High standards for designer looks for less? Same. Let’s talk.

You know I’m all about finding the good deals, but only on the BEST stuff – cute enough, comfy enough, on-trend enough that I really would wear it or use it (or dress my kids/husband in it!). So get ready because I’m about to blow your mind with some majorly trending designer looks for less that really do look like luxury products without spending hundreds of dollars! 

With the cooler air and changing seasons, it’s time for a closet refresh. Our mission is to help
you find products you want to buy at a price you can afford. And I've found some designer looks for less I LOVE from Walmart Fashion that are both trendy and chic at the most unbeatable prices. I promise you that if you haven't given Walmart a try since the 90s or early 2000s, you're in for a major surprise because they've seriously stepped up their fashion game.

If I'm going to invest money into something, I'll always choose something that'll last a long
time – usually shoes or bags. Still, it can be hard to pull the trigger to buy designer.
Luckily, Walmart has been keeping up with the trends and has some amazing designer looks for less (some I like even better than the designer ones!!). Plus, you'll get free shipping on orders over $35!!

walmart designer looks for less
High-rise pants
Hair waver
Photos by Arielle Levy
bodysuit from walmart

Designer inspired sneakers

Fall time = sneaker time!! You've seen the sneakers with the star on the side everywhere! They're so cute, but not always the ideal price. Like I tried getting Neil to buy some in New York for himself, and he about fell over and died over the price tag. So you can imagine I was SO excited when I found these almost exact same designer sneakers from Walmart Fashion under $25!!

They're the perfect neutral sneaker with a cute leopard print that goes with anything. These sneakers are perfect for every jean type, length, or wide leg – which can sometimes be difficult to style with shoes.

You could dress them up for date night with a cute skirt, or go for a comfy look with some sweats for a late night grocery run! They're that versatile.

One of my favorite things about these sneakers is that they have MEMORY FOAM in them which makes walking SO comfortable from day one of wearing them. RUN don’t walk to get these cute, chic sneaks!

Tip: they fit TTS!! 

designer looks for less - golden goose sneaker dupes

Nylon bag – designer looks for WAY less!

I've been a HUGE fan of this type of designer bag for years, but I always feel bad when I talk about how perfect they are because I know the price point isn't within everyone's reach. So, of course, I was ECSTATIC to find a bag in almost the exact same style, size, and material, for an insanely affordable price!

This bag is the perfect bag because it’s small, but not too small. It'll fit all of your essentials
including a full-size wallet, pack of gum, you name it! It’s made of high-quality nylon and
seriously looks so similar to a designer bag. This bag is so much more affordable, with the same
function. I’M IN LOVE. 

mz wallace bag dupe - walmart designer looks for less

AND here is a roundup of so many more designer-inspired bags from Walmart Fashion!!

An outfit your wallet will be happy about

Let’s talk clothes!! It’s not always easy to find an article of clothing you absolutely love. But Walmart has been paying attention to the trends and is selling your favorite items that are hitting the runways right now! From flare and wide leg jeans, to bodysuits and everything in between, I'm LIVING for these affordable but trendy fall designer looks for less!!

suede flare high rise pants walmart

The perfect bodysuit

Bodysuits that you love (and for me, fit my own modesty standards) can be tricky to find. But
let me tell you, I FOUND ONE.

This bodysuit is the perfect fit that isn’t skin tight and has a perfect sleeve length, and it ACTUALLY STAYS TUCKED IN. I also love that it has a looser look unlike most other bodysuits! It comes in a few different colors including an olive green that is my ideal fall color.

(In these pictures, I'm wearing the green bodysuit with the flare pants I'll talk about next, but if you want to see a wide leg jean with the pink bodysuit option, head over to my Stories right now!!)

walmart bodysuit - designer looks for less

Add some flare

Okay, you may not be used to wearing flared or wide leg jeans, but you may have also heard lately that the fashion world seems to be transitioning away from skinny jeans. So, I've saved you the energy of searching and found the absolute PERFECT flare jean.

Whether you're a big flare jean girl already, or wanting to buy your first pair, these. are. it!! I love how soft and stretchy these are with a suede type of feel. The flare is perfect, not too obnoxious and not too small. These would look so cute with a chunky fall sweater or blazer if you want to dress it up a little! 

V important fit note: these do run small, so TRUST ME on this and size up one size, and they'll fit perfectly!! 

suede high rise pants walmart

But wait, how did you do your hair like that?

My DMs blew up with questions about how I did my hair like this when I posted on my Story a few days ago – it's with THIS waver!!

I can't quite describe why, but my friend Mindy created a deep waver that's just far superior to any other I've ever tried. And it's like soft in your hands (not sure how that's possible either, but it is!!) and it has a clamp thingy to keep it closed, and auto-shutoff. She really did think of everything. AND it's only $39! Plus 153/183 reviewers gave it a perfect 5-star rating, too. 

cute outfit from walmart
High-rise pants
Hair waver
Photos by Arielle Levy

Trendy + affordable = WIN

All I’m saying is Walmart is HERE with the trends, and they're amazing at making designer looks that are normally hundreds of dollars, for under $20!! And don't forget you'll get free shipping on orders over $35! These are just a few of my favorite things I love right now, but head over to Walmart Fashion to find your own fave looks for all of your fall outfit desires!!

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