Last day for $100 free doTERRA essential oils + free frankincense!

doterra essential oils deal

Hey friends! We’ve had many, many requests for one last doTERRA essential oil deal before the year ends, so here it is – one of the most generous we’ve ever offered!

But first I HAVE to make sure you’re aware of the most AMAZING DEAL doTERRA is offering – a free bottle of Frankincense (valued at $93!) to anyone who places a 200 PV (product value) order during the month of December.

doterra frankincense essential oil

Yes, that’s the same Frankincense that the wise men brought the baby Jesus, because it’s one of the most powerful and precious oils in the world. We’ve seen literally incredible changes in our daughter feeling balanced and listening to directions when we’ve placed Frankincense on her feet before preschool. Her teachers even noticed and said the first time we tried it, “you sent a different child to us! I don’t know what you did, but she was amazing today!”

In addition to helping mood and balance, it’s also known for dramatically reducing blemishes and skin imperfections. You can apply a drop to your moisturizer and then apply to your face, or just a dab on a problem spot works wonders too.

DoTERRA’s free Frankincense deal only happens once a year and everyone should take advantage.

So we’re going to add to doTERRA’s Frankincense deal with our own essential oils deal:

For anyone who signs up with a doterra essential oil wholesale account here with an order of 200 PV or more, we will ship to you FREE:
1. two informative booklets that will teach you how to use your oils
2. 100 PV of FREE doTERRA essential oils!!!
*please email after you’ve placed your order to tell him which oils you would like for free.

To create a 200PV+ order, you can either purchase the family physician kit for $150 (pictured below, the one we started with) + make sure you add at least 90 PV additional product to your order (totaling at least 200 PV at checkout)

Or you can purchase the larger home essentials kit for $275 (pictured below, totaling 225 PV) that comes with 15ml bottles and a diffuser!



Q: What is PV? PV is product value – all of the oils are full PV, but some of the other products like diffusers are not full PV. The brand new doTERRA cloud diffuser for example, costs $89.95 wholesale but is only worth 40 PV.

Q: When will I get my oils?
A: Your starter kit and free Frankincense will ship immediately, directly from doTERRA. Our free books and oils will ship separately from us directly, within 10 business days.

Q: Am I under any obligation to re-order or sign anyone up?
A: Nope! No obligation whatsoever to re-order or sign anyone up. There is a business opportunity to doTERRA if you ever become interested, we can help you start and grow your business. But again, there’s NO obligation. We used our oils for 3 years before ever signing anyone up or engaging in the business side.

Q: What does it cost to keep my wholesale account open?
A: You’ll be charged $25 annually to keep your doTERRA wholesale account open, but you get a free peppermint essential oil (retail $27.33) with your renewal.

If you have any questions at all – about the deal or the kits or the oils or anything – please don’t hesitate to email and he’ll get right back to you! We also offer ongoing email support to everyone on our team who has questions about how to use the oils, how to share them with friends, etc.

It’s been so fulfilling to hear stories from people who are using these natural solutions in their lives and with their families and experiencing incredible results. Super excited for you to have them too!!

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