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hey guys! i'm feeling a little under the weather today (caught a stomach bug over the weekend) but i found this amazing deal on the city lite stroller this morning (one of our FAVES!!) and had to jump on here quickly to tell you about it.

right now when you buy the city lite stroller here you'll get a $50 gift card with purchase! make sure you add the $50 gift card to your cart and it will come off automatically at checkout.

the black city lite stroller is already on sale for $168.46 (reg $179.99), and after you get the $50 gift card it's like you paid $118.46! the promo will work for the red or tan city lite stroller too if those are the colors you like.

also, i just researched and found that the car seat adapter that works with the city lite is ON SALE TOO for $37.95 (reg $59.95) which is a great deal! i highly, highly recommend getting this so that you can click your baby right into the stroller when he/she falls asleep in the car after driving somewhere and you want to keep that little one sound asleep.  *update: some readers have responded saying this adapter isn't working for them. i'm so sorry! it said in the answered questions section that this adapter would work but it sounds like it's not for some people. baby jogger has stated that they'll come out with an adapter soon (spring 2015) that works with this stroller. i apologize!!!

we have an older version of this exact stroller and it's AMAZING. it's super light weight and the one-hand quick fold will make you wonder why EVERY stroller doesn't have that feature. i exclusively travel with this stroller. it's so nice to have a super light stroller that folds down completely flat for a roadtrip or at the bottom of the walkway into the plane. plus when you know they're going to chuck your stroller into the airplane it's nice that i don't have to worry about it being my most expensive stroller. this thing has held up like a tank over tons of travel and use and although it's not as smooth of a ride or quite as huge of a basket as the city select, it has the perfect amount of features for traveling or quick trips when i need a really flat stroller in the back of my car.

you'll have to use the gift card for another transaction, so if you're in the market for baby gear, you can read all my baby favorites and must-haves on my best baby registry list ever!

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  1. I bought the citi mini double that you told us about on Black Friday! Thank you! Do you know any deals for a car seat adapter for that model? Thank you!!!!

  2. Hi! I want to get this stroller deal, however in the checkout, it adds the $50 gift card, then deducts it, making my total still 168.46. I don’t see how to get the price down to $118.46…. any suggestions? Thanks!!

  3. Hi Corrine,

    I purchased both the city lite and the carseat adapter… (Love the stroller) but the city lite isn’t listed on the car seat adapter stroller list on the instruction manual and I can’t find anything about it online. Did you have the adapter on your city lite or city mini?


    1. hey ashley, i’m SO sorry, i have the older version of this stroller but when i posted about it i looked through the answered questions on amazon and someone had said YES the adapter i linked to worked with the city lite so i took that at face value. i feel terrible if it’s not working for you! i do know that amazon has great CS and will work with you if it’s not working and the info on their product says that it does. so sorry again.

  4. I also purchased the City Lite and the car seat adapter you linked to, but as Ashley mentioned – there is no mention of the adapter in the stroller manual and the adapter doesn’t list the City Lite as a stroller it’s compatible with. I called Baby Jogger directly because I was frustrated with the situation! The representative I spoke with said there is not a car seat adapter for the City Lite right now because it’s such a new model, but by the first half of 2015, there will be two adapters that work with a variety of car seats. (One adapter actually comes out in the next month, but it doesn’t work with our car seat, so I’ve already forgotten what models it does work with.) Kind of frustrating because I was ready to use this as a travel system immediately, but will just return the adapter and hold on to the stroller – I do like it.

    1. hey kaitlan, i’m so sorry about this! i read through the answered questions section of the adapter that i linked and someone had answered that this DOES work with the city lite so that’s why i posted about it. i feel so bad that it’s not working for you. amazon should make it right for you, but again i feel badly that i mislead you and i’m so sorry!

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