Teens and Tweens Gift Guide

Teens and tweens just might be the hardest group to shop for at Christmastime! You might be feeling totally in the dark about what to buy your older kids, nieces, or neighborhood babysitter, but HAVE NO FEAR. We've spent quality time combing through some really fun shops lately and have had awesome luck finding gifts for even the hard-to-please teen or tween on your list. Get ready to be the cool grown-up this year!

Pink Letter Board
​Lip Gloss
​Eye Shadow Palette
Airpods Cover
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​Photos by Arielle Levy

1. Cruiser Deluxe Turntable – find me a teenager who doesn't love music! This is a fun “toy” for older kids to actually play with on Christmas morning

2. Analog Instant Camera – another fun thing to actually use after you open it on Christmas morning. Most teenagers are WAY into taking pics like this and then putting them all over their lockers, binders, anywhere.

3. Instax mini Double Pack Instant Film for #2 because if you give a mouse a cookie!!

4.  Heart Quarter Zip Pullover cute, casual, and cool enough for the hallways at any middle school or high school.

5. Duo LED Lighted iPhone X/Xs, XR & X Max Case  because most tween and teen girls would be thrilled about stepping up their selfie game, especially at night!

6. Water Resistant Backpack super cute for homework and hanging out

7. Emery Faux Leather Backpack this one's for the girl who wants to be a little more sophisticated in her style, but still feels young enough for a teen crowd.

8. Jogger Pants because teens love being cozy! I mean DON'T WE ALL.

9. Instax Mini Glitter Picture Frame to go along with all those fun photos they're snapping with #2 and #3!

10. PopSockets GRL PWR Phone Stand just a really fun stocking stuffer

11. Instax Mini Frame Sticker Set cute and inexpensive way to decorate any teen or tween space.

12. Pink letterboard becuase they all have a LOT OF FEELINGS

13. Squishies 15 pcs Random Pack so weird but all kids/teens/tweens LOVE THESE THINGS. Trust me.

Wishing you all the luck as you choose items for the teenagers on your list! Just remember they're all about having fun and connecting with their friends, so anything you can find that'll help them achieve that is sure to be a win. Shop all of our tween/teen favorites below!

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