VIRAL e.l.f. cosmetics products – what I loved, liked, and would skip + a discount code

Here's the thing, it's 2023 and it feels like every other day a new beauty product is trending. One second you're minding your business, sipping a diet coke and scrolling social media, the next you find yourself heading to your closest drugstore to get your hands on the new “it” product of the moment…and you can't even find it in store, thanks TikTok! And let's be real, sometimes the products are every bit worth the hype and other times they're underwhelming and you're left thinking, “was this worth the money I just spent in gas to drive here (buyer's remorse anyone)?!” That's where this e.l.f. cosmetics guide comes in.

I tested 15 top trending e.l.f. cosmetics products and am here to share what's worth the hype and what I wouldn't repurchase. If you love dupes and budget friendly swaps as much as I do, keep reading to find out which e.l.f. products made the cut and my tips + tricks for how to apply them.

PLUS right now you can save on this already super affordable brand (which rarely, if ever goes on sale) making their super low prices even lower – yes please! Ready? Let's get into it!

e.l.f. cosmetics sale
the best elf cosmetics products

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Deal details!

e.l.f. cosmetics has been killing the affordable beauty game lately. They have a reputation for being one of the most budget friendly brands to shop, so when we found out about this exclusive sale on their already really good prices, we were pumped because it seriously never happens!

Starting today, from 5/11-5/14, you can take 40% off your order of $30+ when you use my LTK in-app code LTK40!

Or you can head to my LTK shop and copy and paste the code that's on any of the e.l.f. product images then use that code (LTK40) during checkout. It's that easy!

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viral elf products

TikTok said I would love this – here's what I really thought

e.l.f. cosmetics products I LOVED:

  • Halo Glow Liquid Filter: I love a true multi-purpose product. You can wear this under OR over your makeup, and even on it's own for a “no-makeup, makeup” look when you just want to add a healthy glow to the skin. The other day I used this e.l.f. cosmetics product on top of a new foundation I was testing out that I just didn't love the finish of (way too matte for my liking). Rather than start all over I added this Halo Glow in shade 4 all over and voila! – it added such a pretty radiance and literally felt like it brought my skin back to life. I almost like this better than the much spendier Charlotte Tilbury version (which was a little too orangey for me). I also used shade 6 for a glowy bronzer (a little goes a LONG way if you're using this for bronzer!) Overall, all of the color options are really pretty, and sit nicely on the skin. There's a reason this is usually sold-out everywhere! On a typical day, I like to start out with the Halo Glow in shade 5 everywhere to give me a bit of a tan. This is an amazing dupe for the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops, except I seriously like using the elf liquid filter in 5 all over even better than the Drunk Elephant drops. Huge fan.
  • Power Grip Primer: I've been a die hard Milk Hydro Grip Primer user for years (seriously, the Sephora employees got me hooked when they told me they all wear different foundations but all use this same exact primer). e.l.f. cosmetic's Power Grip Primer is a pretty dang close match to this! It feels exactly the same on my skin and is seriously just $10!! This primer really will help make your makeup last for hours. Is there anything worse than catching a glimpse of yourself hours after applying makeup and only half of your face still has it on?! This is the affordable answer to that problem.
  • Poreless Putty Primer: This is another super affordable primer option I really like. If large pores are a concern for you, try this primer. While that's not the #1 thing I look for in a primer, this is still perfect for minimizing the look of pores and gives a velvet, flawless finish to the skin. Who doesn't want that?!
  • Brow Lift + Brow Lift Applicator: Yep, I'm saying it – this e.l.f. cosmetics brow lift is BETTER than the gold standard Anastasia Brow Freeze!!! It even sold out on their website, but you can still get it HERE! After seeing so much talk about this product I decided to try it because for $6 I couldn't resist! And wow, this e.l.f. cosmetics product lasts all day long in my brows – it doesn't flake or get caught up in my foundation AT ALL. I love that the jar is big enough to stick your spoolie directly into, just in case you don't buy the separate applicator (which IMO is totally worth it for $4!). I can go on and on but I truly love this product so much, it seriously beats any of the department store options I've tried over the years (which is a lot because I'm a self professed brow girlie). I paired it with the Morphe micro brow pencil in Cold Brew and love how my brows looked!
    *Pro tip for application: apply all of your skincare first, next after moisturizing + priming add the brow lift, finish with your foundation and makeup routine. This is what keeps the foundation out of your brows!
  • Camo Concealer Sponge: This sponge is amazing! It's the perfect size to really get into the tiniest corners and crevices of your face, especially around the eye area that's more difficult to reach with a traditional brush. Plus it's a fraction of the cost of a beauty blender.
  • Suntouchable! Whoa Glow SPF 30: I just tried this and I think I'm in love! First impressions are that Whoa Glow is an absolute dead ringer for the wildly popular Supergoop Glow Screen…but is only $14. When I first tried this I wore it by itself and it looked good enough to not add ANY other makeup on top. That's a win in my book.
  • Stay All Day Blue Light Mirco-Setting Mist: I really like how this e.l.f. cosmetics setting mist felt on my skin! It dried down quickly, locking in my makeup – plus it has the aided benefit of reducing exposure to blue light (we all need more of that these days with all of our screen time). Definitely a really good, affordable setting spray to try out!
  • Fluffy Eye Blender Brush: This $5 blender brush hasn't gone viral but it should! This is my HG eyeshadow blending brush. I've used and loved this brush for years, and actually prefer it over more high-end, department store options – which ps: get pricey quick!
e.l.f. power grip primer
Power Grip Primer
elf cosmetics brow lift
Brow Lift
Brow Lift Applicator
Brow Pencil – shade: Cold Brew
elf whoa glow sunscreen
Suntouchable! Whoa Glow SPF 30
e.l.f. cosmetics ltk sale
Foundation– L'Oréal True Match – shade: 4-5
Power Grip Primer
Halo Glow Liquid Filter– shade: 5 + shade: 6 for bronzer
Brow Lift + Brow Lift Applicator
Brow Pencil– Morphe micro brow pencil – shade: cold brew
Camo Concealer Sponge
Putty Blush – shade: Carribean + Putty Blush Brush
Stay All Day Blue Light Mirco-Setting Mist
Lipstick– YSL shade: 9 (similar to my other fave 44)

