Fall makeup faves including THE BEST setting spray I’ve ever used

FALL – we hear all about fall fashion, fall home decor, fall foods, but what about fall MAKEUP looks?! I love mixing up my makeup routines as new seasons and weather change. And if you're wanting a new beauty treat or two but not sure what's GOOD, I have great news for you. I've already tried out a bunch of new things and found some gems and I'm sharing them all with you right here today.

Let's jump into all my new fall beauty faves!

fall makeup looks
Double Wear Foundation
Tarte Clay Foundation
Fenty Eye Primer
Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Palette
Tarte Eye Shadow Palette
Tarte Shape Tape
Laura Mercier Translucent Honey Setting Powder
Rare Beauty Liquid Blush
Benefit Cosmetics Cookie Highlighter
Tarte Sketch and Set Stick
Grande Lips
Pillow Talk Medium Lipstick
Very Victoria Lipstick
Laguna bronzer by NARS
Preserve The Serve Luminous Setting Mist


The first step to all the fall makeup looks is foundation, of course! I've been switching back and forth with Double Wear and the Tarte Clay foundation. I like to wear the Double Wear foundation when I know I'll be wearing a mask and want it to last all day long.

I'll wear the Tarte foundation when I want a more “no makeup” kind of look – it still does its job but creates that bare natural look. So there's options depending on the type of coverage you like! TBH, love them BOTH so much.

Eye shadow primer

I tried out a new eye shadow primer from Fenty for my fall makeup looks – and it's for sure the BEST eye shadow primer I've ever used. Period. It effortlessly creates a creaseless look and makes it so your eye shadow lasts all day long.

It's better than anything I've ever tried! It's my new go-to, holy grail, #1 eye shadow primer. My eyelids tend to really cause my makeup to crease easily, so this stuff is amaaaaazing and I now cannot live without it. New standard of eyeshadow primer. The bar has officially been raised.

Eye shadow

I have one of Natasha Denona's eye shadow palettes from a few years ago and I LOVE it. It gets pulled out for use on a very regular basis. They're for sure a splurge though, so I've just been using that same one from a few years ago over and over, but this year I couldn't resist her brand new fall palette.

It includes a few purply shadows, which are kinda my favorite makeup color to work with. Since I learned to do makeup when I was like fifteen years old, I've just always loved purple hues in shadow. This retro palette is SO GOOD. With this palette and brand, you definitely get what you pay for – they're way more pricey but absolutely incredible as far as the quality, pigment, color, and the long-wearing power.

BUT if you're thinking, wow, that's way too pricey, I'd never spend that much on eye shadow, this palette by Tarte has very similar hues for a lot less! And I mean, A LOT less!

Natasha Denona's retro eye shadow palettes


If you're an OG, then you know that tarte shape tape is my tried & true, loyal concealer. Amazing coverage, brightens the eyes, and the perfect consistency. I'll never stop sharing this because I love it tooooo much!

Setting powder

My verrrry favorite setting powder I've ever used and still love to this very day is the Laura Mercier translucent honey! I love this powder because it's not just white, so it doesn't cast a white hue all over my makeup.

It has a little bit of warmth to it, but it won't change the color of your foundation. I feel like it just blends everything perfectly! I use this to set my concealer and just overall when I'm finished applying my makeup.

Liquid Blush

This Rare Beauty liquid blush is absolutely a FAVE. I especially love it in the color “Happy”, but there's lots of other really pretty colors to choose from. Seriously, all you need is one teeny tiiiiiny dot, and then you blend it out for blush and it stays ALL DAY.

(You will not like this blush if you use too much and smear it all over your cheeks – a little goes a longggg way!) No more having to pinch your cheeks midday for some extra color because your blush wore off. This stuff is so long-lasting, and the pigmentation is so beautiful on! Love, love, love it!

best liquid blush


I'm a sucker for a good highlighter and love how much of a difference it can make – a little goes a long way! I've gone back to an old classic, and been loving it.

The Benefit Cosmetics Cookie is the highlighter I can't quit from using. It's the “you can see it from a million miles away” kind of highlighter, and I looove it. Definitely a staple for makeup year round.


Brows are a girl's best friend. In any makeup routine, brows are so key. This tarte sketch and set stick is my go-to for brows lately. I love how it's all you need in just one stick – fluff + fill in your brows, and then you can set them with the tinted gel (or vice versa, depending on what you prefer to do first).

This brow stick has great color and a very strong-holding gel, so your brows aren't going anywhere all day! I use this in shade medium brown.


I tried this new Grande Lips serum and WOW. This is the BEST lip plumping serum that I've ever used. I was blown away by how well it works. It has some pretty incredible statistics on it – 90% of people saw fuller lips, and 97% said they felt hydrated.

I feel like with most lip plumping serums it's kind of a tradeoff. You either get great plump lips, but feel dryer after, or it doesn't really plump at all. I love how this plumper has hyaluronic acid in it, so it not only plumps your lips, but it's also super moisturizing. Hands down, best I've ever used. 10/10.

I'm a lipstick junkie, and I feel like lipstick is something I never get tired of trying. It's so fun to change things up as the holidays and fall begin, and one of my go-to lipsticks this fall is Pillow Talk Medium. I discovered this last fall and wore it the whole season and LOVED it. It's like the regular Pillow Talk shade, but a tad bit of a deeper color.

OR, if you're looking for a more natural lip, Very Victoria is my go-to for that kind of look. It's neutral and looks like your naked lips, but with a hint of a pretty creamy coat. Both are my top favorites this fall and you really can't go wrong with either!


Bronzer is KEY, especially when it's fall and you need a bit of a healthy glow because you're a little sun-deprived. Lately I've gone back to using Laguna bronzer by NARS. It's just a really warm, easy to blend, super pretty bronzer. It's a classic!

Setting mist

If there's only ONE thing you buy after reading this post, let it be THIS. The One Size Preserve The Serve Luminous Setting Mist!

The girl at Sephora told me that she did her makeup and used this setting spray afterwards, and her makeup didn't move for EIGHT HOURS. She even wore a mask and it didn't transfer over onto her mask – I thought that was a very bold claim and was a bit skeptical.

BUT I'm here to tell you it's TRUE and it works.

I went to the temple the other day with a full face of makeup, misted my face with this, took my mask on and off a few times throughout our time in the temple, came out of the temple two hours later…. literally ZERO makeup transfer. Mind blown.

And then I tried it AGAIN at a full 8 hour Disneyland day. Mask on and off between rides – on whenever we walked inside for a ride or inside a store, off when we were outside, and again … ZERO MAKEUP MASK TRANSFER. If that doesn't sell you I don't know what will!

This is the best setting spray I've ever used. It also smells heavenly and sprays out in a really fine mist, distributing onto your face very evenly and lightly.

Tip: If you're wanting to wear a full face of makeup, but will be wearing a mask, my suggestion would be to first, set your makeup with the Translucent Honey powder and then FOR SURE use this setting spray! It's a miracle potion.

best setting spray

“Fall”-ing in love with the best products!

There are just so many fall makeup favorites that I've LOVED, especially for this season. Many are classic makeup products that I've loved for years and many are brand new that I know I won't be able to ever live without again. All of my top favorites are rounded up below! What's your ONE makeup product you won't be able to live without this fall?

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