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doterra may gifts + our HUGE diffuser that we're giving away free with every home essentials kit!

Sunday night I found out that doTERRA is showering some huge gifts on everyone who orders over 200 pv in product this month and everyone in doTERRA started flipping out! Myself included. Because these products – breathe essential oil, breathe drops, cardamom essential oil, and breathe stick ($91 retail value) – are ones we use up till they're empty and re-order over and over!! But we wanted to go just a step above and beyond that, and give you guys something you've been asking for. Something that families with babies who sleep all night need, something that will accommodate big rooms where all the people you love hang out: the biggest and best diffuser ever.

aroma diffuser - this

This diffuser will run 10 hours and covers 430 square feet! So that means you can run it in your kitchen or family room or where ever your family hangs out and everyone in the room will get the benefits! Or if someone isn't feeling well or needs help sleeping at night, this diffuser will go ALL night long.

We're gifting the biggest diffuser ever + two of our favorite books, the essential oils expanded (our EO bible) + my 30 tips in 30 days to anyone who purchases a doTERRA home essentials starter kit and signs up with a wholesale account here

The home essentials starter kit will give you doTERRA’s top 10 most popular oils in big 15ml bottles + a free petal diffuser. We LOVE the petal diffuser for shorter uses, it runs for 4 hours at a time, and covers 330 square feet – it's the one at the top center of the top photo!

doterra home essentials kit - the top 10 most popular oils in LARGE bottles to get you started using natural solutions to keep your family healthy!

Honestly this is one of the best times ever to get started with doTERRA essential oils, because in addition to our biggest diffuser EVER + two fave books, doTERRA is giving you $91 in free product!


The breathe essential oil is THE oil that sold my husband who was truly the biggest EO hater into a doTERRA believer. I got him to put some on his chest before bed one night and magically he didn't snore! We use it to support healthy and strong breathing before exercising or when seasonal threats enter our house.

Cardamom is also known to help support the respiratory system but it helps with the digestive system too! It's one of the components of doTERRA's breathe blend.

The breathe stick is the most genius solution to when you need quick respiratory support! Think the essential oil version of a vapor stick. My husband loves using this right before a run, and I love putting it on my girls if I think they're having a hard time breathing for any reason to support the respiratory system.

Finally, the breathe drops are my go-to when I have any seasonal issues that give me trouble breathing. It's no fun to feel like you can't breathe well, but these breathe drops provide support with all-natural essential oils like lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, melissa and cardamom. Fun fact: melissa is doTERRA's most expensive oil that you can't even purchase right now, but you can get some into your system through the breathe drops!


Anyone who purchases a doTERRA home essentials starter kit and signs up with a wholesale account here will get all the freebies listed above PLUS two diffusers, one from doterra and the BIGGEST one ever as a gift from us, PLUS two free books!


Lastly, there's NO obligation to reorder or do the business … but if you are interested in being compensated for sharing occasionally or building a doTERRA business to supplement or replace your income, we are having an exclusive training for just OUR team with doTERRA's highest ranked earner, Boyd Truman. This training is FREE and it's only for people on our team! Join our team and email before May 10 to reserve your spot. Even if you've just been curious about the idea of having a doTERRA business, you can join the training and find out from the most successful person in the company how to do it and do it the right way.


Q: When will I get my freebies?
A: Your starter kit + free doTERRA products will ship immediately, directly from doTERRA. Our gift of the biggest diffuser EVER + books will ship separately from us directly, within 10 business days.

Q: Am I under any obligation to re-order or sign anyone up?
A: Nope! No obligation whatsoever to re-order or sign anyone up. There is a business opportunity to doTERRA if you ever become interested, we offer free 1-on-1 mentoring and team trainings to help you grow your business. But again, there’s NO obligation.

Q: What does it cost to keep my wholesale account open?
A: Your wholesale membership lasts a year, and if you want to continue your membership you’ll be charged $25 annually to keep your doTERRA wholesale account open, but you get a free peppermint essential oil (retail $27.33) with your renewal. You can cancel anytime.

If you have any questions at all – about the freebies or starter kits or business opportunity or the oils or anything – please don’t hesitate to email and he’ll get right back to you!

I'll be getting on facebook live sometime today to show you guys the biggest diffuser EVER live in action so make sure you're following me on facebook to catch that video and ask any questions you have in real-time!

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  1. This is such a generous offer, I just signed up for a wholesale account and ordered the home essential starter kit!

  2. How long is your promotion going for? I’m interested but would like to do a little more research. Thanks!

    1. Hey Liz! This promotion goes through the end of May, but the team training is only open until May 10!

  3. How much is the home essentials kit? I’ve been interested for awhile. And all these freebies are tempting!!!

  4. What is the value of the biggest diffuser ever? Really considering this! $275 for so much, if I’m understanding all this correctly.

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