Most POPULAR Nordstrom gifts of 2020

“Brown paper packages tied up with string, it's no secret that Nordstrom has all of my favorite things!” – especially when it comes to gifting. Nordstrom has all the best quality items that make it so hard to go wrong when buying for those you love. I super love that it's a one-stop-shop, too. You can buy for her, for him, for your kiddos, your in-laws, your best friend – EVERYONE! And the fact you can do it in your coziest pajamas while watching your favorite Christmas movie is the best part. If you want to buy some of the BEST gifts Nordstrom has to offer this holiday season, and have them wrapped for free too, keep on reading!

nordstrom gifts

Stress-free shopping

Nordstrom is one of my favorite high-end, one-stop shopping destinations year-round, but I especially love it during the hectic holiday season. They have the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, and if you're a cardholder or a Nordy Club member, you can earn points on all your Nordstrom purchases! On top of all that, they truly just have the very best customer service on earth – plus, FREE shipping, FREE returns, and FREE exchanges! WIN.

And do you know about BOPUS? BOPUS is Buy Online, Pick Up in Store. If you're ready to just pull the trigger and you want it now, you will love this option. Especially since Nordstrom has a curbside pickup option. You can click, drive up, pick up, and get on with your day. Literally a holiday season dream!

FREE gift wrapping

Oh, and it gets better. Did you know that Nordstrom will GIFT WRAP for FREE?! How cool is that? You can select the store nearest you and have ALL of the gifts wrapped FOR FREE before you pick them up. OR if you have friends and family who live far away, you can even have them shipped to the store closest to your loved ones, and put their name down for in-store pickup and they'll bring the gifts out to their car, ALL wrapped up! Literally the coolest service ever and you don't have to spend an extra dime.

Most popular Nordstrom gifts this season

Without further ado, here are the BEST, highest rated, and most popular Nordstrom gifts of 2020! (Drumroll pleeeease 😉)

My favorite pajamas OF ALL TIME

OBSESSED is a total understatement when talking about these Nordstrom Pajamas–I talk about them ALL the time! They're included in my Nordstrom Anniversary coverage EVERY year, they're featured in all my gift guides, and they're even included in my BEST baby registry list. They're next level good. Buttery soft, lightweight, and oh so comfortable for sleeping! Every time my mom comes to visit me, she asks to borrow a pair – no joke! I'm totally starting to have a collection at this point, ha, and from personal experience, they last for YEARS!

Unfortunately, the color I'm wearing is currently unavailable, but these pajamas are available in four, gorgeous, neutral colors for the holiday season (including a fun animal print!) and you never can go wrong with neutrals. Although on the website it says they run large, in my experience, they have totally fit TTS. Such a melty-cozy fit that I LOVE!

rachel parcell slippers nordstrom

COZY up with some fur slippers

These slippers sold out in the blink of an eye last year, for good reason. They are the equivalent to wearing the coziest, warmest blanket on your feet, and they are extremely highly rated. They fit perfectly TTS and I can't stress enough how amazing it feels to walk around in these babies, especially paired with my favorite pajamas. I honestly don't think there's a comfier outfit in the history of outfits! And to top it all of, this is SUCH an affordable, luxury gift at only $29, and they come in three fun colors.

The best apron on the market

If you are buying for someone who LOVES to cook like my mama, this apron is the biggest win of all time. There's a reason it's called the “Ultimate Apron!” It's an easy-to-wash cotton material, with an adjustable halter top, and SO. MANY. POCKETS. Like, so many, ha. It's the best thing to cook with because you literally have room to put all your utensils, your phone, HOT PADS (!!!!), frequently used spices, a few nuts to snack on (ha), you name it! It makes cooking a breeze, and whoever you gift will look SO cute every time they step in the kitchen because it comes in the four cutest colors and has a fun, simple striped pattern on the side. This gift is UNDER $50 and a huge winner not only according to me but to a ton of reviewers as well!

best cooking apron
best apron to gift

A spoon-you'll-love!

