmastime! You might be feeling totally in the dark about what to buy your older kids, nieces, or neighborhood babysitter, but HAVE NO FEAR. We've spent quality time combing through some really fun shops lately and have had awesome luck finding gifts for even the hard-to-please teen or tween on your list. Get ready to be the cool grown-up this year!

gifts for teens

In a hurry? Shop ALL of our picks below:

tween gift ideas

Gifts for Tweens

  1. Troomi Phone: If you've been searching for THE safest phone, the best smartphone for kids/teens, or just an ideal device to hand your kid that'll allow YOU to stay in touch with THEM, but will keep them OUT of trouble, then this is the phone your tweens need! Take 50% off + get 3 months of FREE services with code THANK50PLUS3 at checkout. (This could be a great gift for teens, too!)
  2. Roller Skates: Your tweens will be ready to roll with these super cute and retro roller skates! There are so many cute colors for both girls and boys, plus it's something to get them off their tablet/iPad and outside instead.
  3. Picture Hanging String Lights: Give the gift of a room “glow up” with these fun picture hanging string lights. Your tweens can hang up pictures of all their friends, family, or special memories with a nice lit ambiance. Only $14!
  4. Checkered Vans: These black and white checkered Vans have been a classic for years and years, and they're still trending like crazy. Perfect for boys or girls, and is just a great everyday shoe!
  5. Polaroid Camera Kit: There's something special and fun about taking pictures with an instant camera. It's so nice capturing a moment and instantly having a tangible copy of it for keepsake! This would be a really great gift for a tween!
  6. Mancala Game: This is a family classic game! For your tween who's growing out of toys, but loves to play board games or loves competition, this is a great gift option.
  7. Razor Scooter: Time for your tween to upgrade from their small, classic scooter, to this taller and more durable Razor scooter! No one's ever too old for some fun scooter riding, and this one totally fits the age.
  8. Lounge Pillow: This lounge pillow creates the perfect hangout spot for your tween while they do homework, read, or nap. It's huge and is just oh so soft!
  9. Table Top Air Hockey: This mini table top air hockey table is a perfect activity your tweens can have fun with but also won't take up a ton of space in your home or in your tween's room.
  10. Backpack  + Patches: These solid color backpacks are perfect for a tween who's in jr. high school and is “too cool” for all of the cutesy patterns. There are a few different colors to choose from and they can even add their own personal touches to them with these super cute iron-on patches!
teen girl gift ideas

Gifts for teen girls

  1. Hairitage by Mindy Hair Mask: Forget the face mask – a hair mask is a great gift to give to a teen girl in your life who's interested in the beauty category, and this one's heavenly! It's moisturizing, enhances shine, texturizes, and is anti-frizz. It smells good, too, and is at a really great price point compared to other hair masks!
  2. Salt Lamp: This salt lamp is such a cute decoration and adds the perfect amount of gentle light to a room for a really calming presence before bed. This is a perfect present for the teen who just started college and has a dorm room, plus it's on sale right now for $13!
  3. Hairitage Silk Pillowcase: This is normally around the age that girls are starting to care more about their skin, hair, and overall care for their body. This silk pillowcase is for all hair types and protects your hair from breakage during sleep.
  4. Laneige Lip Mask: This lip mask is allllll the rage right now. Super hydrating for your lips and also works as a pretty everyday lip gloss, too! A great gift for a teen girl.
  5. Converse: These black converse high-tops are a great shoe your teen girl can wear with so many different outfits and will for sure be a staple in her closet!
  6. Vuori Leggings: These Vuori leggings are a gift that no teen girl will ever be upset getting! Such a comfy and flattering legging you can wear to workout in, lounge in, or even go to school in. Plus, Vuori's one of our very favorite retailers – you'll always get the BEST quality with them!
  7. Fleece Jacket: Teens are on top of all the latest trends and this Vuori fleece jacket is one of them. It comes in a couple of cute colors and it's just the cutest jacket she can wear for so many different activities!
  8. Checkered Blanket: Keep your teen girl cozy and warm with this darling checkered blanket. Really high-quality fabric and a bunch of cute colors to choose from. It'd look so cute in your teen's room, too!
  9. Madewell Beanie: These beanies are soft, high-quality classics that your teen can wear winter season after winter season which makes it one of the most perfect gifts! Six different really cute solid colors, and some of them are on even on sale.
  10. Koolaburra by UGG Slide Slippers:  A slipper that can do both! These UGG slides are cozy enough to wear around the house but also look super cute to wear out and about. These platforms are very on-trend and we're loving the curly faux shearling for ultimate comfort.
teen boys gift ideas

Gifts for teen boys

  1. Nike Blazers: If you want to win the way to your teen boy's heart, these shoes might be it! They're great classic shoes he can wear with so many different things (and the high-tops are pretty cool too!).
  2. Penny Board: If you have a teen who loves to skate and be outside, these penny boards come in so many cool colors. They have 12,000 almost 5-star reviews!
  3. AirTag AirPods Case: Whoever thought of this AirTag AirPods wireless headphones case is a GENIUS. Your teenager will never lose his AirPods again with this! Both you and your teen will be happy with this gift.
  4. Checkered Blanket: Boys like cozy things, too, and this soft checkered blanket comes in super great colors!
  5. Thread Wallet: The perfect wallet your teen can hold his money and cards in that's compact enough for him to put in his pocket! Or even attach to a lanyard and wear around his neck. This wallet is so slim and there are endless patterns and colors to choose from.
  6. Nintendo Switch: You might also become the favorite with this gift, too… for your teens who love to play games, this is a really hot and trending gift idea! A bit more on the pricier side, but definitely a gift they'll love and can play with friends.
  7. Shower Speaker: Your teen boys can play their favorite beats in the shower with this waterproof mini speaker! It suctions to the bathroom wall, or honestly anywhere on the go. Super great price point and it comes in lots of different colors.
  8. Hat: This North Face hat is such a cool color and we really like the embroidered earthscape on the front patch. It's totally trendy and would look so good on your teen boy!
  9. Finger Wind Surf Board: If you've got a fidgety teen on your hands or one who loves anything to do with skating or surfing, then this finger wind surf board is a great little gift! Perfect for long road trips or if he loves to go boating.
  10. Crew Neck Sweatshirt: This is a great basic crew neck and the color's so versatile, it can go with SO many different things in your teen's closet. It's such high quality, it'll last them years and years.

YOUR teen gift ideas!



Check the teens off your list!

Wishing you all the luck as you choose the gifts for teens on your list! Just remember they're all about having fun and connecting with their friends, so anything you can find that'll help them achieve that is sure to be a win. 

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