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One of my favorite parts of “The Sound of Music,” a movie we end up watching almost every Sunday, is the part where Maria takes matters into her own hands and makes play clothes for the Von Trapp children out of curtains.

Kids just need to PLAY! And sometimes I don't really want my kids playing in super formal clothes. So today I'm showing you some play clothes my kids have been loving lately, at prices that won't make you flinch if they get covered in a glorious kiddo mess.

I was pretty excited when we found these Jumping Beans skater dresses for the girls at Kohls recently, THAT MATCHED, because right now in this house matching is the biggest deal ever.

It's actually pretty cute at night, Lyla goes to bed about an hour before Anabelle. And when Anabelle goes to bed, and it's time to pull out pajamas, Anabelle says without fail, “which pajamas is Lyla wearing?” Because she wants to match. I figure this will last maybe another year (if I'm lucky!) so I'm milking it for all it's worth haha.

Lyla is beyond active now and also likes to take off everything all the time, including her shoes IN the car. I actually really love that these Converse have traditional shoelaces because I can double knot them in the car and she can't get them off! Yup, outsmarting your two-year-old is the new #winning in my book.

Girlfriend is learning to explore everything and jump and climb and is taking after her wildly adventurous sister in many ways, although she's definitely her own little personality.

My Ani girl has always been a cuddler, affectionate, and is recently really into having “deep” conversations. She likes to tell me stories, jokes, secrets and asks lots and LOTS of questions. And I love it.

I'm sure I'll blink and before I know it they'll be asking me if they can go on dates and get their ears pierced and drive our cars, but in the meantime I love seeing these little girls run and play and just be little.

If you've got tinies in your house too, you'll love these Jumping Beans dresses! These were $13 a piece and they have tiny flamingos on them!!

Girls Play Dress
Girls Pink Converse
Pink Ruffle Top
Ripped-knee Cropped Skinnys
Gold Sandals

We've rounded up all our favorite little play clothes that are in a perfect price point for your littles to really play in! See them below:


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