Pregnancy workout update + Nike’s newest reveal that you’re gonna love

I owe you guys an update on my pregnancy fitness! So today I'm gonna give that to you, along with an admission of being an indoorsy girl and what's inspired me to get up and move!

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270

I've mentioned this before, but working out doesn't come easily for me. It's not my jam, it's not something I look forward to. I'm a couch potato at heart. I love to snuggle and read and lay out in the sun and sit at the piano, sit at my computer, sit on an airplane (ha yes), sit in the car on a beautiful drive, sit on a chair lift, sit on a boat and hold the flag when the wakeboarder goes down, sit in a theater and munch on popcorn and be entertained by a movie, sit at the symphony, sit at a concert or a musical. I'm a sitter by nature. But one woman in my life was determined for me to not JUST sit. And thank goodness for her.

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270

I think my mom realized when I was going into high school that I was less of an outdoorsy and more of an indoorsy girl, so one entire summer she would drag my lazy bum out of bed every weekday at 7 a.m. IN THE SUMMER (practically criminal to any teenager!) and make me walk with her. We would walk in the dead hot Utah heat if we waited past about 7 am and for some reason I just listened and went with it. I whined but I did it. And looking back, those were some of my favorite memories of me with my mom! Just walking and talking about life. It's still one of my favorite things to do when she comes to town, walk on the beach trail. Even when I don't feel like it, I'm always happy we did after.


I've admitted here that the past two pregnancies I pretty much just gave up on working out. But it's also been harder as I've gotten older to not gain weight – pretty normal for most people right? So I committed to working out 3x a week, usually with a trainer because she commits me to SHOWING UP and makes sure I'm doing my workouts with proper form (I'm terrible at figuring that out on my own!) and it has worked so well for me. I know this isn't feasible for everyone, but I think if you build up some kind of accountability, whether that's paying a trainer so you don't want to miss the sessions you've paid for, or getting workout buddies to keep you accountable, if you struggle like me to SHOW UP to work out, this is one of the best ways to really get it done!

Nike Joggers

I'm also trying to push myself to go on walks with Winnie or just chase my girls around at the beach or the park, but I will admit it's hard when my energy is shot by the end of the day. Doing my workouts in the mid-morning have worked best for me, because by that time I've usually shaken off the worst of the morning sickness (hardest when I first wake up for sure) and it's when I still have a bit of new energy for the day.

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270

I know this is cheesy, but when my trainer asks me to do something hard like a 1 minute plank (don't laugh – that's hard for me!) I have to think of motivation to keep me focused and finish the task. A lot of times I think of my girls. I think to myself, “I'm a fit mom, I'm a healthy mom, I'm showing my girls I can be strong.” Other times I think to myself “this means I can have a bowl of ice cream tonight after the kids are in bed.” Haha.

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270

A no-fail way to motivate myself to workout is a new pair of running shoes! These BRAND NEW Nike Air Max 270 that Nike JUST released are literally like air – they're so lightweight and easy to move in! They're also cute enough to throw on with a sweatshirt and some leggings for running errands! These were so popular that they sold out, but here are some that are similar.

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270

In this pregnancy I've been loving these Nike joggers. They're ULTRA comfy and the waistband is really perfectly fitted right underneath my belly, but I know they're going to be so nice too as I recover from birth after too for all those days I just want to lounge around in really comfy clothes and a top knot 🙂 These exact joggers are sold out, so here are some that are super similar!

Nike joggers Nike joggers I've found that Nike tank tops are totally fine to keep wearing through this pregnancy as long as I go up a size, at least through this second trimester. It might be a different story by the 3rd ha!

Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270
Nike X back sports bra
Nike's newest reveal Nike Air Max 270
Nike tank top

Nike tank top
Nike X back sports bra
Nike joggers (sold out), similar
Nike Air Max 270 (sold out), similar 
Photos by Arielle Levy

I'd love to hear what inspires you to work out, especially if you're like me and you need a motivation to keep working out!

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