All the BEST gifts for teens and tweens this Christmas

Quick version: these are the BEST gifts for teens and tweens this Christmas!

Teens and tweens just might be the hardest group to shop for at Christmas time! You might be feeling totally in the dark about what to buy your older kids, nieces, or neighborhood babysitter, but HAVE NO FEAR. We've spent quality time combing through some really fun gifts lately and have had awesome luck finding items for even the hard-to-please teen or tween on your list. Get ready to be the cool grown-up this year!

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Gifts for girls:

  1. Fleece Belt Bag: We're sure you've seen all the craze around this belt bag – and it's for good reason too! It has the perfect amount of space for everyday essentials and the sherpa is sooo cute. This will definitely be a hot seller this year so make sure to grab it while you still can!
  2. Makeup Bag Set: This makeup bag set is perfect to help your teen keep all of their beauty products clean and organized. You can pick between so many different color options, there is sure to be one perfect for any teen on your list!
  3. Mini Heated Straightening Brush: We have talked about Drybar products for YEARS and were so excited to see they came out with a mini heated straightening brush! Perfect for the beauty loving teen on your list this year.
  4. Satin Pillowcase: This is normally around the age that girls are starting to care more about their skin, hair, and overall care for their body. This silk pillowcase is for all hair types and protects your hair from breakage during sleep, and is super gentle on your skin!
  5. Stanley Water Bottle: These water bottles are ALL the rage right now. This Stanley flip top is an insulated cup that keeps your drink ice cold for hours and fits in your cup holder! Plus, they come in so many color combos too.
  6. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit: This is a trend that we’re totally on board with not only because it was started by the queen herself (aka Taylor) but because it’s something fun to wear with your regular everyday outfits. Who remembers spending hours making bracelets with your friends?!
  7. Mini UGG Platform Boots: These boots are so comfortable and warm, an SO trendy rn! You'll be giving a practical gift that will be used (and loved) for years. The lining is so plush and cozy, and nothing beats that new UGG feeling. These are constantly selling out, so order ASAP while they're currently in stock!
  8. Gel Manicure Kit: This is the cutest manicure kit ever! It comes in 4 different color options and has everything your teen needs for an at home manicure. This would make for the perfect girls night for your teen and her friends!
  9. Happy Face Slippers: How fun are these?! These happy face slippers are such a cute and cozy gift! You can wear them indoors and outdoors, and there are lots of colors to choose from.
  10. Polaroid Camera Kit: There's something special and fun about taking pictures with an instant camera. It's so nice capturing a moment and instantly having a tangible copy of it for keepsake! This would be a really great gift for a tween!
friendship bracelet kit
From: Eras tour outfit ideas & friendship bracelets that will get you ready to go see the movie!
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  1. Pickleball Set With Net: If you've got a pickleball lover, or someone looking for a new hobby, then this pickleball set would make such a fun gift! Four paddles, six balls, a net, line markers, one mesh bag, and a whole lot of fun.
  2. Nike Crewneck Sweatshirt: This is a great basic crew and the color is so versatile. It can go with SO many different things in your teen's closet. It's such a high quality item that will last them years and years!
  3. Glow in The Dark Basketball: How cool is this glow in the dark basketball?! Guaranteed fun your teen/tween will play with for the whole year to come.
  4. JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Your teen boys can play their favorite songs with this waterproof speaker! It's perfect to use anywhere on the go, has a super great price point and it comes in tons of different colors.
  5. Professional Printing 3D Pen: This pen is SO cool. If you have a creator on your Christmas list this year you cannot go wrong with this! Plus, it has over 11,000 nearly perfect reviews.
  6. 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station: Help your teen get organized and charged for the new day (and new year!) This charging station can charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all at the same time. It looks sleek and clean on the nightstand!
  7. Nintendo Switch: You might also become the favorite with this gift, too…for your game-loving teens, this is a really hot and trending gift idea! It's definitely a gift they'll love, and can play with friends.
  8. Star Wars Lego: Got a Lego lover on your hands? This Star Wars set is so cool and will provide hours and hours of fun! It comes with multiple Star Wars minifigures as well.
  9. Adidas Sambas: These shoes will be a definite win! They're great classic shoes he can wear with soooo many different things, and they will last forever.
  10. Drone With Camera: One of the coolest tech products for a teen this year. Imagine all of the fun they could have with this! It is wifi compatible and comes will tons of tech features.
nintendo switch
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Check the teens off your list!

Wishing you all the luck as you choose the gifts for teens on your list! Just remember they're all about having fun and connecting with their friends, so anything you can find that'll help them achieve that is sure to be a win. 

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