boon flair high chair $40 off

one of our most favorite baby items, the BOON FLAIR high chair is on sale right now for $40 off!


we love this high chair because it wipes completely clean, has no cracks or crevices for gross crumbs and leftover food to hide out in, it moves up and down with a pneumonic lift (like a barber chair!) and the plastic tray on top pops off and easily fits right into the dishwasher!

i cannot say enough good things about this boon flair high chair! my mom, who is usually not a fancy baby gear snob, used to specifically request that i bring her this high chair when she watched my baby because it was SO much nicer than the ikea one she has at her house (which we love too!) but this one is just SO much nicer. my little girl is almost two now and we still use it every day, 3x a day. she will be able to sit in it easily for another year at least!

see below how we use our boon flair for pedicures too ๐Ÿ˜‰

boon2 boon3

the boon flair high chair is on sale right now in gray for $209.34 (retails anywhere from $279.99 – $249.99). so this is atย least $40 off! this is the best price i’ve seen in several months so i wanted to post in case anyone’s needing a high chair right now.

another baby deal worth checking out today is the dr brown’s baby bottle sale – SUPER great deals on dr. brown baby bottles! we loved these when anabelle was taking a bottle!

the city select stroller with free second seat deal is still going on too!

to see all my favorite baby products, go to my best baby registry list ever.

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Corrine, do you think there will be another amazing sale on the baby boon flair high chair? It was always out of stock every time I tried to get it on sale, and my baby is turning 1 in a couple weeks so I was hoping to get one for his birthday!! ๐Ÿ™‚ crossing my fingers!


hey jenny! i’m not 100% sure but i promise i’m always on the lookout and i always post when i find a deal on them! ๐Ÿ™‚



Are you by chance selling your Boon High Chair? I’ve been looking for a pink or red one and I can’t see to find one anywhere, since Boon stopped making those colors. I only see the white or gray and I really want red or pink.

Thank you


hi JP, not planning on selling this anytime soon since we are having our second baby in may! so sorry!


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