QVC’s BEST hand-picked deals for April

Anyone else have a little bit of time on your hands? Yes? Well you won't need to spend it digging for deals, because I scoured QVC's site for THE BEST deals on some current and new favorites on their site! I seriously can't get over some of these deals, like my favorite exfoliator and most convenient tanning towelettes in one exclusive pack for over 60% off? YES, PLEASE! Put on some comfy clothes (like you don't have them on already) and be prepared to scroll my friends!

qvc deals


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate has long been my very favorite home exfoliator for face. This dual-action exfoliation game-changer utilizes both physical and chemical exfoliants for the softest and freshest skin around. The fruit enzymes provide a grit that will scrub the outer layer of skin, helping rid your face of dulling dead-skin buildup. The enzymes also penetrate the skin to actually dissolve clogged pores and help with uneven skin texture and tone! Fruit enzymes are little powerhouses, eating away at the dirt and grime and leaving you with the cleanest skin! I love the tingly feeling my face gets after I use it. It is dubbed the “2 minute Hollywood facial,” and I can't agree more!

kate somerville tanning and exfoliator duo
With exfoliKate on my face
kate somerville exfolikate exfoliator qvc
After a good exfoliKate treatment! And before using the tan towel (scroll down for the after)

Tanning towelettes

If you've known me longer than 5 minutes, you know I am all about self tanning! Not the kind where you lay in a bed and crisp up like KFC, but the kind that you can rub on your body at no risk!

I LOVE the tanning results I get from these Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes. This is one of my top recommended methods of self-tanning, and my NUMBER ONE tanning wipe, hands down!

kate somerville tanning wipes
kate somerville tanning wipes

I love traveling with these because I don't have to worry about a bottle of product spilling all over everything and it takes up zero space in your suitcase. The size of the packaging is deceiving though; the towelette is bigger than you might think! It covers pretty much my entire lower leg and is also “wet” enough with the solution to be able to tan your entire body.

kate somerville tanning wipes qvc
kate somerville tanning wipes QVC
After! This time I started at my feet/legs so you can see that the tan was more noticeable on my legs than my face (see below).

Bonus: Kate Somerville products are SO high quality, I never have to worry about whether it's okay to use on my face!

tanning wipes for your face
After the tan towel!

When you use a “clear” self tanner, you can't see exactly what you're doing, BUT this particular product is pretty fool proof because it's so mild! Even if you miss a spot, it's not super noticeable because it's more of a mild self tanner. These Kate Somerville towelettes are so user-friendly and great for someone just starting their foray into self tanning (welcome to the dark (tan!) side haha).

Tip: start with whatever area you're most concerned with tanning first! Whether that's your face or your legs, start with the part you want tanned the most. For this application with the before and after pics in this blog post, I started with my feet and legs and worked my way up to my face. You'll see that my legs are more tan than my face and arms, but you can definitely do the opposite if you'd rather have your upper body more tan!

The deal

For this killer deal you get a 2 oz ExfoliKate AND 8 self tanning towelettes for only $49.95! You guys, at ALL other major retailers the exfoliant alone costs $85!!!! And (if you can even find the tanning towelettes in stock) the 8 pack retails for $48! So to buy BOTH you're looking at $133 retail, but this deal is $49.95 total.

This deal is 63% off ONLY at QVC! It's also a duo you can't buy anywhere else, which makes it a total sell-out risk! These products are NOT cheap, so this is the perfect time to try them.  If you’re a first time QVC shopper, you can take an extra $5 off with code FRIENDS, or HELLO10 for $5 off your second purchase!


