Splurge or Save: Stocking stuffers for her & him!

Stocking stuffers are some of my FAVORITE gifts on Christmas morning — there's just something about that sweet tradition; no matter how old I get, I will forever love peeking into my stocking and seeing allll the fun goodies Santa (ahem… Neil) hid in there! 😉 Some of my absolute favorite gifts in the past have been small enough to fit in my stocking, and I hope this post will make those you're gifting this year say the same thing.

It can definitely be a challenge to find quality stocking stuffers, but we've done ALL the research for you so no need to worry! Below you'll find a list for her, and a list for him, and we've ALSO included a “splurge or save” option for each gift. Whether you are splurging or saving this year, these stocking stuffers are WINNERS.

stocking stuffer ideas for women and men
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womens stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers for HER

#1: Eye Mask

SPLURGE: Elemis Eye Mask: THE luxury item that I pull out when I really want to treat myself! I put this eye mask under my eyes before I apply my makeup. It takes away SO much puffiness instantly, and my makeup goes on AMAZINGLY afterward!! A true gem to open on Christmas morning.

SAVE: Wander Beauty Eye Mask: Not only is the packaging on these beauties totally gorgeous + Christmas-esque, but this eye mask brightens, hydrates, and reduces dark circles – for only $25! That is such a steal for a product with RAVE reviews.

#2: Sleep Set

SPLURGE: Slip Silk Pillow Case + Mask set: A little pricey, but SOOO worth every penny! An anti-aging pillowcase that turns back the clock each night?! Yes, please. It protects your skin, lashes, AND hair, plus the quality is unreal so it’ll last forever. It even comes with a matching silk sleep mask – SO DANG CUTE and makes for a heavenly night's sleep.

SAVE: Satin Sleep Set: If you're going for the next best thing that is a THIRD of the price, THIS IS IT. This satin set comes with a pillowcase, mask, AND scrunchie! All matching of course – the perfect stocking stuffer gift set!

#3: Lip Mask

SPLURGE: Lip Sleeping Mask: This little luxury is something any woman of any age would LOVE. I don't care if she's super extra or super basic. This one's a guaranteed win.

SAVE: Burt’s Bees Lip Care: UNDER $10, this overnight intensive lip treatment has an overall rating of 4.5 stars so that pretty much means it BELONGS in a stocking.

#4: Gua Sha Tool

SPLURGE: Gua Sha Sculpting Tool: Said to be a skincare GAME CHANGER. Massaging this tool over your face helps beauty products to absorb more effectively AND it tones the skin at the same time. Secretly hoping Santa slips this into my stocking this year!

SAVE: Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool: Removes toxins, prevents wrinkles, boosts radiance in your complexion – at $9.99 and with over a THOUSAND five-star reviews, you seriously can't go wrong with this one!

#5: Necklace

SPLURGE: Block Letter Monogram Necklace: These block letter necklaces are ALL the rage right now, and I love that this stocking stuffer adds a subtle yet thoughtful personalized touch!

SAVE: Sideways Large Initial Necklace: Amazon does it again with a STRIKING resemblance of the splurge option – for only $8.89! And to make it even better…freeee shipping with Priiiime!!!

#6: Dry Shampoo

SPLURGE: Pureology Style + Protect Refresh & Go: I LOVE Pureology products with all my heart, and this dry shampoo is THE highest rated on Sephora. I tried it in my last Sephora order and YUP, it deserves to reign as highest-rated queen. It absorbs oil without drying out your hair, adds movement and light texture, and is TOTALLY color safe which is a MUST for me!

SAVE: Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo: Kristin Ess products are the next big thing and I love that you can pick this up during your next Target run. Vitamin-enriched, odor-eliminating…this dry shampoo is LEGIT, and so pretty, too!

#7: Blue Light Glasses

SPLURGE: All Nighter Glasses: The BEST protector against that harsh screen light from our computers, phones, and TVs…This pair is my tried and true FAVE! Since wearing these glasses, I have noticed fewer headaches, deeper sleep, and much better focus while working.

SAVE: TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Choose from SO many different styles on Amazon! I love that you can personalize this to the person you are gifting, AND it is an item that person will use every. single. day. Such a quality stocking stuffer!

#8: Cozy Socks

SPLURGE: Barefoot Dreams: If I'm at home, I'm probably wearing these socks. Like butter on my feet! Highly-rated and still highly-affordable for under $20.

SAVE: Fuzzy Slipper Socks: If you're looking to give more than just one pair, you've hit the jackpot with this five-pack. No one can EVER have enough cozy socks!

#9: Perfume

SPLURGE: Indigo Eau de Parfum Rollerball: The perfect size of perfume to take ANYWHERE, I absolutely love this warm and spicy scent that my girlfriends gifted me for my bday this year. I will NEVER be sad about getting perfume in my stocking – ever, ever!

SAVE: Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume: A comparable scent from Target, but less than $12! Still that perfect size, which also makes it a perfect stocking stuffer. And with 266 almost ALL perfect reviews, you know it doesn't stink!

