HOW TO: modify your fave recipes for more balanced macros!

Okay. I’m talking FRIED CHICKEN, but with BALANCED MACROS. And before you think I’m crazy, hear me out.

Right now, I’m really trying to stick to more macro-friendly foods to reach my balanced macros – and you might know how hard it is to cook yummy, yet healthy meals that your kids (and you) will love! But I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing kind of thing.

With just a few small tweaks and some alterations to my fave recipes (all of my mom’s recipes!), I can change the ingredients to make a meal that will fit into my macros while still making the food my kids LOVE. 

Today I'm sharing some of these secret tweaks and the Our Place cookware I used to make the whole process way easier! P.S. use the code MINT10 for 10% off at Our Place!

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Let's fry it up!

Now, back to the fried chicken. But not just any fried chicken, my mom’s buttermilk fried chicken. It's an absolute FAVORITE in our household! My kids, Neil, me, EVERYONE loves it. And using Our Place’s NEW Frying Deck, I’m going to show you how to make her classic buttermilk fried chicken AND a healthier, more macro-friendly version of it! 

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BRAND NEW Frying Deck + a discount code

You know how much I LOVE my Always Pan and Perfect Pot! They've easily become my two favorite pieces of cookware. So, of course, I'm ecstatic about Our Place’s newly released Frying Deck!

With nontoxic, non-stick ceramic coating, the Frying Deck works seamlessly with the Always Pan and Perfect Pot to upgrade your frying experience. It’s lightweight, durable, oven-safe and comes in the same beautiful colors as their other cookware! I’m telling you, this is a game changer.

AND you can get 10% off any of these items with the code MINT10 at checkout!

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Traditional fried chicken

For the first fried chicken, I used my mom’s beloved buttermilk fried chicken recipe and made it just like always, except with a SUPER handy brand new tool: Our Place's Frying Deck! And after using the Frying Deck, I don’t think I’ll be able to make this recipe any other way ever again!

Just lay the Frying Deck on top of the Always Pan and transfer the fried chicken from the oil to the deck and watch all of the excess fat drip off. No more soggy chicken! The Frying Deck ensures that your fried chicken stays nice and crispy while draining. Once the fat has dripped off you can shift them to the oven or serve them nice and hot!

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I also LOVE that the Frying Deck comes with cooking chopsticks! They make transferring whatever you’re frying in the pan to the deck SO easy. Perfect to use for egg rolls, potstickers, or anything you like to fry.

The sweet potato fries were an easy addition while I was already frying, to just throw some of those in the oil and fry to go along with our fried chicken. I also added some green beans I steamed in the microwave!

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Healthier, macro-friendly fried chicken in the Perfect Pot

For a healthier version of my mom’s buttermilk fried chicken, I used the Frying Deck over the Perfect Pot to do an oven fried version and avoid the oil and extra fats. It turned out to be AMAZING!

Instead of chicken sitting on the bottom of a pan and not getting crispy underneath, the Perfect Pot allows you to perfectly oven fry anything with the Frying Deck. Having a deck when oven-frying ensures that your food gets cooked on the top AND the bottom to make the whole thing have that crispy, fried taste we all LOVE!

Oven-frying chicken avoids soaking your chicken in a bunch of oil that adds a lot more fat to your meal. Since I’m trying to reach my macros, I want my chicken lean and low fat. So, in addition to oven-frying my chicken, I swapped the buttermilk for a healthier greek yogurt hack to make my fried chicken as macro-friendly as possible.

When my mom was living in Spain, she couldn’t get her hands on buttermilk anywhere! So she discovered this hack of combining skim milk and Greek yogurt, and letting it sit for 10 minutes – turns out it makes a perfect alternative to traditional buttermilk! (In fact, my mom rarely ever buys buttermilk and prefers this alternative now).

The higher protein and lower fat content from using Greek yogurt makes the YUMMY fried chicken I’m eating as macro-friendly as possible! When I made this I doubled the recipe overall, and used enough to make 4c buttermilk which was 2c skim milk + 2c plain Greek yogurt.

But seriously, what's better than a macro-balanced fried chicken?! 

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SO easy to clean

The Always Pan and Perfect Pot are SO easy to clean. I had literally fried chicken in this and all I did was put some soap and water on the pan and it slid right out without a single bit of scraping the bottom. The most incredible non-stick I've ever used, period.

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Always Pan
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Frying Deck

A frying deck to make EVERYONE in the family happy!

I'm so glad I can keep making food my kids love while staying true to my health and goals with macros! Whether you traditionally fry your favorite foods or oven-fry for a more macro-friendly meal, this Frying Deck can do it all.

I seriously didn’t think Our Place could release more beloved products like the Always Pan and Perfect Pot – but they did it! Use the code MINT10 for 10% off and go cook something the kids will love while also making it for yourself, too – guilt-free!

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