The best women’s tights & 6 reasons I love wearing them!

Today I’m super excited to be talking all about the best women's tights, how to style them, and how I’m wearing them this Valentine’s Day! Tights can be a fun pop of color or pattern in your outfit, elevate a look, or even cover up for the no-shave days if we’re being honest. Let’s jump right into my top reasons to wear tights and how to style them.

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In a hurry? Go straight to my picks below!

1. Add a little more coverage

The number one reason that I wear tights (more than anything) is for added coverage for a dress that hits a little above the knee. Tights are the perfect way for some added modesty or for skirts/dresses where I need just a tiny bit of help feeling covered up! It’s super helpful when you’re sitting, too, because skirts and dresses always tend to creep up a little when you sit versus stand.

If I’m shopping for tights specifically for added coverage, I’m always going for pairs that are opaque! Opaque tights are great for times when you want more coverage because they won’t be sheer, they’ll actually cover your legs.

These tights come in sooo many colors! My vote for best women's tights that are opaque.

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2. Wear tights to keep warm

When we used to live in Utah, the winters were freezing cold. Regardless of the weather, sometimes you still want to wear a cute dress or skirt. What I would do when dressing up for church each week was throw on a pair of tights for another layer of warmth! 

In the past I’ve talked about fleece-lined leggings for pants, but fleece-lined TIGHTS are a great option, too! These tights do a great job of keeping you warm and cozy regardless of the temps, but avoid the hassle of bulky pants. They’re perfect for layering under a dress or skirt.

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3. Tummy control tights for the shape wear lover

If you like to wear shape wear with your form-fitting dresses like I do since having babies, these tummy control tights will be your bestie and are my vote for best women's tights that flatter your figure!

There are SO many great shape wear brands out there, like Spanx, who also make maternity tights, regular tights, and ones that help smooth everything out.

You of course don’t have to do this, but for me, shape wear tights are a total 2-for-1 win! I love when I’m already planning on wearing shape wear in the cold months to grab a pair of tights that gets both jobs done. I’ve found that this reduces some layers and doesn’t make you look super bulky!

shapewear tights

4. Play with fun color combinations

Another one of my most favorite reasons to wear tights – fun colors! For Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be dressing up in a red Kate Spade shift dress (on sale right now!), red tights and mint shoes and I can’t wait. I’m also wearing mint sunglasses! I had another pair of Kate Spade slingback pumps in mind for this outfit, but decided to go with mint shoes I found this weekend.

Here’s another red dress that would be perfect for Valentine or Galentine’s Day and it's UNDER $20 from ASOS! Grab this deal before it’s gone. 

Hot tip: red and pink is another perfect Valentine’s Day combo that’s been popular for years!

valentine's day red dress
red outfit for valentine's day

How to find a color combo that works

Tights are the perfect way to play with different color combos. If you need help finding the colors that complement each other, my biggest tip is to search for wedding colors!

Wedding color searches on Pinterest and other sites will lead you to pallets that complement each other super well. For example, mint doesn’t look good with black but amazing with navy. The more color with tights, the better! It’s definitely a bold move, but provides such a fun element of surprise to mix up your style.

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patent leather pumps

You’ve probably seen all over Instagram and online the uptick in designers putting their branding and logos on patterned tights! It’s a pretty major trend going on right now.

If you’re not sure about this, I highly suggest you check out beautiful pairs put out by Burberry and Fendi! I would style the Fendi tights with a classic little black dress and black shoes. I haven’t splurged on the Burberry pair yet, but totally want to add them to my collection.

Not all good patterned tights have to be luxury! I love this checkered pair for $28 from Anthropologie that aren’t designer but so cute. I would pair these with this plain, navy pencil dress by ASOS for under $100 or a top and skirt matching set.

My key advice for when you have a patterned tight on is to make it the hero product and avoid busyness in the rest of your outfit and accessories! Personally, I never do patterned tights with a really loud dress or pair of shoes because you want the tights to be the main event. You can get creative with a patent leather or velvet shoe (or bag), but you don’t want to get super loud if you want the tights to stand out and have their moment!

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6. No shave, no problem

Let’s keep it real here… tights are the perfect rescue for no shave months that end in ‘er,’ am I right?! Whether you’re in a pinch for time, a busy mom, or a working lady, we’ve all been in the situation where you just need that little extra leg coverage.

I love throwing on a pair of tights to hide a few skipped shaving days, but still being able to wear a dress or skirt! This is definitely a top reason for why you should wear tights.

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Your wardrobe future's bright with these tights

I hope this post helped you find the best women's tights right now, with tips on how to style them! Tights are a fun way to change up your wardrobe without buying too many other pieces of clothing. Plus, they're super convenient! Let me know which tights are your favorite below.

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