hunter boot deals!!


if you’re in the market for a deal on hunter boots, today’s your day!

right now you can get the hunter original stripe boot in coral or chartreuse for $88 (normally $160!) that’s 45% off. these are available in all sizes in chartreuse, and most sizes in coral, right now at least. thanks reader cristin for the head’s up on this!

hunter-stripeif you’re a lucky size 8 (or 8.5 normally like me – you’d wear an 8 in hunter), you can also get the tall rain gloss in bright coral on sale for $104!


have you guys ever read my post about the trick to getting hunter boots cheap?! hunter may have read it too, because a few months  after i posted it they stopped making hunters in big kid 6 or 7 (6 = women’s 8, 7 = women’s 9). but they still make them up to a size 5 in big kid SO if you’re a women’s 7 or smaller (even a women’s 7.5 probably) then read this post to see how it works and then there are some WAY cute new colors just released of kid’s hunter boots. these aqua ones won’t last long. and they’re $75. usually they’re gone in days, not weeks.


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How is the sizing? Do they fit true to size?


hey kristen! they run slightly big so if you’re a half size, go down. i’m normally an 8.5 but i wear an 8 in hunters. hope that helps!


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