TODAY ONLY: Ninja DualZone Air Fryer unbeatable price!

If you have a big family like ours, any cooking gadget that can make a double batch of something is the *chef's kiss* … And today you can get the XL Ninja DualZone Air Fryer at an unbeatable price – so basically all your family-meal cooking dreams are about to come true! This air fryer with two independent baskets is the definition of versatility and we LOVE it. We loved our single-basket air fryer forever, but this one's next level. Seriously, all you need to prepare dinner is an outlet and an air fryer – it's THAT easy!

BUT, I’ve had so many friends get their first air fryer and tell me they’re afraid to use it or don’t know what to make first! So I thought it’d be helpful to share my top five favorite things to make in our air fryer (with double cooking zones!). It’s seriously the easiest thing to use and once you use it, you’ll never ever go back to cooking your food any other way. But first, let’s talk about this incredible deal that’s going on!

ninja air fryer deal
ninja air fryer sale

Where to buy the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer ON SALE

TODAY ONLY there's an INSANE deal happening on the Ninja XL DualZone Air Fryer (which means it might sell out, so don't wait)! Normally $249.94, you can get it for 45% OFF, making it only $149.98. That's a $100 savings for this super cool Ninja Foodi DualZone technology.

PLUS, make sure to use code OFFER for $15 OFF if you’re a new customer to QVC. If you're a second-time customer, you can get $10 off with the code HELLO10!

How to use the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer:

#1 Veggies

The very first thing I tell people to do when they get an air fryer is to get a couple lbs of Brussels sprouts. Trust me. They taste amazing and they roast with a perfect crunch without any sogginess. Plus, the air fryer's rapid heaters make roasting veggies so much quicker than the oven! This is such a simple, quick, and yummy thing to make – just pop them in the air fryer, and when done I like to drizzle a little bit of balsamic glaze on top (my fave is from Trader Joe’s).

Another super easy and healthy thing I like to make in the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer are sweet potatoes. All you need to do is cut a sweet potato in half, drizzle olive oil on top, sprinkle a little bit of salt and pepper, and place your two open-faced sweet potato halves face up in the air fryer and voila! They come out sooo yummy. Almost tastes like a dessert, it’s that good!

You can also traditionally roast potatoes in this air fryer, as well as make hand-cut sweet potato fries… the options are seriously endless!

How do I make it?

  • Temperature: 375°
  • Time: 5 minutes, toss then cook for 2 more minutes
air fryer veggies

#2 Leftovers

The next thing that I always tell people to do with their air fryer is one of the best life hacks: I think we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than going through the drive thru and by the time you get home your fries are cold and soggy. So, my solution is reheat them in the air fryer and they'll come out tasting even better than they did when they were fresh. The air fryer refreshes french fries so perfectly and I promise you that no fry will go to waste. 

How do I make it?

  • Temperature: 350°
  • Time: 3 minutes
how to warm french fries
air fryer french fries
how to heat your leftovers

#3 Frozen food is no match for the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer

Next thing: frozen foods! Once you air fry your frozen chicken nuggets, you’ll never go back. They taste a million times better! Especially if you’re making chicken nuggets for your kids and you happen to sit down for lunch and eat chicken nuggets, too, the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer will change your life. They taste so much better when they’re cooked in the air fryer than the microwave. They cook evenly, there’s no weird hot spots, and they have the perfect, max crisp!

The other thing we eat a lot, especially when I’m trying to eat healthy, is the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s. It’s such a quick, delicious meal idea! After air frying the cauliflower gnocchi I like to put a little bit of marinara sauce on top and it tastes just like real gnocchi. Our family eats this on repeat – even our kids love it!

making chicken nuggets in the air fryer
ninja air fryer easy ideas
chicken nuggets in the air fryer

#4 Dessert

This next one's going to blow your mind. I learned from my sister that chocolate chip cookies are amazing in the air fryer, because they have that nice crispy outside but the inside is still warm and gooey – they don't always come out that way from a traditional oven! One of the best things to do is get yourself some chocolate chip cookie dough, whether you make it yourself or get it store bought, and just stick a few in the air fryer. It’s the perfect little personal treat without feeling like you need to bake the whole batch! And the cookies come out as perfection. 

Plus, you can make dessert and dinner back-to-back with this amazing 2-basket air fryer! The two different cookers (with a wide temperature range!) will blow your mind because you can have a full-course dinner ready SO quick.

How do I make it?

  • Temperature: 350°
  • Time: 6-8 minutes
cookies in an air fryer
baking with an air fryer

#5 The Ninja DualZone Air Fryer is meaty – literally, you can cook meat in this thing!

Leave the meat for last! And let’s make it clear it’s last, but definitely not least. Cooking meat in the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer is a total game changer and so easy. I’d recommend getting used to using the air fryer with all of these other yummy food ideas first that are easier to master and save the meat for last. 

Neil has a famous, go-to recipe that my kids love. He usually makes these chicken legs on the Traeger but you can totally do them on the air fryer and they’re just as delicious! It’s so nice because you save a trip from going outside and revving up the Traeger, especially if you live somewhere where the temp gets really cold during the fall and winter time. 

This is SO easy for a week night dinner – you literally just toss some chicken legs in olive oil, add the Traeger Chicken Rub, and plop them in the air fryer. (You can do this with chicken wings, too!) They taste so good and are so easy!

Match cook with the Brussels sprouts on the side and you have a super easy, kid-friendly, yummy meal!  I mean seriously, how amazing is it that you can cook the chicken legs in one of the Ninja DualZone Air Fryer baskets, and a vegetable in the other, all at the same time – even with different cooking times for each. That’s been a major game changer for quick family meals. Such an efficient cooking machine and I’m a huge fan. 

How do I make it?

  • Temperature: 400°
  • Time: 10 minutes, flip, cook for another 10 minutes
can you cook meat in the air fryer
how to use an air fryer
ninja air fryer recipe ideas

Make family dinners EASY

This Ninja DualZone Air Fryer is a staple in our home and simplifies meal prep with a TON of different foods, which is a game changer when you have lots of little kids running around. Plus, the easy-to-clean baskets + dishwasher-safe crisper plates make clean up a breeze! Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal that's happening TODAY ONLY, and let me know what yummy things you plan to cook in your air fryer! Bon appetit! 

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