All the BEST gifts for teens and tweens this Christmas

Teens and tweens just might be the hardest group to shop for at Christmastime! You might be feeling totally in the dark about what to buy your older kids, nieces, or neighborhood babysitter, but HAVE NO FEAR. We've spent quality time combing through some really fun shops lately and have had awesome luck finding gifts for even the hard-to-please teen or tween on your list. Get ready to be the cool grown-up this year!

christmas gifts for teens and tweens
Repair Cream & Face Cleanser

Gifts for Tweens

tweens Christmas gift for girls


  1. Robe: If you know me, you know I am an absolute robe-a-holic! Now that I have a tween (SO crazy), I know that they love ANYTHING that makes them feel older – and having their very own robe is perfect for that sentiment. And to make it even better, this robe comes in tons of different cute patterns and it's under $40!
  2. Hat & Gloves Set: At only $20, this darling unicorn hat + mitten set is a Christmas morning WIN! Cute AND cuddly, this set checks allll the boxes for an 8-12 year old girl.
  3. Scrunchie Design Kit: Anabelle loves ALL things tie dye, and I love that this gift is an activity AND an accessory all in one!
  4. Bracelet Making Set: Bracelet making for your tween girl is the equivalent to our online shopping, HA! It's such a great activity to pass the time, and I love how it brings their creativity out as well. Another activity/accessory gift combo, and what's even better is that this set is less than $10!!!
  5. Robot Smart Machine: We got this for Anabelle for her birthday and she is OB. SESSED. And it has been SO COOL to see what she creates with it! She made a dog that can SIT, I was seriously amazed. Their imagination literally comes to life with this gift and it will remain a favorite long after Christmas morning! Pluuus it's $10 off right now, SCORE.
  6. LIFE: When I was a tween The Game of LIFE was MY FAVE and now I'm so excited that Anabelle is at the stage where she loves it, too! Such a classic!
  7. Headphones: These Skullcandy on-ear headphones are LESS THAN $20 in certain colors and that is SUCH A STEAL. Such a fun gift for any tween honestly!
  8. Kindle: This Kids Kindle is PERFECT for the tween who loves to read. There are different covers to choose from, and there's a two-year warranty, which is such a huge perk! We loooove our Kids Kindle, and you can read over 1,900 other reviews that will rave about it, too!
  9. Converse Platform High Tops: The classic high-top sneaker that we STILL all love! Converse will literally never go out of style, and your tween will be SO psyched to wear these everywhere she goes. These have literally been Ani's fave shoes this year.
  10. Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit: Okay, this “create your own book” is one of the coolest gifts of the season! Your tween can write and illustrate their own story, and the price you pay ALSO includes the printing and delivery of their book once they're finished – SO COOL! This book making kit has over 600 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars, so you know that your under $30 purchase is going to be well spent!
tweens Christmas gift for boys


  1. Light Up Soccer Ball: This HOVER soccer ball is totally futuristic and can be used indoors OR outdoors! It has a rubber rim so it bounces softly off of furniture or walls while indoors. Under $25, this is definitely a MUST for this Christmas! Pretty sure Neil was trying to talk me into getting this for Anabelle recently because HE wants it secretly for himself haha.
  2. Sky Board: This bouncing sky board is a surprise your tween boy will LOVE! Such a fun combination of a skateboard and a pogo stick, whoever thought of this was genius! It includes a grip-tape surface for an optimal ride, and bungee cord handles. Add a helmet, as well as elbow and knee pads for safety, and he is good to go!
  3. Scooter: This is the PERFECT age to get your tween a Razor scooter. They will spend HOURS on this thing, and it's LESS THAN $30. With over 16,000 raving reviews, you can't go wrong with this one!
  4. Dinosaurium: This is literally a (5-star rated) dinosaur museum in a book, how cool is that?! With gorgeous illustrations and fascinating facts, this is such a great, non-tech gift to give your tween this Christmas!
  5. Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid: I'm a super huge fan of this brand, and this insulated, straw-lid water bottle would be such a great gift for your tween! He can take it with him anywhere and it will never ever spill.
  6. LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer Building Kit: With over a THOUSAND five-star reviews, this is a LEGO kit that your tween will enjoy for hours and hours on end. Plus, the end result is so dang cool that he could even display it in his room! It's the perfect gift that is just the right amount of challenging and fun for this age.
  7. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine: This pitching machine is currently UNDER $30, and it comes with six balls as well! You can adjust the height to be perfect for your star player, and it even has a red light that flashes when the ball pitches to make for optimal practice. Such a fun gift!
  8. Walkie Talkies: These super good quality walkies are EVERYTHING to 8-12 year old boys. They are easy to operate, and they have a range of THREE MILES which is so far and so awesome!
  9. Fitness/Activity Tracker: This is literally a Fitbit for kids, and I love their fun designs! It is so awesome to see your child want to be active, and it is even more rewarding to see them achieve their goals. Choose the design your tween will love, and get free shipping with Prime!
  10. RipStik: If you haven't heard of a RipStik, it's like a skateboard but waaaay cooler! It's a twist-and-carve ride, and once your tween gets the hang of it, he'll NEVER want to stop.
ugg slippers christmas gift

