Get ahead! Affordable school clothes from Macy’s for all ages!

I can hardly believe I’m writing this, but THREE out of my four kids will be in school this year. That’s CRAZY to me! Millie’s finally old enough to go to preschool, which means she’ll be joining my big girls in the “getting ready for school” mornings we haven’t super missed during the summer. BUT that being said, all my girls are SO ready for that first day of school to roll around! Millie can’t wait to go to school like the big girls, and my big girls can’t wait to get back to see all their friends. It’s always such an exciting time of year! And of course a new school year means new back to school clothes, and Macy’s is THE place to buy right now because you can get an extra 20% off with code SHOP at checkout now through 8/1! How amazing is that?

Today I wanted to share some super cute back to school pieces I found for my girls for really affordable prices, as well as roundups of the best things you can buy for uniforms, girls, AND boys! Let’s get into it so you can get that back to school shopping out of the way stat!

school clothes
school clothes

Why we buy school clothes from Macy’s

I’ve shopped at Macy’s for my girls’ back to school clothes for YEARS! We’ve shopped for uniforms AND regular back to school clothes at Macy’s, as well as shoes and backpacks and all of the variety of things you need to check off on those back to school wardrobe checklists. They just have SO much good stuff to choose from!

One of the best things about shopping for my kids at Macy’s is their really unique inventory. I find that it’s really rare to see another kid wearing the same pieces that we picked out at Macy’s. No more mixing up backpacks with other kids at school!! Macy’s seriously has such a fun and different selection that we’re still, to this day, ALL about it.

School clothes for every age

Macy’s is also the best for back to school shopping because they have clothes for EVERY age! Let’s talk about the different age groups and some of our favorite things you can buy right now for each – just in time for the first day of school in the next couple weeks!

back to school shopping


Anabelle is totally starting to choose more mature wardrobe pieces. It was super evident when she was choosing her back to school clothes this year! While both of my girls wear uniforms to school, they do have certain “free dress” days where they can wear more casual clothes like what we chose at Macy’s.

back to school shopping for kids


This year Ani chose this super cute, quilted, tie-dye backpack – which totally just screamed “TEEN” to me! She was super excited about it, I was super happy with it, so that’s definitely a WIN for this tween/mom duo. Plus, it’s only $17.99 right now, regularly $42!!! That is an INSANE deal!

back to school backpacks

And not only is this backpack stylin’ but it also has a laptop sleeve which is super cool if your tween/teen has to bring a laptop or iPad to and from school. Lots of kids are still doing a hybrid school system right now with Zoom classes and in-person classes, so this would be a perfect backpack for a situation like that.

This backpack is also just super spacious AND it has a side pocket for a water bottle. Both MUSTS when it comes to tween/teen backpacks in my opinion!


I got both of my big girls Epic Thread skinny jeans because they’re nice and stretchy. Are your kids super particular about having stretchy jeans? Because I’ve learned it’s apparently a MUST in this household… Which, I mean, I get! It’s #leggingsforlife for me, so I can definitely hop on the stretchy jeans train.

kids clothes and backpacks

These jeans were the staple my girls’ closets needed for this upcoming school year. I know they’ll wear them constantly! Good jeans are a really great investment when it comes to back to school shopping. If you’re only going to get a couple things, jeans are always something you can count on being a high value purchase. And the fact that these are only $16 right now (reg. $40)?! TOO GOOD.

High top sneakers

Oh, but these aren’t just any high top sneakers. Ani specifically chose these with alllll the sparkles and colors, and I was so happy to see how excited she was about them! Right now they’re only $29.50 – regularly $59!

kids sneakers


Lyla is right in her prime elementary school years and she absolutely loves school and seeing her friends. I love the little bit of personality she brought into her back to school clothing choices!

This time of year is also just a good time to update your kiddos’ wardrobes in general, even if it’s not necessarily for school. That’s especially what we did for Lyla’s closet this year! It’s a good time to take inventory and get ALL of the essentials your kid needs, or grew out of from the previous year.

kids mermaid unicorn backpacks


Okay, I wish I could show you just how excited Lyla was about this glittery mermaid unicorn backpack. THRILLED is an understatement!! Cutest thing ever. I think her dreams came true the moment she saw it. It also comes with scrunchies, so could there BE a better little girl’s backpack in existence?!?!! It’s pretty dang hard to beat!! (Especially with the side pocket for the water bottle, too – checks all my mom-boxes!) ONLY $17.99 right now, regularly $42!

little girl mermaid unicorn backpack

Skinny Jeans

Like I said above, Epic Threads stretchy skinny jeans alllll the way!! (ONLY $16 right now!!)

girls school clothes skinny jeans
back to school clothes

Leopard print sandals

How cute are these sandals? I think these would be great to wear to school or church or to a play date. Seriously anywhere! They have such a fun print and could be worn with casual or dressy outfits which make them such a great purchase. Lyla was in need of some new sandals, and this pair was definitely a shoe-in. (Ba-dum-tssss!) Especially with their INSANE price of only $28 right now (regularly $40!).

girls sandals


Ahhh, preschool age!!! SO fun to dress up for school for the first time. So adorable. Never too many pictures. We LOVE to see it!!!


This mini butterfly backpack is EVERYTHING on a sweet toddler! For preschool, all Millie really needed was a small bag to put a snack in and a water bottle, and I thought this one was super adorable. She of course loved it, too, because “butterfly!!!”

butterfly backpack

Plaid dress

This multi-colored plaid dress is super cute and has even more of special meaning to me because Lyla actually wore this same dress (just in a slightly different print) to her very first day of preschool, too! Just one of those fun, full circle moments for me. Such an adorable dress that she’ll be able to wear to church as well. And the BEST part is that it’s only $12.80 right now!!! Regularly $32. SUCH a great deal!

toddler butterfly backpack

Mary Jane’s

These Stride Rite Mary Jane’s are top of the line kids’ shoes as far as comfort and structure. This is important for toddlers especially as their feet are developing. Such a good shoe for new walkers all the way to toddlers Millie’s age. SUPER long-lasting, too!!! Seriously could be passed down forever. Only $41.25 right now, regularly $55!

little girl mary jane shoes
mary jane shoes and school clothes
school clothes for girls

Big Girls Decorative Single Backpack
Big Girls Jeans
Big Girls High Top Sneaker
Big Girls Mermaid Backpack, Set of 3
Little Girls Stella Sandal
Butterfly Zoo Harness Mini Backpack
Toddler Girls Seersucker Dress
Toddler Girls Plaid Shirt Dress
Nell Toddler Girls Mary Jane
Big Girls Long Sleeve Striped T-shirt
Toddler Girls Denim Jeggings
Photos by Arielle Levy

Back to school clothes one-stop-shop!

Like I said before, we seriously LOVE Macy’s for our back to school shopping! Whether you’re buying for uniforms, girls, or boys, I have roundups below of all the cutest things for all of your needs. I’m getting so excited about the upcoming school year for my kiddos, and I hope you are, too! And I hope this post has helped in finding some new school clothes for the year. Happy, happy back to school shopping!


Girl school clothes

Boy school clothes

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