Romper Roundup – a styling guide to rompers and jumpsuits

To romp or not to romp – that is the question. At least in today's blog post! I'm personally a huuuuuuge fan of rompers and jumpsuits! I love that it's ONE outfit. One quick option. I can throw one on and I'm set for a cute outfit all day long. I love rompers that are cute, cozy, functional AND beautiful (or at the very least, cute enough to feel confident in). Today I'm sharing a romper that got a LOT of attention over on my stories this past week. I figured I should share it here AND a little roundup of fave rompers or jumpsuits I've owned or have my eye on.

best rompers and how to style them
Photos by Arielle Levy

New favorite romper

This super lightweight romper is soooo pretty and feminine. The lace cutout details paired with the ruffle bottom legs are super pretty, but it's extremely lightweight so you can layer up or cool off and wear it from spring right on into summer.

I also love that it looks kind of like a dress, but functions like pants. Oh and that drawstring waist is helpful to not feel like you're wearing a total mumu (which hey – not against that look!) but it helps give you a bit of a figure.

I also love the little buttons too.

How's the sizing?

This romper runs TTS and it comes in the baby pink I'm wearing OR an olive that YES, I'm absolutely tempted to wear too.

What do I wear under it?

LOTS of questions on stories about what I wore under it. I paired it with one of my wardrobe STAPLE nude undershirts that I wear anytime something's a little too low, a little too sheer, a little less coverage anywhere where I don't necessarily want to draw attention but just want to feel a bit more modest! These undershirts (and their amazingly perfect slips!) are just like a slip or undershirt should be – sleek and light and a tiny bit stretchy and fit flat and perfect right under any shirt or dress.

How to look good in a jumpsuit or romper:

Okay let's start with the most important thing: you need to buy a FLATTERING romper! You'll see a range of anything from a janitor look to some very scanty lingerie type rompers out there. I'm always looking for 3 things with a romper:

  1. Something at the waist – a tie or a belt or a cinch or something that will give you a waist, even if you have to add it yourself!
  2. Good fabric – something that will be comfortable to wear.
  3. High reviews – if a LOT of other people approve of its fit and form, there's a good chance I will too!

Are jumpsuits/rompers in style?

Based on the massive amount of retailers carrying, featuring and promoting rompers right this hot minute, I would say that's a definite YES.

How to pee in a jumpsuit:

This is a legit question! You're gonna have to take the whole thing off. There's just no getting around that. Sorry!

If you buy one like my tried and true fave (below) or the one I wore above, it's seriously no big deal and they slip off super quick. You won't even be bothered with either of these styles.

A romper that buttons down the back or has a zillion buttons? Um, good luck! Yet another reason why it's always a good idea to check reviews because most likely, someone else has already complained about it if that's the case!

What shoes do you wear with a romper?

I've mostly worn this romper with sandals (hi, California) but you could def wear it with some booties too!

Long time favorite romper

Okay onto another romper I've worn and loved for YEARS. This one has been a closet staple fave since 2015 and I'm not planning on quitting anytime soon. It's extremely nursing-friendly since it has a crossover front, it's CRAZY comfy, and looks flattering on anyone. I first saw it on my friend Kelsey Nixon (I get a lot of good ideas from her!!) when she was filming her show on the Cooking Channel and she's quite a bit shorter than I am! But I love how it fits for me too!!

I like to pair this romper with sandals too but again, super cute w/ casual sneaks or a bootie for a dressed up look. And it's $88 but it will last a LONG time. Remember, I've had mine since 2015!

Happy romping!

Here's a roundup of some of our fave rompers right now on the interwebs. There really are some SUPER cute finds here! Happy romping!!

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