Gifts for Teens

teens gift guide for girls


  1. Crosley Bluetooth Record Player: This record player is SO PRETTY and the perfect amount of vintage. I'm obsessed with it and can totally see this as a gorgeous addition to any teen girl's room. It's so awesome, too, that it not only plays vinyls but it also can play her music wirelessly through the bluetooth feature! If I had a teen girl, I would be SOLD on this one.
  2. FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Camera Bundle: I love how Polaroids have been trending for a couple years now and this set has EVERYTHING! The camera, a case, color filters, a selfie lens, and so much more! Your teeniebopper will spend hours with this camera, and with an overall rating of 4.5 stars, you know it's worth every penny!
  3. Kopari sugar scrub: This age range is right when I started to look into beauty items and this coconut oil scrub is such a great introduction for any teen girl who is doing the same! This product is so universal, and it's UNDER $20. It can be used as a hair mask, or even as a body moisturizer! And to top it all off it smells sooooo. dang. good!
  4. Bumble & bumble clean hair set: Another $20 item, this dry shampoo will be your teen girl's best friend! This will make school mornings so much easier, and she can even use it as a refresher for after gym class, sport practices, all of the above!
  5. Beauty blender set: For the teens in your life who love MAKEUP – this set is a MUST! Beauty blenders are MY fave for a flawless, airbrushed look, so I wouldn't even hesitate to give this to my daughter when she's the right age. Just check out the raving reviews if you need more convincing!
  6. Baggu zip pouches: I remember the days in middle school and high school where I packed so much in my bag, and right when I would need something most it would be lost in that dark backpack abyss, ha. These pouches will solve that! Your teen girl can keep whatever she needs organized and easy to get to. Plus, they're SO cute!
  7. Ugg slippers: These slippers are ALWAYS a good gift idea. They come in four colors, and for only $49.99 I know they are going to sell out quickly, so don't wait on these!
  8. Fenty Beauty Mini Gloss Bomb: These mini glosses are TOPS. Rihanna knows her lip products, friends! I am SO picky about lip gloss, and these check all the boxes for me. Pretty shine, no stickiness, soft texture, and LASTS!! I love this as a gift because the 4 pack is only $36, so you can keep all the colors together or split them up if you have multiple teen girls you are buying for! This is also such a fun idea if your daughter is looking for a small gift to give to her friends this year.
  9. AirPod case: This is another gift that is under $20 and so, SO good! Your girl will never lose her AirPods again. I also really love that these cases make it super easy to differentiate between mine and Neil's AirPods, so it really is a great gift for everyone in the fam! Here's a case for the original AirPods, too!
  10. Cropped sweatshirt: A huge trend for teen girls right now is the crop top style, and this sweatshirt has just the right amount of “crop!” As one reviewer said, pair it with a pair of high-waisted leggings to still rock this style without showing bare midriff.
Teenage boy christmas present ideas


  1. Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard: This electric skateboard is under $100 and sure to be a WINNER on Christmas morning. An effortless ride that still feels like using a real skateboard. So cool!
  2. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Console: Pretty sure this is the gift of the YEAR, so of course we had to add it to our list! Any teenage boy would be out-of-his-mind happy to see this waiting for him under the tree on Christmas morning.
  3. Longboard: If your teenage boy isn't about the electric skateboard, you will absolutely win by getting him an authentic longboard! These babies cruise and are STILL one of Neil's favorite pass times.
  4. Stance Ankle Socks: These are ALWAYS a win. An overall rating of 4.5 stars, these socks are consistently the best looking and best quality.
  5. Kan Jam: This is SUCH a fun outdoor game for your teen to play with all of his buddies! I love that he will literally be able to take it anywhere and it is seriously addicting. We could play this game for hours and never get bored! He will love it! And YOU will love that it's under $40, AND you get free shipping with Prime!
  6. Thread Wallet: The perfect wallet for a teenage boy. Ultra thin, cool designs, and he can even keep it attached to his keychain so he will NEVER lose it (as long as he doesn't lose his keys 😉). Genius! It's super affordable, too, at only $16!
  7. Mighty Vibe Spotify Player: This teeny tiny little music player is giving me major iPod shuffle vibes but for WAY fewer dollar bills. I think this is perfect for that younger range of teenage boys who might not have phones yet, but still love listening to their music wherever they go. In fact, you don't even need Internet connection! Wirelessly sync Spotify playlists to this baby and it's good to go, with either wired OR wireless headphones. I'm a HUGE fan!
  8. Beanie: This Patagonia beanie has a classic style that is perfect for any teen boy in your life. It's super amazing quality, machine washable, and an awesome stocking stuffer as well!
  9. Nike Hoodie: This classic hoodie comes in SO MANY COLORS, you could get multiple of these and they would all be wardrobe staples in his closet! These honestly look good on everybody, so you really can't lose when you wrap this one up.
  10. Cologne: Finding the perfect cologne for a teenage boy can be hard. We all have a memory of a boy in high school who always just smelt a little TOO strong, lol. This cologne has 4.5 stars and is the quality he needs to smell FRESH, not suffocating!

YOUR teen gift ideas!



Check the teens off your list!

Wishing you all the luck as you choose the gifts for teens on your list! Just remember they're all about having fun and connecting with their friends, so anything you can find that'll help them achieve that is sure to be a win.

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