Gender reveal!!!

I'm SO excited to finally spill the beans on this big secret we've been holding in for a few weeks now!!! We told our girls last week and caught their predictions AND reactions on a video so we could watch over and over. Watch below:

Maternity Maxi dress Maternity Maxi dress

I interviewed both girls before we did the reveal and as you could see in the video, they BOTH wanted a sister really badly. They had both declared they wanted a sister when we told them we were having a baby, and they've consistently said they want a sister.

Maternity Maxi dress girls’ dress Maternity Maxi dress

I think it took them a second (honestly) to catch on to what this meant, but they have been SO EXCITED about having a baby sister and constantly are brewing up the funniest names.

So far we have in the running: Sky (from paw patrol), Minnie Mouse, Thumbelina, Snowflake and Hannah (not sure where this one is coming from?!).

Both of our girls have family names for their first and middle names, so I think we'll keep looking for a family name for this new baby, despite the pleas for Minnie Mouse and Thumbelina 😉

girls’ dress

* we cleaned up ALL the confetti on the beach, and just in case 1 snuck away, it was all very biodegradable tissue (just like toilet paper) but I promise we stuck around for an extra 30 minutes all picking up every little piece to keep the beach nice. PROMISE.

Maternity Maxi dress

Now for Neil's reaction. I know he said in the original baby video he kinda was hoping for a boy “to ride motorcycles with” but honestly if you know Neil, you know he's THE most laid back person ever and he genuinely is just excited that we get to have a baby!!! We both are.

I would've been excited to have a boy OR a girl, I didn't really care either way. But I am excited for the girls to have another sister. I really was so convinced this was a boy. Neil and I both really thought it was a boy! But we've had two ultra sounds (one at a fun little gender reveal clinic, one at my Dr's) where they both confirmed it's a girl so, I'm pretty sure we have more pink in our future!

girls’ dressgirls’ dress

I probably could've made a cake that had pink frosting inside, but I was also running around like a crazy person trying to get our house ready to list and still having pregnancy sickness and exhaustion, so we bought a Nothing Bundt Cake instead to celebrate. If you ask for their gender reveal cake, they can put a little rattle (pink or blue) inside the cake for you to pull out. The girls thought that was really fun! And I just really wanted cake hahahaha.

Girls' dressGirls' dress Maternity Maxi dressGirls' dress

At the end of the night we saw THE most beautiful, brilliant PINK sunset and I felt like it was a little tender mercy from Heavenly Father, celebrating this good news of another girl coming into our family.

Maternity Long Sleeved Maxi Dress
Girls' ruffle-hemmed dress
Photos and video by Arielle Levy


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  1. Congrats. You have a beautiful family and tell hubby when he’s old and grey, this daughters will surround him with 100% unconditional LOVE and devotion. Congrats again and wishing you a safe and healthy rest of your pregnancy and a wonderful delivery of a healthy little princess♡

  2. Congrats! The sunset made me tear up. So happy for you and your family! Your story of having a c section because your first daughter was breach helped me get through the exact same situation this past fall. Congrats again, wishing you all the best!

  3. That sunset took my breath away! Definitely a lovely sign of more pretty + pink in your future! Congratulations on adding one more to your beautiful family. Sending all the healthy baby and birth vibes💛

    1. Thank you so much Meghan! And yes that sunset was breathtaking!!! Such a treat to end a special day for us 🙂

  4. Congratulations!!! I came from a family of 4 girls and loved it! My husband comes from a family of 7…yes 7 boys! We have 3 of each so it’s perfect! Either way, a new baby is wonderful!

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