boon flair sale!


so yes, i know we just barely talked about the boon flair last week. but i absolutely HAVE to post about it again because it just went on sale for so cheap that it would be a crime not to!

right now you can get the Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift in White/Orange for $183.78. that is a REALLY GOOD DEAL people. REALLY. it’s normally $229 and i’ve been watching the price on this for the past year religiously. like i check it every single day. this is not a drill. this is the real deal.

plus shipping is free and most people won’t pay tax either (depends on the state).

we have this high chair and are SO in love with it for its glorious no cracks or crevices features. we love that it has a barber chair pneumonic lift. and the tray has a liner that pops off and goes right into the dishwasher and actually fits in there. i cannot sing its praises enough. i promise that if you invest in this you will not regret it!

here’s some pics of our babe loving her boon flair. from first taste of “real” food to a pedicure to later on chowing on finger foods.

boon1 boon2 boon3

the price of this high chair can change at any moment so if you want it, don’t wait!

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