Disney Princess dresses DISCOUNT just in time for Halloween

Halloween is so different this year; reinvented societal norms and traditions are constantly evolving for our times. But Halloween is the most magical time for children! shopDisney KNOWS this better than anyone, so they are offering an amazing deal on Halloween costumes! Keep reading for all the details and find out which costumes we picked!

shopdisney princess costumes deal

So in this weird year of 2020, I was trying to think of new ways to make fun memories with my girls and I wanted to give them something to be excited about. I KNEW they'd be crazy excited about the idea of picking out their own Disney princess costume for Halloween! Year after year we have done family-themed costumes (don't worry, we've still got one coming) and they've never even questioned that.

But our girls are getting older, more independent and definitely more opinionated. So they were THRILLED to be able to each pick their own shopDisney princess costume to wear all Halloween season (and beyond!).

Halloween costume savings

Now through Oct 4, shopDisney is offering 30% off all costumes and accessories to get you and your family in the Halloween spirit!

This is a HUMONGOUS discount, especially if you have more than one kiddo to outfit for Halloween! 30% is practically an employee discount!

Our Disney Princess Adventure

In a year when we can't go to Disneyland all dressed up, can't attend Mickey's Oogie Boogie Bash, can't do Trunk or Treating like in years past, I knew we'd still have so much fun with just the four of us dressing up and making a little Halloween adventure of our own. Finding this princess tower and taking pictures all dressed up in Disney princess costumes made for such a memorable outing for us! And of course, we had to come home and have treats because HALLOWEEN!!

If you're in the South Orange County area and want to find this magical princess (or pirate) tower on the beach too, you just follow this map to get to this historical landmark. Plan on street parking and to share this picturesque spot with other people seeking the same adventure. Everyone was very polite and waited their turn in order to social distance and picture distance (can that be a new thing?!). You could totally do a full beach day here, there's a nice spot to set up just around the corner. Or just come down at sunset or sunrise. Also know that the waves can get VERY big and there's a fairly steep set of stairs to get down here, so this wouldn't be my top pick for taking a whole crew of little kids all by myself (see my fave family-friendly beaches in this post!).

Between our three girls, our shopDisney costumes have been worn and worn and worn again! These costumes really are the BEST quality and will last you through years and several kids. My girls go through spurts where they truly believe that a certain Disney princess is their alter ego and they only wear that specific costume for days and weeks on end. Even through all the wear and tear, the costumes stand up beautifully! They can be used endlessly for Halloweens, imaginative play, or just the OOTD. (Yes, they've gone to Target more than once dressed head to toe in Princess garb.)

disney princes halloween costumes
halloween costumes
princess dresses
laguna beach princess tower


I chose Pocahontas because Neil always says that she is his favorite Disney Princess! I love that these shopDisney adult princess dresses are LEGIT. Not cheesy, flimsy or made for a five year old.

womens pocahontas costume halloween
halloween costume pocahontas
womens pocahontas costume


Anabelle chose to be Ariel and her choice was right on! She is like a mermaid in real life. Even if it's freezing cold, this girl gets in the water at the beach. She's an ocean girl at heart and this costume fit her personality perfectly.

little girl ariel halloween costume
ariel princess dress
ariel halloween costume
ariel costume for girls
ariel costume halloween


After perusing the costumes, Lyla immediately knew she wanted to be Aurora. Pink and sparkles? All day, everyday. Also she's definitely taking after me because although she has NO perception of cost, when I showed her every costume on the shopDisney site, she was immediately drawn to the most expensive one (ha). Like mother, like daughter? Why do I always like the nicest things even when I don't mean to? Anyone else?!?

Luckily with that 30% discount, even this Aurora Deluxe costume that would normally be $100 drops down to $69.99!

sleeping beauty costume
sleeping beauty dress halloween costume
laugna beach photoshoot
halloween costumes

Snow White

Millie's cute little hair cut inspired us choosing Snow White for her! We about died when we saw her in this Disney princess dress AND she was thrilled to be included with the big girls! The detailing on this costume is super impressive! I mean, a golden apple brooch?! Come on!

Also I couldn't help but apply a little red lip to complete her look. Could you die?

toddler snow white dress
toddler snow white halloween costume
snow white toddler dress up
halloween costumes
Pocahontas Prestige Costume
Snow White Costume
Aurora Deluxe Costume
Ariel Costume
Photos by Arielle Levy

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

Most likely, this Halloween isn't going to be a traditional door to door trick or treating year, and change can be hard! I am so glad we worked hard to make this year special, starting with this princess photo shoot and then doing some fun celebratory things at home together! Plus, ordering what your kids want NOW (for 30% off from shopDisney!!!) and shipping it straight to your house is a huge load off the holiday stress. So however you're Halloween-ing this year, shopDisney's costumes are the BEST investment and will bring whimsy to any celebration your family decides on!

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