livy loves to run – journey to a new me


when my friend diana from livy loves to run approached me about teaming up to promote her first sale on her ebook: journey to a new me, i didn’t just say yes, i said absolutely. i knew just from following her instagram feed that it would be an inspirational book, but i didn’t know how deeply it would touch me.

yesterday during anabelle’s entire nap, i found myself lost in diana’s very personal story of her battle with weight loss and food addiction. i shed tears at more than one place in her book and felt the sincerity she had in her heart as she opened up her story to me.

i really believe this book would be an inspiration to anyone, whether you’re trying to lose weight or just trying to achieve anything. her story of perseverance and honesty about ups and downs is exactly the type of story you need to tell you, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

the book is 22 pages long with lots of images so it’s a quick read. it’s never gone on sale but right now through 7/1 you can download it here for $7 instead of $10 with code MINTARROW at checkout.

thanks diana for being brave and vulnerable and sharing your incredible story.


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What an amazing inspiration Livy is. I follow her on instagram and she was very inspirational during my first whole 30. Thanks for sharing.


i agree jacque, diana is amazing!


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