quick fix for burning butter in the bottom of your oven

April 23, 2013

hi guys!

so, i know this blog is mostly about finding unbelievable deals on way cute stuff, but every once in a while i thought we'd mix it up and put something non-retail related on here. and i have a tip tuesday post for you. because this tip is just TOO good to keep to myself! i need all of you to know this because that's what friends are for, right?

so the last couple of times i've baked a big batch of cinnamon rolls

the butter has decided to go haywire on me and spill over the edges onto the bottom of my oven. well this last time it was REALLY bad. it was filling up my kitchen with smoke and i didn't want my cinnamon rolls to smell like smoke but i needed to finish baking them! i wasn't about to put all that time and all those ingredients and all that sugary buttery goodness to waste. no freakin' way.

so, i did a quick google search and found out that the best quick fix for burning butter in the bottom of your oven is to just sprinkle some salt all over it. just good old regular table salt, nothing fancy. i used what i had in my cupboard.

i wasn't sure if it would work but guess what … IT WORKS!!!

this is just a quick fix. after you're done and the oven is off, wait till it has cooled completely and then clean up the salt. i used the vacuum attachment on my dyson and it worked like a charm.

so, next time you bake something that produces a butter overflow, sprinkle a little salt on the bottom instead of a) filling your house with smoke, b) giving up and then having nowhere to finish baking your goodies or c) inviting the fire department over. 

you're welcome!

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Kimberly Kluge:

For some reason this made it smoke more and my cheesecake is dead


Corrine. I was trying to melt butter for cookies in a speedy fashion when I decided I should just pop them in the oven for a quick sec. And then I forgot about them. I googled how to clean up the butter while still baking and your site was the first that popped up. Since I read your blog daily, naturally I clicked on it and you are a GENIUS!!

My cookies thank you 🙂


haha oh my gosh this is such an old post! but i’m so glad it was helpful!! 🙂 and yay for cookies!!


Thank you! This saved me today. Butter from the rolls bubbled over. After salt, we can have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh yay so glad to hear this!! Haha this post is so so old, but I’m glad it helped someone out still! 🙂


Saved my evening baking bread. Thank you!


This just saved me! Thank you so much

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