This gift is ONLY $12.95, but it's a major kitchen must-have! I love my spoonula SO much, it's just the most convenient tool for so many meals. It's a spoon, it's a spatula – it's modern and minimalist and cute and ALL THE THINGS. (And by all the things, I mean it has 150 PERFECT reviews, and it comes in five different colors – amazing!) I also think this would be such a darling stocking stuffer for her. (If you would like this in your stocking, make sure to send this to your Santa baby ASAP 😉)

Some other utensils you can't go wrong gifting from this brandtheir whisk (my favorite whisk EVER!), their masher, and their ladle – and each of these ring up at $12.95!!

kitchen cooking utensils nordstrom

Speaking of cooking – this dreamy dutch oven is EVERYTHING

A Le Creuset dutch oven is one of the best gifts you can give to, again, anyone who loves to cook, or to a family as a whole! In fact, this might be a good gift for someone who doesn't love to cook, too, because it makes cooking SO easy and SO yummy. I make sooo much with my dutch oven – it's our favorite to use it in our Traeger and our dinners always come out phenomenal (Sunday roast anyone?). And although this gift is a bit of an investment, it will literally last so long that you can pass it down to your children and your grandchildren.

Unfortunately my exact version is sold out, but they have plenty of other sizes that are still available!

le creuset nordstrom gift idea

The PERFECT drying rack finally exists

Okay, I'm so glad we get to talk about this for a sec because WOW. This item is a GAME CHANGER on so many levels. One, it's an over-the-sink drying rack, so no more sacrificing precious counter space. Two, it is so easy to roll out, and to roll up and put away! Plus, it's not an eye sore either. And three, it does so much more than just dry your dishes! It is heat-safe up to 550 degrees so it can be used to cool cookies, or it can even be used as a trivet. I especially love that I can rinse vegetables on it as well. It's super-duper sturdy and great quality, has only perfect reviews, and is an easy gift that's UNDER $50.

best drying rack
nordstrom over the sink drying rack
drying rack for dishes nordstrom gifts

A humidifier, diffuser, and nightlight all in one

This BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier is next. level. There was one time where Harry had a tiny cold, and I put this in his room overnight and his cold was completely gone the next day. I'm a true fan of this AMAZING product and I love everything it offers.

This humidifier is so, so good, and the fact it also diffuses essential oils at the same time is like a dream come true. And it's always so nice to have a nightlight when you need it, and I love that this one has a range of different colors as well. The perfect gift for any mama with younger kiddos in your life, and it's under $50, which honestly surprises me for such an amazing gift with so many functions!

humidifier and diffuser

Best baby bathtub

If you are gifting to someone this year who just had a baby, this gift would be one of my top suggestions! Harry looooves this bathtub, and Millie did, too. I love that it is made to transition between three stages: newborn, infant, and sitters. It just makes bathing so much easier, and I love that my babies have felt so comfortable in it! This gift is only $35 with super awesome reviews from other parents as well.

For your man: luxury cologne you'll both love

BLEU DE CHANEL cologne is a total classic – so fresh, so clean, so manly in the best way, ha. I love the way this smells on Neil and if your man appreciates a super nice cologne, this will become one of his favorite things, too. It's another super highly-rated gift from Nordstrom and it is guaranteed to make him feel confident as ever. The stocking stuffer that will ALWAYS be loved! You can't go wrong with this one.

bleu de chanel cologne nordstrom gifts for men

Zella's “wear for everything” men's pants

These Zella menswear pants are the most versatile on the planet. They're only $79 and are a dream come true for any man who has to dress up but wants to live for comfort. You can wear them golfing, to work, to church, on a date night, everything! Just like my favorite Zella Live In Leggings, there are so many possibilities with these perfect men's pants; the outfit options are endless, and your man will love that he can wear these ALL the time and that he will never, ever feel uncomfortable!

zella commuter pants for men nordstrom gifts

Nixon watch

You honestly just can't go wrong with a Nixon. These watches are so highly rated, and they have been on our gift guides for years for a reason – I've never known a guy who DOESN'T love a Nixon. They have the most sleek, modern style that is perfect for any man on your list 45 and younger. I would gift this to my brothers in a heartbeat, and I actually have gifted this to Neil already in the past and he absolutely loved it!

GloPRO tools

The GloPRO is another beauty slam-dunk for me. I saw so many amazing results from incorporating this into my skincare regime this last year! It's a safe way to do at-home micro-needling, stimulating collagen and elastin (hello, YOUTH!) and allowing skincare products to penetrate more fully. One of the things I love most about this is that you can actually use it every day and that it DOESN'T HURT!! More information about my experience with the GloPRO here!