I've had this Simplehuman sensor mirror for years and absolutely love it! It senses when you put your face in front of it and automatically illuminates. It's the clearest, best mirror to do your makeup in! The technology lets you see your makeup in its truest form so that you know you're getting the best match every time. It's also cord-free and easily recharges (usually a full charge lasts over a month!) Typically this mirror sells for $219, but it's on QVC for only $154! Mother's Day gift, anyone??

simplehuman mirror deal
simplehuman mirror
simplehuman mirror qvc
qvc simplehuman mirror deal

Air Fryer

Full disclosure, I thought these Air Fryers were kind of ridiculous before I got one. Like, do I really need ANOTHER appliance that promises all the things? Let me just tell you: YES. Yes, you do need one! Since being hunkered down at home we cook a lot, but also (let's be honest) we do a lot of ordering in too. In the past, I've been bugged by not-so-fresh food deliveries featuring cold fries or soggy entrees.

I decided to try this particular Air Fryer because it is so highly rated on Consumer Reports as well as on QVC's site. And now I cannot adequately express JUST how much I'm obsessed with this appliance! Like I canNOT get over how much I love it. It seriously has so many uses! You can heat up frozen food, reheat leftovers, or just crunch up your take out in it and it makes the food so.much.better.

ninja air fryer deal

Seriously, once you get yours and the next time you have a leftover slice of pizza you need to reheat, pop it in your air fryer at 325 for 4 minutes and you'll get a perfectly toasty (NOT soggy) crust underneath, and gooey melted cheese on top, and you'll never be tempted again to use your microwave to heat up that leftover slice of pizza.

ninja air fryer
ninja air fryer deal

The whole idea behind the Air Fryer technology is to make food that “tastes” fried. But it just uses hot air for a healthy alternative that still packs a crunch! It'll be ideal for my CSE chicken nuggets and anything else that I would normally bake to try to make it seem fried HA!

I just bought all the ingredients to make Pioneer Woman's buffalo cauliflower and you KNOW I'm using the Air Fryer instead of spending hours dredging and frying. Don't mind me, just saving all the cals and all the time over here with my new Air Fryer.

Oh, did I mention saving all the monies too? This top-rated Air Fryer that can retail for up to $160 is on sale on QVC right now for only $139! QVC has a ton of other options from different brands as well and a bunch of them are on sale now! I can't say enough good things about this appliance, it's 100% worth the money and the shelf space!! Which, by the way, isn't that bad. I just hide it away in a cupboard and pop it out when I need it!

ninja air fryer chicken nuggets

Sam Edelman heels

These block heeled shoes are so comfortable, you won't even realize you're wearing heels! I chose them in this oatmeal hue so that I can pair them with literally everything.

I'm always a huge fan of a dressy sandal like this because the minimalist style lets the rest of the outfit shine. Also, similar shoes are selling out everywhere so I am excited to find these on QVC for you for such a good price! They retail for $120 but are on QVC in four colors for only $100! I promise you, you will wear these shoes ALL THE TIME. You know, once you have somewhere to go other than le backyard or el closet.

sam edelman block heeled sandals
sam edelman block heeled sandas qvc

Dreamy track pants

These Barefoot Dreams track pants are my new wardrobe obsession. In times like this, when we are simply changing from our day time pjs to our nighttime pjs, THESE are the pants I am constantly reaching for. The Barefoot Dreams cardigan is a staple in my closet, so imagine the marriage of my very favorite cardi and the best sweatpants of all time. Best. Lounging. Pants. Ever.

They come in six amazing colors and are available on QVC for $108! These pants are so lightweight, dreamily comfy, like a silky-soft blanket on your bum. No joke! I can't wait to wear these after baby when I'm recovering. Also, try front-tucking a cute graphic tee into them for a chicer (not so pajama-y) look! I got mine in the coral color, which I love for spring/summer. They are sold out basically everywhere so JUMP on the rare, exciting QVC deal!

barefoot dreams track pants
  1. Kate Somerville Tanning towels and exfolikate
  2. Simplehuman 8″ sensor mirror
  3. Ninja 4-qt Air Fryer
  4. Sam Edelman Block Heel Sandals
  5. Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Ultra Lite Track Pants

QVC does it again

Just when I think QVC can't possibly outdo themselves, they go and give us more killer deals that I just can't resist. NOW is the time to try something new; who knew I would be obsessed with an Air Fryer?! BRB, I'm off to “fry” up some cauliflower now.

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