friday faves!!!

it’s been a LONG time since i put together a friday faves post so i really had fun with this today! a bunch of really random stuff i’ve been loving lately! some are major bargains, some are splurges. all are corrine approved πŸ˜‰


on purpose friendship bracelet: you’re never too old for a friendship bracelet in my book! this is the sweetest little gift, perfect for a girlfriend’s birthday. plus you’re supporting a great cause that i love so much – the on purpose collection (i blogged about it here).
random crap makeup bag: this is the perfect size makeup bag! i have the same one in a different print and it fits all my makeup. plus it’s ON SALE for $16!!! yes please.
terracotta bronzer: okay this is quite the splurge but my makeup magician friend vivian makeup artist used this on me for my sister’s wedding day and IT IS AMAZING. i couldn’t help myself. i bought it that day, on my phone (in between the wedding and reception of course!) and had it shipped straight to my house. the shade viv used on me was 07.
scan pan: another blogger friend, jenny evans, told me about this non stick pan and called it “the BEST nonstick pan ever.” she was right. non-toxic, nonstick, but you can use metal tools on it, and it’s DISHWASHER SAFE. on sale 25% off right now!
“i am very busy” planner: this is THE cutest planner on the planet. and last year they SOLD OUT of these so fast! see how it’s already on backorder here. trust me, if you want one of these, NOW is the time. *update: just announced this morning that they only have 125 left of these!!! and when they’re gone, they’re gone. see, i told ya πŸ˜‰
MAC saint germain lipstick: my new fave lipstick color! this is what i had on in my snapchat last night (@mintarrow if you snap too and want to see more unedited behind the scenes of my life!). you’ll be seeing this shade in some outfit posts in the near future! such a pretty matte girly pink.
gold stapler: because, why not own a gold stapler!? yolo.
blue trapeze top/dress: i say top/dress because it’s pictured as a dress here, but it’s more like a top for me and my ridiculously long torso and legs. it’s SO CUTE on, but it’s also on the fashion endangered species list. it’s only been available for a week, friends, A WEEK, and it’s sold out in almost every size in stores. at least in the TWO stores i checked this week! so if you love it, get it.

lastly, on a little personal note … my mom sent me a text this morning telling me that one of her best friends’ sisters passed away last night. that might seem a little distant, but for some reason it just hit me hard. you never know how long you have on this earth, or how long your loved ones have either. squeeze your family just a little longer next time you see them! i know i’m going to.

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I LOVE that makeup bag!!


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