Cutest Easter basket ideas that still ship in time for Easter!

Easter Basket Bunny EarsCan you believe Easter is only a few days away?! I love Easter so much. I love what Easter represents to me, but also that it’s a time for family and traditions. I put my girls Easter basket together and I’m so excited to give these to them! I tried to fill them up with lots of things OTHER than candy! (I mean a little candy can’t hurt right?) And today I’m sharing what I filled our Easter baskets up with, along with some other cute ideas that you can still get last minute! 

I got these super cute Easter bags for $7 a piece and I’m in love because they little bunny ears on them! I like to fill Easter baskets with a few things my girls need and things my girls will actually use. I started with these water bottles and The Tale of Three Trees board book for Anabelle since she’s old enough to understand this, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Colors board book for Lyla. I love board books for my kids because they hold up so well and we can bring them along to church or the park or wherever we are headed!

Easter Bunny

Also I love these sweet little plush bunnies in white and in beige. I have a feeling they are going to be a new favorite in our house! I added in some pink gold fish (couldn’t help myself) and some Luna Bars for some healthier snacks. I went with the the chapstick, colored pencils and chalk because those are things that we use a lot in our house! Oh and that little pink bath toy. Is it just my children that love bath time?!

Easter Basket spread

Lastly, as a cute little filler I did some classic plastic eggs filled with Reeses, and some even more classic Cadbury eggs!

Bunny Ear Easter Bag
The Three Trees Board Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book
White Plush Bunny
Beige Plush Bunny
Pink Water Bottles
Pink Whale Bath Toys
EOS Chapstick
Colored Pencils
Sidewalk Chalk
Reese’s Easter cups
Cadbury mini eggs
Plastic Eggs
Luna Bars
Pink Goldfish

I put together a little list of fun things to fill your kid’s baskets, other than just candy! All of these still ship in time for Easter Sunday 🙂

Coloring Book
Hair ties
Cute bandaids
Bouncy Balls
Flip Flops
Jump Ropes
Play Doh
Play Food
Fun Socks

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