britax click tight $50-74 off

britax marathon click tight

there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to convertible car seats and it’s called the britax click tight. it’s britax’s newest technology for car seats, giving you a secure and easy install in seconds.

and right now you can get the britax marathon, advocate or boulevard click tight for $50-74 off!

i’ve heard and seen nothing but rave reviews on these, and i have so many friends who are die-hard britax convertible car seat fans.

there’s a good possibility that during black friday we’ll see some major price drops on older models of the britax convertible car seats, but i’m guessing the prices will hold fairly steady on the newest britax click tight models. so if you’re wanting the newest, latest, greatest, this is an awesome deal!

confused about which seat is best for you? here’s a chart below to compare all 3 models.

i’ve always thought the advocate was overkill. the extra padding on the outside is only to protect passengers sitting next to the car seat in case of an accident. i would go with the boulevard if possible, but the marathon is an amazing car seat too!

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Alexandra Rosero:

First I’d like to say I love your blog! However I disagree with the information you posted about the Britax Advocate. The safest place for a car seat to be installed is in the middle of the row so that it is less likely for a child to get hit if the car gets hit on the side of the vehicle. However, in a car like mine where we have captain seats, the extra padding serves as airbags for the child. Having that extra layer is extremely important for me. Yes it’s a bulky car seat but we love it!


thanks for your input alexandra! a CPST explained to me that the outer padding was only to provide protection for passengers sitting along side the car seat, but i can understand why you chose this based on your car and your family’s needs. 🙂


Wow, these car seats actually look pretty darn awesome. I just bought my son two car seats, a Britax and an Evenflo. We haven’t used either one yet since he is still in his infant car seat (we will probably move him into the convertible car seats in a month or two). If I didn’t already purchase those, I would probably be buying these. Thank for the heads up!


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