The most perfect swim coverup ever

April 18, 2016

This morning's blog post is going to be super quick because I'm running up to LA today for a mommy blogger event! But I got a bunch of questions about this amazing off-the-shoulder coverup, and since I seriously do love it so much I decided to throw it on the blog real quick!

This off-the-shoulder bell sleeve tunic is THE most perfect cover up for beach or pool! I bought it in white but I kind of want the black now too! And at $54 it's high quality but not absurdly overpriced which I LOVE.

A few people asked about my girls swimsuits. Lyla is wearing this red and white floral suit, and Ani wore this blue flutter bikini (super helpful to wear two piece swimsuits when you're just getting the hang of potty training!!).

Also kind of random but really fun, I was interviewed on a momtrepreneur monday podcast and it aired today! I talk about everything from my business backstory to my family to faith to my secret to success. If you listen to it, come back and let me know what you think in the comments!

Off the shoulder bell sleeve tunic (AKA the most perfect swim coverup ever!)
Lyla's red and white floral swimsuit
Ani's blue flutter bikini

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I listened to the podcast! Loved it. You sound so genuine. I admire you for being so strong in your beliefs. I love that you are working hard with your husband everyday. And I also love how you set things straight about how glamorous your life looks all the time. I think it can be depressing sometimes to live in a world where social media is so powerful because everyone else’s lives always look so perfect. But I feel like you are real about life and I like that about you! I’ve followed you on Instagram for about 2 years and I’ve purchased a handful of items you’ve blogged about, thank you for saving me money! I wish I could purchase everything… especially the Marc Jacobs diaper bag, I’m dying to have it. But, the boon flair high chair was definitely a better investment! Anyway… long comment… I did want you to know I loved the podcast. I’m not into Periscope, audible & podcasts are my thing! It was great getting to know a different side of you!



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