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I love LOVE finding solutions that take less decision-making off my plate, save me money, and make it easy for me to wear something pretty. That’s exactly what Rocksbox does, and that’s what I’m here to share with you today, plus a code to try it out FREE for your first month!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m terrible (truly!) at remembering to accessorize. I really do love jewelry, I just don’t think to buy it. It’s just not on the forefront of my mind. But when someone gifts me jewelry or a stylist helps me find something pretty to wear with an outfit, I’m all about it.

Nice jewelry can get expensive FAST though, and honestly I’d usually rather spend the money on shoes or a bag! That’s one of the reason I love this solution to getting new jewelry all the time without spending a fortune.

Rocksbox is a subscription service that makes it super easy to try beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank, and without having to remember to add it to every outfit you buy at the mall or online! For $21 a month, they’ll send you one set of jewelry (usually at a $200 value) that’s hand-selected for you to either wear on loan and return, or with an option to purchase if you’re in love enough to want to keep it!

When you’re ready for something new from Rocksbox, you can either choose to purchase the jewelry that they sent, or send it back and they’ll ship out a whole new set of jewelry (at a $200 value) for $21 for you to try and either buy or wear on loan again!

I’m a long-time HUGE fan of Kendra Scott so I was absolutely thrilled when my first set of Rocksbox jewelry were her pieces. This cuff is so delicate but a has a bit of a fun edge.

And I always love Kendra Scott’s stone earrings, they’re beautiful but not too loud that they look like pageant earrings. I have several pair but nothing in this lighter turquoise hue and I think they’re the perfect colored neutral.

And lastly, I’m really loving this baby choker necklace they sent me with the same stone as the large earrings. It’s a really nice accent to be able to pair with the big earrings without one competing with the other.

Kendra Scott earrings c/o Rocksbox
Kendra Scott cuff c/o Rocksbox
Kendra Scott necklace c/o Rocksbox

You can try out Rocksbox here FREE for your first month with code MINTARROWXOXO at checkout.

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