#10: Hair Growth Vitamins

SPLURGE: Let It Grow – Hair Sweet Hair Vegan Gummies Duo Set: First of all, how cute is this holiday set?! Second, these vitamins WORK. Third, they taste DELICIOUS. And who doesn't want longer hair, stronger nails, and more radiant skin?

SAVE: Beauty zzZz Sleep Support Supplement: Same brand, just a $10 supplement — these babies will put you RIGHT to sleep, and you will wake up feeling more rested than ever! I'm SUCH a fan.

mens stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers for HIM

#1: Bluetooth Speaker

SPLURGE: Bose Micro Bluetooth® Speaker: Small with a BIG sound! This is such a quality bluetooth speaker that he could take literally anywhere. It also comes in three different colors — LOVE when there are options like that to make the gift more personal!

SAVE: F10 Portable Speaker: UNDER $20, dust-proof, waterproof, 10-hour playtime on one charge… A GREAT save option for this gift!

#2: Card Case

SPLURGE: Leather Card Case: NO ONE wants a fat, uncomfortable wallet in their back pocket all day. Saffiano's card case is slim and fits in any pocket.

SAVE: Herschel Men's Card Case: If you are looking for a non-leather option, Herschel's version is just as slim and SO modern + sleek!

#3: Gloves

SPLURGE: Etip Gloves: These gloves are so useful it's a little bananas. Because there's nothing worse than your man having to choose between freezing fingers while texting you back, or keeping his hands from frostbite. HA, help him make the choice easier with these gloves! 😉

SAVE: SIMARI Winter Gloves: With over 6,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars, these gloves are definitely Mint Arrow approved!

#4: Pomade

SPLURGE: JOHNNY B. Mode Styling Gel: Give your man the thick, lush hair he wants while ALSO keeping it in place! This hair gel is an every day go-to for Neil and we can't say enough about it. He loves it, I love how it looks on him – so that's a win-win! Such a useful gift that will up your man's getting ready routine.

SAVE: Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel: UNDER $5, this styling gel is a CLASSIC and there's a reason it is so loved across the board. A stocking stuffer staple for any man on your list!

#5: Wireless Headphones

SPLURGE: Apple AirPods Pro: If the guy you're shopping for doesn't already have AirPods, you need to make it happen! Neil is OBSESSED. So great for running, traveling, listening to podcasts, all the things. Plus, this updated version is NOISE CANCELING. (Can I buy these for myself and wear them around the house? Asking for a friend.)

SAVE: Sweat Resistant Wireless In-Ear Headphones: Skullcandy is the TRUE O.G. when it comes to earbuds. My dad used to get us these for Christmas every year and we were ALWAYS so excited! And at $41.99, they're a great gift for a great price.

#6: Sunglasses

SPLURGE: Ray-Ban Classic Wayfare Sunglasses: They don't have “classic” in their title for nothing! These glasses are such a FUN surprise in any man's stocking. You can always count on Ray-Bans to have amazing quality, too.

SAVE: Walnut Wood Sunglasses: Neil's fave inexpensive sunnies that he reaches for probably more than even his nicer pairs. Currently only $29, such a steal!

#7: Beanie

SPLURGE: Dock Worker Recycled Beanie: You already know this classic North Face beanie is literally going to last for. ev. er. It will never, ever go out of style and it literally looks good on every man!

SAVE: Carhartt Men's Acrylic Watch Hat: This Carhartt beanie has over 42 THOUSAND FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. Are you kidding?! Pretty sure that speaks for itself on why this is such a great stocking stuffer option.

#8: Blue Light Glasses

SPLURGE: Roebling 49mm Unisex Blue Light Filtering Glasses: Again, the BEST protector against harsh screen light from computers, phones, and TVs…and I just love this classy pair!

SAVE: Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Amazon's version is SUPER SIMILAR and under $20 for a TWO pack. Say what?! SUCH a good deal!

#9: Scarf

SPLURGE: Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf: ABSOLUTELY a splurge, but a splurge that is so worth it! PURE cashmere, this scarf can be passed down for generations. Definitely a stocking stuffer that will WOW!

SAVE: Alpine Swiss Mens Plaid Winter Scarves: If that price scares you, don't throw the scarf idea out the window completely! This Amazon dupe is UNDER $10, and there are MULTIPLE patterns and colors that you can choose from!

#10: Collar Stays Set

SPLURGE: Magnetic Collar Stay Set: Keep him looking fresh for all his Zoom calls or church meetings. These collar stays will fit inside most collared shirts and keep the collar looking straight, smooth, and new.

SAVE: Stiff-N-Stay Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays: These magnetic collar stays may not come in as pretty of a package, but they work WELL aaaaand they're only $15. Perfect stocking stuffer material!

The stuff stockings are made of

When your stockings are hung by your chimney with care, we hope your stocking stuffers are the perfect breath of fresh air! Change it up this year with something on our list. We sure love this tradition and we hope we made your stocking stuffer shopping just a little bit easier! Let us know what stocking stuffers you are definitely planning on getting in the comments below.



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