A SALE on these perfect red fringe sandals


Love at first sight: that’s what happened when I spied these red fringe sandals! I knew instantly that unless they were insanely uncomfortable, they’d be going home with me that day, maybe even in two colors. But I was serious about that comfort factor! No comfort, no purchase.

So I’m pretty pleased to share that these red fringe sandals are in fact very comfortable! Not like the most insanely comfortable heel I’ve ever worn in my life, but I wore them all day at an event yesterday, left in the middle of the event and climbed up and down two long sets of stairs and walked across a playground to pick up my daughter from preschool, walked her back up those long sets of stairs, and then back to the event after and did a considerable amount of standing and my feet didn’t complain once! That’s pretty good if you ask me, especially for a brand new pair of shoes I had only previously worn for 15 minutes for these photos!

And the best part? The red fringe sandals are ON SALE here right now! They also come in this ridiculously cute yellow color, or a tan if you’re just looking for something super neutral. I love how sassy this red is though!!!

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red floral blouse (runs slightly small, go up a size if you’re in between!)
white denim (25% off w/ code SPRINGSALE)
white chain bag
red fringe sandals (ON SALE!!)
red lipstick (in russian red)
photos by emmy lowe

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These sandals are so fun and I just have to tell you that you look STUNNING in these pictures! A red lip is perfect on you! 🙂

Simply Rachel Nicole


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