e.l.f. products I liked + an application tip:

  • Putty Blush: While I like this blush A LOT, it definitely applies way better with this Putty Blush Brush vs. just fingers or a different stippling brush. I liked this blush before but like it way more when I apply it with this $5 brush! Make sure you go for both the brush and blush combo if this is a product you want to try out (which is just $12 collectively)! I'm wearing the shade Carribean in the Putty Blush, which is like a warm toned, vibrant pink – perfect for summer!
  • Putty Bronzer: Same thing (and price) goes for this cream-to-powder bronzer. Apply this with the Putty Bronzer Brush and you'll have a much better experience overall!
elf cosmetics putty blush
Putty Blush– shade Carribean

e.l.f. products to pass on:

  • Glossy Lip Stain: This had a weird application and didn't stain well for me at all, it literally wiped right off. Overall, this was underwhelming and one to skip.
  • Camo CC Cream: I'm shocked that this gets so much love! I had high hopes this would live up to the hype but I would stick with the OG IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream here – because this one just isn't a dupe.
  • Instant Lift Brow Pencil: This didn't give great output. It felt like a cheap brow pencil to me, it's a pass.
  • No Budge Shadow Sticks: Even with a really good eyeshadow primer, these still creased on my hooded eyes. Not a fan!

What's in my cart to try next:

During the sale I'll be picking up e.l.f. cosmetic's Halo Glow Liquid Highlight Beauty Wand (possible dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Highlighter Wand?!) and the Holy Hyrdation! Lip Mask (which is supposed to be a total dupe for the infamous LANIEGE Lip Sleeping Mask) this already sold out but you can still get it HERE – stay tuned for my thoughts on those!

Dupes on major sale!

e.l.f. cosmetics products rarely ever go on sale because they're already SO affordable! Right now is the perfect time to try these viral beauty products since you can save even more when you use my code LTK40! All you have to do to take advantage of this code is head to my LTK shop and copy and paste the code here at checkout. Just remember to take advantage before these viral products sell out again (which they're known to do) and this deal ends on 5/14!

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