HUGE doterra deep blue freebie deal

SO many of you have been asking when we’re doing another doTERRA deal or when the next best time to jump in is, and really THIS month’s doTERRA deep blue deal is one of my favorite deals of the entire year! Especially if you have an active lifestyle with sports or outdoor adventures or even just chasing kids around (ha) this is for sure your dream deal.

Now through the end of March 2016, when you place an order over 200 PV (product value) with doTERRA, you’ll receive a FREE deep blue rub and a FREE deep blue touch, a $94.67 retail value (details here).

We’re piggy backing off this deal and offering a special welcome kit to anyone who enrolls with us as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate here with at least a 200 PV order. We can’t say what it is here (it’s too good to post on the internet!) but if you email neil(at)mintarrow(dot)com he can tell you what it is and I PROMISE it’s good!

Seriously though, deep blue rub and deep blue touch are two products we cannot live without in this house!

You know how it feels after a long, hard workout when your muscles are just achey and need some TLC? Deep Blue Rub is my faaaaavorite because it’s this amazing feeling of cooling and warming (yes, like another product you maybe have used before from a drug store, but BETTER!) and it’s moisturizing and TOTALLY non-greasy. It’s super easy to apply and I use it frequently after workouts, or after I’ve sat at my desk all day, after I’ve lifted something heavy, and even when Anabelle has cried about her legs growing (remember that as a kid?!).

Sometimes when I really want the deep blue rub to work well, I double up with a layer of deep blue touch too! It just amplifies that cooling/warming sensation and makes you feel even better.

Get this — deep blue was in such high demand among physical trainers for college athletes, and doTERRA received SO many requests for bigger bottles, that they finally had to create a liter pump of deep blue!!

We go through this stuff like crazy, so to get almost $100 of it FREE is such a good deal.

We’re piggy backing off this deal and offering a special welcome kit to anyone who enrolls with us as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate here with at least a 200 PV order. This special welcome kit is honestly so good we can’t even say what it is on the internet, but I promise you will LOVE IT! All I will say is, with all of the gifts we’ve given in the past, this has by far been the most popular.

We always get lots of the same questions anytime we post about a doTERRA deal, so here’s a post with some FAQ and more about why we love these oils so much!!

This deal (and our amazing welcome kit) are both good through the end of this month!

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