The best Nike workout gear to motivate you to move!!

Nike Running TightsIt’s that time of year when everyone is focused on working out and becoming a healthier version of themselves — myself included!! And since I spilled the beans to everyone yesterday about how I've got a bun in the oven, I can also share that I’m determined to continue working out and make this my healthiest pregnancy yet. And I'm not afraid to admit that some new workout clothes are my favorite motivation to get moving!!

We all know that Nike has an impeccable workout line and because they’re a trusted brand I know their clothes and shoes will last forever. Style, comfort, function and longevity are ALL perfectly on point every single time with Nike. EVERY time. So I'm excited to share a few faves that I've found in their lineup that I'll be wearing over and over during this pregnancy!

Nike Running Tank  Nike Running TankBut first, a little discussion about why this is my first (of three!) pregnancies where I'm actually trying to work out, at least consistently.

I'm just not one of those people who LOVE to work out. I love the way it makes me feel after! But I typically dread the workout before. The only thing that gets me excited is the outfit part haha.

Anyway . . .

After Anabelle I really took my time to try to lose the baby weight and I wasn't really blogging, it was winter, and since it was just my first baby and I was younger I think it was easier for me to lose the baby weight. With Lyla however, I also didn't work out much and struggled, it felt like, 10x more to lose the baby weight and feel good again! It was SUCH a struggle to go from nothing to, well anything, when it came to working out.

SO this time, in order to have a healthier pregnancy, in order to lose the baby weight faster after, and hopefully just FEEL BETTER overall during the whole pregnancy, I'm going to keep working out with my trainer like I have for the past year or so, 3 times a week!

And I'm not going to lie.

It's HARD. There are mornings when I am fighting throwing up the entire time.

But I know it's going to be worth it!! I'm also really hoping the nausea wears off soon, but with both my girls I was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy so I have pretty low expectations ha.

Overall though, I really do feel better, happier, sleeping a little easier, and just overall feeling healthier working out so far through my whole first trimester!

 Nike Flex Running Jacket

I like to start every workout with some type of warm-up jacket on because, believe it or not, it's pretty chilly here in the winter mornings! This Nike Flex Running Jacket is perfect for early chilly mornings. It's lightweight enough to sweat in a little but provides just a bit of extra warmth over a tank which is always what I'm looking for.

The jacket is super stretchy so you can for sure complete your first set or two in your workout with plenty of maneuverability!

Nike Running JacketNike Running JacketNike Running Jacket

My workouts this first trimester haven't changed much from what they were pre-pregnancy. We start every workout with lunges!

Nike Running Jacket

Squats are often up next! You can def see that baby bump making its appearance with every squat haha.

Nike Running Tank

This tank feels so good on my skin even when I’m sweating like crazy in the gym. It’s one of the best tanks I’ve worn in a long time. The Nike Dri-Fit Knit tank is so comfy and cute even with my new baby bump peeking through. 😉 And the color is exactly what the new year calls for — UltraViolet is Pantone’s 2018 color of the year!!


Nike Running Tank

We often follow up squats with plie's, just like in dance class (but a lot less pretty haha). I usually do bicep curls as I stand up but I didn't have weights with me when we shot this. It's a great way to work arms into this booty exercise though!

Nike Running Tank Nike Running Tank

And toward the end of my workout we often turn toward arms! I kind of hate push-ups but I know they're helping sculpt muscles, tiny as they may be! We usually try to find something about the height of this bench like a bar or a box to do modified push-ups from, since I'm not quite hardcore enough to do full pushups!

Nike Running TightsNow let’s talk about these Epic Lux Women's 25.5″ Running Tights. They have an added pocket on the right leg that fits my phone perfectly! So if I take Winnie on a walk or I'm at the gym alone and want my phone nearby for workout tunes, I can listen to them without worrying about where I set my phone down.

These tights are incredible because they have a high waist, will go above my baby bump, plus they give me room to grow. They're INCREDIBLY stretchy and ultra comfortable and breathable too.

Nike Running Tights  Nike Running TightsLast of all, I have to tell you about these Flyknit running shoes. They’re insanely comfortable and I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, all the time. Working out (obviously!) but also, running around town, walking the beach trail, walking 10 miles in a Disneyland day, traveling in and out of airports (they won't set off TSA metal detectors in pre-check, promise!), and literally everywhere in between except maybe church and the beach.

I can wear these shoes ALL day, even on a day when I'm on my feet for 12 hours straight, and they don’t end up hurting my feet! They’re so so so comfortable and you’ll love how lightweight they are too.

If you’re in the market for new running shoes, these are your new very best friend!

Nike Flyknit running shoes Nike Flyknit running shoes

And yes, I totally chose some with that pantone purple, officially called “Vintage Green/Purple Basalt/Provence Purple/Black.” And they JUST dropped it price to $99 (orig $12o) – SCORE!!!

Nike Flyknit running shoes

I'm really looking forward to a different kind of pregnancy and, HOPEFULLY, an easier and quicker recovery as I keep up with my workout goals! What are you goals this year for working out and staying healthy?!

Nike Running Tank
Nike Running Tights
Nike Flex Running Jacket
Nike Flyknit running shoes
Photos by Arielle Levy

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  1. Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, would love to hear your recommendations on maternity sports bras. I feel as if I am growing out of them as fast as I can buy them.

  2. Love love love this outfit you put together. I am with you about being motivated by cute workout clothes and I am brand loyal to Nike. My favorite part is matching my shoes to my outfit and setting it out the night before so there will be no excuses. Congrats to you on the announcement of baby and to a fit pregnancy, you rock!

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