HOT! Boon flair high chair deal

September 10, 2019

One of our VERY favorite tried and true baby items, the Boon Flair high chair, just dropped to a crazy good sale price and I'm here to make sure none of you miss out on it!

Deal Details

Right now you can get the Boon Flair High Chair for $178.62 (reg $249.99), and then check off the coupon to get an extra $4.66 savings. This is the best deal I've seen since 2017, seriously!!! The high chair is out of stock until September 30th, but you can still order today!

Why I love the Boon Flair High Chair

The Boon Flair High Chair is my very favorite high chair of all time. It has a pneumonic lift (like a barber chair) it wipes COMPLETELY clean and there are literally no cracks or crevices for food to hide out in. The Boon Flair also has a removable tray liner that's just slightly larger than a dinner plate so it actually fits into a dishwasher. It's extremely durable also. My older two girls used our boon flair to death and it still looked brand new when we gave it away! I’m seriously contemplating buying a new white one because we miss this one so much!!

Here's Anabelle having her first taste of baby food, circa 2013! They no longer sell the red Boon Flair but I kinda love the white one more anyway 😉

The Boon Flair High Chair is the one piece of baby gear my mom loved so much that she bought herself one for her house too! Not a car seat or stroller or crib or anything else, just this amazing high chair.

I have NO idea how long this sale will last, so get yours quick before the price goes back up!

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