The cookware that we use daily + how to get it 25% off

In the midst of doctor appointments, school activities, work, and all the things life throws at us – I’m SO glad to have staple cookware pieces that let our family still make time for yummy home cooked meals and fun traditions. Today I’m going to fill you in on some of my most used cookware from Our Place, a MAJOR sale, and my favorite ways to use them!

our place ovenware
our place ovenware set

In a hurry? Shop my favorites below:

The BEST cookware sale!!

There's a HUGE Goodbye Summer Sale happening right now at Our Place with 25% off almost everything, through Labor Day Weekend! You can shop all of these amazing products for a fraction of the price from August 25th to September 7th.

Let’s jump right in + talk about why this cookware is so life-saving!

The PERFECT pot (literally)

For as longggg as I can remember, I’ve eaten Sapporo Ichiban ramen, an authentic Japanese ramen that’s packaged and cooked the same way as top ramen. Since my grandma is Japanese and my mom is half Japanese and was born in Japan, this is the brand I grew up on and also the brand I've converted Neil to eating since we got married!

I absolutely LOVE making ramen in the Our Place Perfect Pot for my family, because it's super easy to do a huge batch that feeds everyone, and there's some great little tips and tricks that make serving the ramen from this dreamy pot easier than you can imagine.

our place the perfect pot
our place perfect pot
our place recipes

The Our Place Perfect Pot is so big that we can prepare plenty of ramen for everyone which has been even more helpful during my time of bed rest! This meal's been one we’ve been eating a lot lately because Neil and the kids can easily help put it together.

You can find Sapporo Ichiban at tons of grocery stores and the flavors cook SO perfectly together in this pot – I love to add protein to the noodles like a soft-boiled egg and veggies! While the noodles are boiling, I add in these other ingredients and once it’s done this multi-functional piece of cookware has a hidden feature that’s a huge game-changer…

our place bowls
our place soup bowls
our place perfect pot

Spill the beans…or the ramen! The Perfect Pot's hidden feature you didn't know about

On one side of the lid, you can rotate it to where the filtered opening perfectly strains your ramen (or whatever you’re cooking) without dirtying a colander! This built-in feature is so easy to use especially with ramen – it’s hassle-free to give the kids noodles then use this filter to pour as much broth in their bowls as they want. I love this trick that takes away splashing and messy straining!

You can literally replace EIGHT bulky kitchen tools with this one pot! I love its non-stick and multi-use features that'll have you making your favorite family meals with ease. There are sooo many great reviews on this pot – it typically costs $165, but during the end summer sale you’re getting it for just $123!

our place perfect pot sale
how to use the perfect pot
our place perfect pot
hot to make ramen
always pot recipes
homemade ramen our place
ramen recipe always pot

TBH I’m always using the Our Place Always Pan

I think you know I use my Our Place Always Pan pretty much on the daily. We get so much use out of this piece of cookware – it’s what we go to anytime we need to sauté something and it even comes in handy for our ramen nights!

This pan makes it really easy to cook my soft-boiled eggs to perfection and it looks so pretty sitting on the stove. The kids love peeling the eggs after they cool to put in the ramen themselves!

Our family also makes Grandma Martin eggs (a family recipe that my Great-Grandma Martin came up with that's a cross between a poached and fried egg) in this pan and so many more fun recipes that keep our traditions alive!

One Pan to do it all

This hero pan really does it all – it was made to replace EIGHT traditional pieces of cookware so you can do almost everything with it! We soft boiled eggs for 6 minutes in this pan for our ramen, and browned pork belly for a ramen topping too!

Our Place thought about every convenient feature on this pan and the quality shines through. Its durable, non-stick ceramic coating makes it super easy to clean and I love how Our Place values nontoxic products!

If you haven’t grabbed one yet this sale is the perfect time to make your fall cooking effortless. The Our Place Always Pan also makes for a GREAT gift for birthdays, or even the holidays coming up. Shop the sale and get the Always Pan for $108, regularly $145!

our place always pan
our place always pan

Bake your heart out with the most functional ovenware

I don’t know about you, but even though it’s super warm in Orange County until the end of November, whenever the kids go back to school I immediately start wanting alllll the baked goods!

I was super excited to see Our Place came out with an Ovenware Set which is so fun for all your fall baking needs. These five pieces are amazing – you’ll get an oven pan and mat as well as 3 different baking dishes. I love the color of my steam set and the versatility of these products (I’m looking at you, griddle!). Get ready to bake, roast, braise, sear, heat, and serve up a ton of meals with this set that typically costs $195 for $146!

ovenware set

What to cook with your Ovenware Set

Yummy breads

My whole family loves quick breads like banana bread or pumpkin chocolate chip which is so great because you can conveniently make a yummy one from a mix right in the loaf pan! My girls are obsessed with making this fall staple. It’s also perfect for the kids to make easy things like frozen rolls for a dinner side that can be popped into the side bake!

our place baking set
our place baking set
best ovenware

Tasty treats

We also use the 6×3 side bake to make thick, tasty brownies which, you guessed it, is another favorite of the kids. This side bake is also perfect for smaller casseroles, we use it for side potato dishes and even frozen corn to go with chicken!

Our Place also has an oven mat and pan in the Ovenware Set that we use for chocolate chip cookies. The pan is really cool because it’s nonstick ceramic so while you can’t put it in the dishwasher because of its coating, it’s the only one from the set that’s not dishwasher safe! Don’t worry, cleaning up is still super easy because the food just glides right off.

While we’re making the cookies we love the checkered pattern on the non-stick mat (not just because it’s cute) but it's especially helpful as we're measuring out the dough to create even spacing! Such a tiny detail but definitely what makes this do-it-all set stand apart from other items in my kitchen.

baking supplies
ovenware set
our place ovenware
best baking supplies
our place bakeware

Flapjacks, quesadillas + more!

You can also put this sheet pan on top of a gas range or conventional stove top to turn into a griddle! This cookware piece is the BEST for making pancakes, quesadillas, and so many other recipes that are typically ruined because of uneven stove surfaces. We end up using this piece daily and are obsessed with the flat, double-wide surface!

Overall, this set in my opinion is the very BEST gift for newlyweds or someone heading to college. I would've LOVED having this in college because it’s the perfect solution for a kitchen lacking a ton of functionality. There are so many great uses for these cookware products that outdo everything else on the market in quality and style!

our place ovenware set

Goodbye summer, hello fall cookware savings

You’ll seriously want to serve your meals right from the Our Place pieces because they’re so pretty and functional, which is also great because, yay, no extra dishes! Don’t wait, take advantage of Our Place’s 25% off Labor Day Weekend Sale and grab some amazing pieces that rarely go on promo to make going into fall so much sweeter from August 25th to September 7th.

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