Five helpful ways to use Alexa while you’re cooking this Holiday season & Black Friday priced sale

Christmas is here and then it's a whole new year! I absolutely love this season, but sometimes the volume of things there are to do makes my head spin! Enter the Amazon Echo. Or Alexa – the sixth member of our household! Right now, you can get this Amazon Echo device 30% off for $69.99 – the SAME price as Black Friday!!!

Today I'm going to share FIVE very useful ways that Alexa can help you out next time you're whipping something yummy up in the kitchen.

best features of amazon alexa

amazon echo1) SET TIMERS: One of my favorite ways to use the Amazon Echo is in the kitchen. Alexa makes for the perfect assistant. I tell her to set timers for me when I'm doing a little holiday baking. Yes, I said timers with an s. You can verbally set and name a bunch timers and then forget all about them-which is kind of the best. This is super helpful when you're multitasking and cooking several different things at once. And it's hands-free so you're not getting floury hands all over the microwave, stove or your phone trying to set all  timers!

Five helpful ways to use Alexa 2) CONVERT MEASUREMENTS: Alexa is also super smart and like, good at math. I, on the other hand, am not a math whiz haha! If you ever need to convert a unit of measure Alexa has got you. No more charts or second guessing if you correctly doubled your grandma's recipe, or one-and-a-halved or tripled or whatever you need to figure out mid-whisk. Just ask Alexa and it's done!

3) EASILY ADD THINGS TO YOUR SHOPPING LIST: You can also use the Echo to manage your shopping lists. So if you run out of nutmeg while you're baking pies or you need more of your favorite beverage to survive all the holiday craziness, you can just say “Alexa, add [favorite beverage] to the shopping list.” And she does!

4) COOK WITH TUNES: nobody likes cooking in a silent kitchen … at least I don't! I love that I can listen to music, pause it, skip to the next song all from the sound of my voice while my fingers are covered in biscuit dough!

cooking with amazon alexa

5) ASK FOR SUBSTITUTIONS: the other day, I needed whole milk but only had skim and heavy whipping cream. I asked Alexa and she told me I could sub 3/4 of heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup skim instead of 1 cup whole milk. SO helpful!

Striped Sweater
Black Jeans
Black Booties
Cookie Sheets
Measuring Cups
Clear Mixing Bowls

Photos by Arielle Levy

Don't forget that this Echo device is 30% off right now (same price as Black Friday!!) and I truly believe that your cooking and shopping experience will become a breeze all thanks to Alexa!

We seriously love having Alexa around so much! I've included the Echo on several gift and deal guides, because the thing seriously does everything and you totally need one. It can play your favorite (Christmas) music, call Uber, order a pizza, compatible smart home devices, read the news or audiobooks, send and receive messages, set alarms and basically answer any question you can think of!!

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