HOT DEAL on the game-changing dryer that gives you blowout quality hair at home

January 16, 2020

Buckle up you guys, because I am about to totally blow your mind! I discovered this gem recently and I am completely OBSESSED! It has 10000% changed my hair drying and styling game and I'm IN LOVE.

DEAL details

Right now you can get this hair drying tool for 41% OFF, Normally $60, you can get it RIGHT NOW for $35.65!!!

This One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer has completely REVOLUTIONIZED the way I do my hair. I'm a huge fan. I think that everyone should have it. I'm in good company too because there are OVER 16,000 perfect reviews! Ready to find out why?

Budget Friendly

My beloved Dyson hair dryer is decidedly an investment piece. The Revlon Air Brush is the complete opposite when it comes to price point. This miracle tool is only $35.65 right now (reg $59.99) and is truly the best money I've spent in a while. That's WAY less money than one single salon blowout here in CA!

Easy To Use

I am not even exaggerating, this Revlon hair tool gives me the same type of blowout that I've ONLY been able to get from a professional in the past. Round brush blow-outs have been a total bust for me every time I've tried them myself! It seems like they require at least three hands, and in addition to not having three hands I also don't possess the coordination required for said blow-out! This tool makes it SO INSANELY EASY because it dries and straightens my hair in one simple step. I even brought it on my trip to Hawaii!

It's Fast

I can style my hair wet to dry in twenty minutes. For me, that is life-changing because I usually can't even plain ol' blow-dry my hair in that amount of time! But after a mere 20 min, my hair is not only dry but totally sleek and ready to go!

Revlon Hair Dryer
Silk Robe
Photos by Arielle Levy

Revlon Hair Dryer Pro Tips

A few words of advice: I try to avoid blow drying my hair when it's soaking wet. I like to let my hair air dry first to cut down on heat exposure. Ideally I like to wash my hair, let it air-dry about 50%, give it a really good spray of heat protectant like this one that I'm recently obsessed with (and 200+ other people are too!), and then finish it off with the Revlon tool!

Live demo

Anytime I discover a new tool that streamlines my getting ready process, it would just be rude of me to keep it to myself right?! Ha. This is the most user friendly hair tool you can find to create a salon-worthy blowout in MINUTES! If you hop on my “beauty” story highlights on instagram, I showed you guys exactly how to use this (I swear it's so easy!) so go ahead and grab yours now while it's on sale!

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Tiffany Nelson:

Just bought it. Such a great price. Sooooooo excited to try it!

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