This set includes the GloPRO tool, the face and body attachments, a cleanser, and a sanitizing bottle for only $199 ($280 value!)

glopro nordstrom gift ideas

Charlotte Tilbury Palette

After I talked about this crazy-versatile palette on my IG last year around this time, it SOLD OUT so quickly!! If you're into an all-in-one (I'm talking eyes, cheeks, bronze, AND contour shades) palette for only $75, RUN DON'T WALK!! These high quality shades are universally flattering, the perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, and can be used day to night over and over! It's the most perfect “commuter palette,” fool-proof and totally user-friendly!

Just to give you an idea on the deal this palette is, in order to buy 3 eyeshadows, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlight from Charlotte Tilbury you're looking at spending $286!! Although the sizes are different, you're getting the same variety of colors in ONE easy palette for only $75. This is an INSANE deal and one that I'm guaranteeing WILL sell out!!

charlotte tilbury palette womens gift ideas

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I first talked about my obsession with this Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in this post a while back and I'm still just as in love. It really did cut my dry time IN HALF, so if you know someone who hates drying their hair like me, this gift is for them! All the attachments are magnetic (amazing right?!) and stay cool so you can swap them out mid-drying. And it really is hands down the MOST powerful hair dryer I've ever used in my life, and I've tried a TON of high-end dryers out of desperation to find something that will dry my hair faster and more efficiently. This one easily takes the cake, and it has over 1,700 AMAZING reviews so don't just take my word for it!

dyson hair dryer

Best ponytail holders of the century

These really are the BEST ponytail holders I have ever owned. I even put them to the test by giving some to my sister. She is a huge runner and has even completed an ironman race – so I told her with these ponytail holders she would only have to use ONE, and her hair wouldn't budge. She didn't believe me because she always runs with two in her hair – but after trying it, she agreed with me that these are the best ponytail holders on the planet! ONE holder did the trick for her, and that was that, the rest is history. So this is for sure an amazing gift you can give anyone on your list who might pull their hair up within the next year. 😉

best pony tail holders stocking stuffers

Butter crew socks – their name says it all

This gift is UNDER $10, but truly one of my favorite gifts on the list! These buttery soft socks are on my feet alllll year round because when you need a cozy night, there's nothing better than slipping these “foot robes” on, ha! And let's be honest, everyone wants to wear a warm and fuzzy pair of socks on Christmas. It's just too cozy of a day not to! These socks have AMAZING reviews and come in four different colors.

buttery socks

The perfect “running out the door” bag

MZ Wallace's Micro bag is one of my absolute favorite things because it is the perfect size for me to quickly throw my wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss, and mask into and I don't have to bring my large diaper bag full of stuff everywhere I go! It is such amazing quality, too. The other day I accidentally spilled some chemicals in it after we went Christmas tree shopping (miracle-gro for the tree we bought, and of course it ended up in my bag, haha). I was so nervous the bag was ruined, but I threw it in my wash on the gentle cycle and let it air dry and it seriously looked brand spanking new! So needless to say, I'm even MORE impressed with this bag than ever before.

I think this is especially a great gift for any young mom who is always on the go, or for someone older who doesn't always have a lot of stuff she needs to take with her out running errands. The rave reviews will tell you more about why this bag is THE BEST.

mz wallace micro sutton bag womens gift idea
Moonlight Pajamas
Faux Fur Slipper
Ultimate Apron
Round Enamel Cast Iron French/Dutch Oven sold out, more options here
Ultimate Spoonula
Wire Masher
Ultimate Ladle
Over the Sink Drying Rack
BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier
‘Moby Smart Sling' Three-Stage Tub
Zella Hybrid Tech Commuter Pants
Nixon Watch
GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool Set
Charlotte Tilbury Palette
Dyson Hair Dryer
Grab & Go Set of 15 Ponytail Holders
Butter Crew Socks
MZ WALLACE Micro Sutton Bag
Photos by Arielle Levy

Most popular Nordstrom gifts for a reason!

I would not even think twice about buying any of these gifts because they are some of the highest-rated pieces Nordstrom has to offer right now. And I absolutely love all of them! I couldn't recommend them enough – so I hope this helps you finish the Christmas shopping you have left. We've also included a roundup of stocking stuffers for everyone below! And don't forget about Nordstrom's FREE gift wrapping, free exchanges and returns, AND free shipping this holiday season!

BONUS finds: stocking stuffer ideas for everyone!

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